Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 338

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Returning to Xuan Yuan, Imparting Knowledge Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “I’ve never seen his true face.

I only know that he often wears a black robe and wears an emerald ring on his hand.

No one knows who his true identity is.

” Ye Xiao was silent for a moment, then he raised his hand and swung his sword.

Lin Qingbei’s head flew up.

The body that he had previously maintained with spiritual energy and had been split into two by Ye Xiao could no longer be maintained.

It was bisected and fell to the ground separately.

Ye Xiao waved his hand, and his star core and the divine blood of tens of billions of humans, which had been extracted from other humans, all fell into Ye Xiao’s hands.

He glanced at the star beast corpse that was gradually falling from the sky, turned around, and returned to the ground.

Next, it was time to be silent for a period of time.

… At around three o’clock in the afternoon, the Winged God clan, the Thunder god clan, and the Giant Gorilla god clan in the south had already fallen to each other’s positions and began to summon their descendants.

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COM At three thirty in the afternoon, the Nine Provinces also welcomed several terrifying auras.

Except for a small number of King realm martial artists, the vast majority of them were Emperor realm martial arts experts! There were nearly 100 of them! According to the previous plan, the temporary high-level officials formed by Emperor Jing were in charge of reporting to the Xuan Yuan God clan that had descended and handing over the authority of the Nine Provinces.

Ye Xiao was also happy to be idle and raise his strength at home.

He first extracted Lin Qingbei’s body-refining technique from his star core.

Lin Qingbei’s body-refining technique was a god technique, and it was fundamentally different from the Mahayana Divine Body.

It was a very good god technique.

It was something that Ye Xiao had felt during the battle.

Eternal Cloud Body! That was the name of the body-refining technique that Lin Qingbei cultivated.

After Ye Xiao refined it into the Golden Book and it began to cultivate.

Presumably, after a few days, it would be able to cultivate to perfection.

Next was refining Lin Qingbei’s divine blood.

Ye Xiao originally wanted to mix this divine blood with Lin Qingbei’s star core and refine an extremely powerful medicinal pill.

However, after thinking about it, he decided to forget about it.

The energy contained in Lin Qingbei’s star core was extremely huge.

If he wanted to successfully refine it, he would probably need a lot of time.

That was because Ye Xiao did not have any god-level alchemy skills yet.

He wanted to wait until he had synthesized a god-level alchemy technique before refining Lin Qingbei’s star core.

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COM In reality, it was not just Lin Qingbei’s star core.

Ye Xiao also had a few other supreme divine beast star cores in his hands.

Due to their main bodies not tasting good, Ye Xiao did not put them in the star beast farm to be cultivated.

Instead, he directly peeled off the skin and pulled out the star core, preparing to use it to refine pills in the future.

At that point, Ye Xiao really needed to quickly raise his strength, so he could only consider refining the divine blood first to raise the dragon energy in his body.

That time, he went into seclusion for a full three days and three nights before he finished refining the divine blood in the bodies of the tens of billions of god race descendants that the star beasts had painstakingly refined.

After refining that massive amount of energy, the dragon energy in Ye Xiao’s body had already risen from eight dragons to a total of sixteen dragons! His strength had doubled compared to before.

Ye Xiao clenched his fist.

Feeling the even more surging and turbulent energy in his body, the confidence in his heart had increased quite a bit.

Indeed, if one wanted to live in peace, one had to have a strong enough fist.

At that moment, Ye Xiao felt that if he were to face Lin Qingbei again, one punch would be able to blow his head off.

He would not give him any extra chance to display so many fancy moves.

“The strength that I’ve increased this time seems to be even stronger than Lin Qingbei’s back then!” Lin Qingbei’s previous cultivation was roughly equivalent to the human Emperor realm’s close to seven dragons.

In reality, he was previously ranked second on the star rankings and was between Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun.

That meant that he had at least the strength of three dragons.

Later on, his increase was less than the strength of four dragons, but he had increased the strength of eight dragons to reach the Emperor realm’s sixteen dragons.

However, Ye Xiao thought about it carefully and understood.

It was very likely that Lin Qingbei knew that the god race was about to descend, so he did not dare to delay any longer.

He did not completely refine the divine blood.

He only refined a portion of it before rushing over to find him for a decisive battle.

In the end, he was also forced by the situation.

If he did not come to find him, when the god race descended, he would not even have the chance to fight with him.

Forget it.

He was the biggest winner in the end anyway.

That was enough.

The mastermind behind the star beast had planned for hundreds of years to finally accumulate the divine blood.

In the end, all of it belonged to him.

Splatter… Only after refining the divine blood did Ye Xiao come out of seclusion.

There were many missed calls on his phone.

Most of them were from several seniors.

Emperor Jing had decided to keep his identity a secret and destroy the internet.

Thus, all the web pages and internet chat tools were useless.

He could only make a few calls.

Ye Xiao dialed the number of Jiang Chen, the Venerable Black Tortoise, but it showed that he was not in the service area.

He must have been disturbed by the spiritual energy.

He dialed a few other numbers, too.

In the end, he got through to the Beitang Ce.

“Hey! Ye Xiao, thank God! You’ve finally contacted us.

” “I want to know what’s going on outside right now?” “The current situation is pretty good.

Where are you? I’ll go and talk to you personally.

” “No need.

If you don’t have anyone by your side, I’ll go and talk to you.

I’m faster.

” “Alright! I’m in Zhong City.

There’s no one by my side right now.

Come over.

I’ll be in the library’s office.

” “Alright.

” Ye Xiao executed the Yin-yang Escape technique and instantly teleported to Beitang Ce’s office.

After cultivating to the Emperor realm’s 16 dragons, his current speed was twice as fast as before.

It was simply so fast that it made one’s hair stand on end.

Beitang Ce had just hung up the phone when Ye Xiao had already teleported in front of him.

“You gave me a fright.

So fast! As expected of you!” Pausing for a moment, he pointed at a chair for Ye Xiao.

“Take a seat first.

I’ll pour you a cup of water.

” Ye Xiao nodded and sat on the chair.

Beitang Ce poured two cups of tea and handed one to Ye Xiao.

“This time, quite a few factions have descended from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Through their introductions, we now have quite a bit of understanding of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The Xuan Yuan god clan was the collective name of a subrace.

In the Xuan Yuan god clan, there were still many factions of different sizes.

“These factions also have some competition among themselves, but overall, it’s an internal competition.

There won’t be any particularly nasty incidents.

“The Xuan Yuan god clan’s ranking in the starry sky is quite high.

They can enter the top 20 or so out of countless clans.

“In comparison, the Winged God clan, Thunder god clan, and Giant Gorilla god clan are all far from being ranked in the top 20.

” When Ye Xiao heard those words, he finally understood why Lin Qingbei did not choose to retreat after obtaining the divine blood of the other descendants of the god race.

He even wanted to obtain the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan’s descendants.

That was because the Xuan Yuan god clan’s ranking was rather high.

According to normal logic, the Xuan Yuan god clan’s divine blood was even more useful! “Continue.

” “The few Xuan Yuan god clan forces that came this time are the Divine Tiger sect, the Dragon Burial Fort, the Divine Tree Academy, the Ling Ming sect, and the Blazing Fire sect.

“They feel quite satisfied with the descendants of our world.

They have already had a peaceful discussion and will take over the five major regions of the Nine Provinces.

“Furthermore, they will teach us stronger cultivation techniques without destroying the original civilization.

“For example, they would teach us more imperial techniques and… God techniques that we had never come into contact with before.

“For example, supreme masters like Emperor Jing, Azure Dragon, Me, Li Liushui, Lu Qingshan, and others who were relatively powerful in the Nine Provinces would receive some special care.

” “That’s good.

How many powerful masters did they send? What is their strength level?” “More than a hundred masters came.

Other than a few who brought along disciples, juniors, and kings, the vast majority of them are all Emperor realm martial arts experts! It was said that one of the strongest martial arts experts had a cultivation that had already reached the Emperor realm 64 dragons.

It was truly terrifying.

“Moreover, it was said that they would station a God realm master here.

” Ye Xiao nodded, but he began to mutter in his heart.

Looks like the few Xuan Yuan god clan masters that were summoned that time did not seem to be much either! More than a hundred Emperor realm martial arts experts, together with a 64 dragon Emperor realm martial arts expert, appeared to be very strong.

However, in reality, they only swept through that world without much pressure.

However, if they were placed in the god clan, they should not be enough.

Ye Xiao felt that among the god race, the God realm should be the minimum standard, right? Above the God realm, there must be even stronger existences.

However, after thinking about it carefully, it was easy to understand.

The humans in that world were originally the dregs among the dregs.

They belonged to the Xuan Yuan god clan and had prospered for many generations.

The bloodline power in their bodies had long been diluted.

Moreover, the Ren Zu was originally just an ordinary existence in the Xuan Yuan god clan and not that kind of heaven-defying existence.

To put it bluntly, being taken in by the Xuan Yuan god clan was already considered a very lucky thing for that world.

“Then which faction did you guys choose?” “We didn’t have a choice because it’s impossible to gather all the outstanding martial arts experts into one faction.

That would be too unfair to the others.

“The premise of a fair negotiation must be based on equality.

“Therefore, the few of us were divided equally among the other forces.

Senior Emperor Jing and Venerable White Tiger went to the Divine Tiger sect.

The Divine Tiger sect was the strongest force! “Saber god Li Liushui and I entered the Dragon Burial Fort, which took over the Zhong province.

“Venerable Vermillion Bird entered the Blazing Fire sect.

The Blazing Fire sect’s fiery saber technique complemented her cultivation technique.

“The Venerable Azure Dragon and Sword Saint Lu Qingshan had entered the Ling Ming sect.

They were sects that specialized in cultivating sword techniques.

“The Venerable Black Tortoise had entered the Divine Tree Academy.

The Divine Tree Academy was also the sect that took over Jianghai city.

“Oh, right.

After they came to this world, they naturally asked about your existence from other people.

They also asked us about the Saber-sword Immortal, but we haven’t answered them yet.

“Senior Emperor Jing wants you to make your own choice should you choose to join these sects.

” Ye Xiao thought for a moment and had an answer in his heart.