Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 330

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Star Beast Terminator Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Before the supreme divine beasts could react, the third attack had already arrived.

However, that time, among the many supreme divine beasts, six were suddenly attacked.

Six imperial techniques were unleashed, bombarding the sword ray in succession.

Explosions continued in the sky, forming dazzling balls of light.

Like six bright moons, they lit up the entire Nine Provinces.

That was the attack of the six veteran supreme divine beasts! Their battle experience and strength were one level higher than those star beasts who had just stepped into the level of the Supreme Divine realm.

Therefore, when they joined hands, they were able to break that sword ray that surpassed the imperial technique.

The sword ray was finally completely detonated under their continuous bombardment.

It exploded in the sky, forming an even larger light ball.

That ball of light was more powerful than the other six balls of light.

In the blink of an eye, it devoured all of the six planets.

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COM What replaced it was an even larger ball of light.

Due to the ball of light being too large, it even surpassed the light released by the moon and the stars in the sky.

The entire Nine Provinces was illuminated at that moment as if it was noon! Such a shocking event led countless people out of their rooms.

“What happened?” “I don’t know! A violent explosion suddenly came from the sky.

” “Could it be that those star beasts attacked?” “Yes, it should be so.

Then, Senior Saber-sword Immortal went up and the two sides fought.

Otherwise, such a powerful explosion wouldn’t have appeared in the sky.

” “Sigh! Senior Saber-sword Immortal really poured his blood and sweat for our Nine Provinces’ human race! No, Tomorrow I must publish an initiative to establish a sect and a temple for Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

“He deserves such treatment.

” “You’re right.

When the time comes, I’ll also go and sign an autograph to support him.

” … The people below would not feel the shock wave from the explosion because of the Great Wall Array set up by the Ancestral Dragon.

However, the people in the sky and the two Emperor realm martial arts experts were not so lucky.

The shockwave was terrifyingly strong to begin with.

It was strong enough to cause an impact on the Emperor realm martial arts experts.

The supreme divine beasts on top of it were all forced to retreat a few steps away.

In addition, the two of them were already heavily injured, so it was even more difficult for them to hold themselves back.

They were sent flying to the ground from the impact.

However, in the next second, a powerful figure caught them.

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COM “Seniors, are you alright?” Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun glanced at each other and could not help but exclaim, “Azure Dragon, it’s you? Am I seeing things?” Azure Dragon did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Of course it’s me.

” “You’ve already entered the Emperor realm? When did you enter the Emperor realm?” The Azure Dragon smiled.

“I’ve been lucky recently.

” “Did you make those two swords just now?” The Azure Dragon shook his head.

“I don’t have the ability.

Someone else made those two swords.

” After saying that, he glanced up.

Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun followed his gaze and ran up to the sky to take a look.

The two of them saw a very young figure in the sky with his hands behind his back.

He stood in the middle of those supreme divine beasts.

Under the moonlight and the stars in the sky, he looked like a fairy.

“Who is he?” The two of them could not help but be a little stunned, while the Azure Dragon said with a faint smile, “He is the hope of the human race in the Nine Provinces! He is also the guardian of the Nine Provinces!” When Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun heard that, their hearts could not help but tremble and their pupils contracted.

What kind of virtue and ability did that figure have? He could actually make the Azure Dragon, one of the four venerable ones of the Nine Provinces, give such a high evaluation? One had to know that the Azure Dragon had already advanced to the cultivation of an Emperor realm martial arts expert! In the sky, the supreme divine beasts also noticed Ye Xiao and could not help but be shocked.

“What a fast speed.

When did he appear here?” “I don’t know.

This fellow’s speed is too fast.

I didn’t even see him clearly before he arrived.

” The more the star beasts looked at Ye Xiao, the more frightened they became, and their hair stood on end.

They had already thought that the person who had just shot out those two rays of sword light was definitely him.

At that moment, they seemed to have finally thought of the reason.

Those few star beasts wanted to escape just now.

They had all been to the Nine Provinces! In other words, it was very likely that they had fought with that human before, or they knew how powerful his techniques were.

“Everyone, don’t panic! Don’t be afraid.

No matter how strong he is, he is only one person.

Can he overturn the heavens?” “That’s right.

We have gathered over 50 supreme divine beasts here! Don’t tell me we are afraid of him alone?” “Perfect! He is so strong.

There must be more awakened divine blood in his body! As long as we take him down and devour the blood in his body, our strength will definitely improve.

” “That’s right! take him down! Divide and eat!” “I want to roast him and eat him!” “I want to fry him!” “I want to eat him raw!” “I want his heart!” “I want his liver!” “I like to stew soup.

” “Then I want his ears to serve as wine and food!” Ye Xiao did not hear what they said.

To be precise, all of his thoughts at that moment were focused on the species of these sacred beasts.

Eagle, pig, cow, donkey, shark, dragon, sheep, crab, shrimp, fish, bear… Braised carp, braised beef, braised ribs, braised lamb, braised tripe, braised bear’s paw… Stir-fried pork liver, stir-fried tripe, stir-fried shrimp, stir-fried fish… Steamed shark fin, steamed crab, steamed shrimp… Good heavens, they were going for a whole banquet.

‘I was just thinking, what if these guys escape? ‘If they aren’t taken, It’d be a great waste.

‘In the end, I didn’t expect them to come over on their own.

‘Great luck! ‘Since that’s the case, then I can’t be blamed.

‘I should send them on their way!’ The supreme divine beast had not even made a move, but Ye Xiao had already taken the lead in launching an attack.

When the Yin-yang Escape technique was used, a god-level cultivation technique naturally had to surpass the speed of those star beasts.

Moreover, he had an imperial mental cultivation technique, the Nine Twirling Green Lotuses technique.

He did not need to worry about the problem of endurance at all.

“Not good!” Ye Xiao came to the star beast in front of him.

Just as he felt a sense of unease, in the next second, Ye Xiao’s Star-splitting Fist fiercely imprinted itself on his chest.

The shocking power of the Star-splitting Fist instantly smashed his chest, creating a large depression.

The powerful fist force pierced through his chest and directly exploded his heart.

Splat! That star beast spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Its eyeballs bulged and blood vessels covered it.

Up until the moment of its death, it still could not understand why Ye Xiao was so strong.

After finishing him off with one punch, Ye Xiao immediately threw him into the spatial ring.

“So fast!” The other star beasts immediately could not help but narrow their eyes.

Ye Xiao’s speed was really too fast.

Moreover, his attack was way too strong! He killed a supreme divine beast with a single punch.

What was that fellow’s fist made of? So powerful! Just as the star beasts were hesitating, Ye Xiao threw out two more punches, simultaneously hitting the bodies of the two star beasts that had just advanced to the Supreme Divine realm.

The violent fist force made the two star beasts arch their bodies.

Their internal organs were all blasted into pieces, along with their throats and eyes.

Following that, fresh blood spurted out.

That terrifying fist force had blasted the two star beasts away like cannonballs.

Just as the two star beasts turned into flowing lights and rushed into the sky, Ye Xiao used the Star-plucking Hand.

In the next second, he pulled their bodies back and stored them in his spatial ring.

“Quickly spread out! Don’t stand together.

This fellow’s strength is very strong.

Those who had just stepped into the Supreme Divine realm will only be killed by a single punch from him.

Everyone retreat to the side and lock onto him with your attacks! “The cultivation of the human race has always been one-sided.

With his combat strength so strong, his defensive ability must not be high一attacking him will be able to interrupt his savagery.

” When the star beasts received the order, it was as if they had found a breakthrough point.

They immediately retreated and at the same time, they used their full strength to attack and lock onto Ye Xiao, preventing him from using his powerful movement technique and jumping out of their encirclement.

Unfortunately, reality proved that their speed was still too slow.

Even if they wanted to attack Ye Xiao, he could easily dodge them.

In the instant that they dodged, another star beast’s life was taken away.

With a flash of the saber’s light, the other party’s head flew up together with the light.

Fresh blood surged up, forming a beautiful pattern in the air.

That heaven-defying technique was so good that it made the scalps of Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun go numb.

Those supreme divine beasts who were chasing after them and forcing them into a desperate situation were actually unable to do anything to Ye Xiao at that moment.

Forget it, they were even beaten by Ye Xiao until they were unable to retaliate at all.

Just where did that fellow come from? Why did they never know who that fellow was before? “D*mned human! Don’t be too arrogant!” Suddenly, one of the star beasts grabbed Ye Xiao.

It was a veteran supreme divine beast! It was also one of the 12 supreme divine beasts! The instant he appeared, he firmly locked onto Ye Xiao.

“All of you, quickly attack!” Although doing so would take away his life, he had no choice.

Ye Xiao’s speed was too fast! If that continued, they might suffer even more casualties, or even be completely wiped out.

To the star beasts, the losses were too great.

Therefore, even if he had to sacrifice himself, he had to let Ye Xiao fall.

Otherwise, the entire star beast race would be finished! The other star beasts did not waste any time and immediately began to attack.

Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun could not help but become nervous.

“Not good! He’s in danger.

Azure Dragon, the three of us should go up and help him.

We can’t let him take it alone.

” However, Azure Dragon did not move at all.

Not only did he not move at all, but he also pressed on their shoulders, preventing them from flying up.

“Azure Dragon, what are you doing? Let us go!” The Azure Dragon shook his head.

“Seniors, don’t worry.

This small matter won’t be a problem for him.

” “Are you talking nonsense? He’s being targeted by so many star beasts.

He’ll die!”