Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 328

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Bad News in the Starry Sky.

The Fall of the Emperor Realm Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Don’t worry.

We understand what you mean.

We definitely won’t tell anyone.

” Ye Xiao nodded to his two old friends.

… On the other side, flames of war were flying in the starry sky.

The battle between the star beasts and humans had already reached a stage that was even more violent than the white-hot stage.

Many star beasts and human martial artists even rushed into each other’s territory and began to self-destruct in exchange for greater lethality.

All the human forces had gathered together.

Regardless of whether it was the east or the west, they all joined forces.

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COM In the past, after the Seven Stars Alignment, the star beasts’ overall strength would enter a stage of continuous growth.

However, it would have a limit, which was that during the Beast Calamity, it would reach the peak of that limit.

The space battlefield would often arrange battle plans based on that point.

However, at that point, the Seven Stars Alignment happened twice.

The two times when the Seven Stars Alignment happened were so close.

As a result, the star beast, which was supposed to reach its peak during the Beast Calamity, had then reached its peak.

That directly disrupted the deployment of the entire space battlefield.

It was not just that.

What was even more terrifying was that the number of supreme divine beasts had increased a lot inexplicably at that time.

It caused the space battlefield, which was already under immense pressure, to fall into an even more dangerous situation.

The six human Emperor realm martial arts experts were fighting against the star beasts with all their might.

The battle was so close that they could no longer distinguish each other.

The starry sky was filled with light.

It was the light from the explosion.

At that moment, an incident happened.

The auras of several supreme divine beasts rose from the ground! One! Two! … Ten! please keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM In the end, dozens of auras rose! That horrifying scene made countless humans sink into despair.

“What’s going on? Why are there suddenly so many supreme divine beasts’ auras coming from the ground?” Emperor Vajra of the Southern Alliance sent a supreme divine beast back with a punch.

The next second, he chased after them again.

“Are you curious? Let me tell you the truth! We’ve already conquered the surface world.

All the humans have been refined by us.

Those supreme divine beasts were nurtured with the divine blood in your human bodies.

” Boom! Those words were like a heavy bomb that exploded in everyone’s minds.

The surface had been lost? The surface had completely fallen? The humans had been completely massacred? At that moment, the entire space battlefield had instantly fallen into a one-sided situation.

The human race, who had lost their will to fight, was pushed back by the star beasts, who were full of fighting spirit.

Every second, the human race was dying! Every second, the star beasts occupied more territory.

Among the six human emperors, the white-haired Emperor Yun pushed back the supreme divine beasts with one palm and shouted, “Don’t listen to their nonsense! This is the star beasts’ plan.

They want to lower our morale and make us lose our will to resist.

” On the other side, Emperor Jing also shouted loudly, “The human race will not die! We must not give up here.

If we die, the ground will truly fall! Think about our family and our descendants.

They are all on the ground! Don’t give up, hang in there!” That shout made the human race on the space battlefield regain their fighting spirit.

However, the star beasts on the other side also started to launch an even crazier attack.

Dozens of supreme divine beasts had already surrounded the humans, wantonly slaughtering them.

The defeat was already set! Even if the human soldiers still had the fighting spirit, it was useless.

The combat strength of the other side was simply too strong.

They had completely formed a crushing stance.

They simply could not endure it.

Seeing that scene, the humans were completely in despair.

Even those Emperor realm martial arts experts had lost all hope in their eyes.

That was because they were too angry, their eyes turned blood-red.

Every Emperor realm martial arts expert was besieged by several supreme divine beasts.

In order to avoid getting injured, the other party did not use too intense combat methods against Emperor realm martial arts experts.

They only harassed and exhausted them constantly to avoid being attacked by human Emperor realm martial arts experts.

The American Emperor Wolf roared and used all his strength to push away all the supreme divine beasts.

Then, he laughed at himself, “I never thought that after so many years of hard work, I would still end up like this.

“Forget it! Forget it! “This is all heaven’s will.

“However, although we descendants of the Xuan Yuan god clan will die, we won’t let you b*stards get away with it!” As he finished speaking, his body instantly emitted an extremely intense light.

The other star beasts could not help but narrow their eyes.

“Not good! He wants to use his life to summon the Xuan Yuan god clan! We can’t let him succeed, or we’ll be in trouble.

” The emperor of the Western Alliance charged toward Emperor Wolf with all his might.

“You want to interrupt Emperor Wolf’s summoning? Dream on!” The supreme divine beasts attacked him, and all of their attacks landed on his body.

The next second, Emperor Wolf exploded with a ball of blood essence, and a bright light appeared in the starry sky like fireworks, it was dazzling and short-lived.

“D*mn it!” At that moment, several supreme divine beasts attacked the emperor with their full power, killing him on the spot.

Before the emperor died, he shouted excitedly, “The summoning is complete!” “Hahaha… The summoning is successful! The Xuan Yuan god clan will arrive soon! “I hope you won’t wet your pants when that time comes.

I’ll wait for you in Hell!” After the two human emperors fell, the shocked Emperor Vajra and Emperor Thunder did not want to be outdone.

“Forget it! Instead of letting these star beasts kill us and refine the divine blood, I might as well die and take revenge for myself!” As soon as they finished speaking, their bodies began to emit intense light! “D*mn it!” The other supreme divine beasts had learned their lesson from before.

At that moment, no one dared to be careless and immediately surrounded them.

However, it was clear that their speed could not compare to the speed of the other party’s self-detonation.

In the blink of an eye, two more resplendent rays of light were released from the starry sky.

The faces of the 12 veteran supreme divine beasts were extremely gloomy.

Only six of them could come out to fight.

The other six seemed to be setting up a special array to block the energy of that world and spread to the deep end of the universe.

“Quick! Speed up the attack and kill all the people here.

Then, retreat quickly.

” Emperor Yun and Emperor Jing felt more pressured.

They looked at each other.

Emperor Jing asked, “What do you think? “Emperor Yun, what do you think?” Emperor Yun’s eyes flickered and he said, “I don’t believe that the human race will be exterminated so quickly! Especially the Nine Provinces’ human race.

I have a strong feeling that our compatriots are not dead.

” “You are right.

Even if we die, we must die clearly.

Take the Nine Provinces’ martial artists and retreat to the Nine Provinces! Even if I die, I will take another look at the Nine Provinces’ mountains and rivers!” As soon as he finished speaking, Emperor Yun took out a jade seal.

The jade seal flashed and immediately absorbed all the Nine Provinces’ martial artists on the battlefield.

After doing all that, the two turned around, transformed into streaks of light and fled.

The 12 veteran supreme divine beasts, who were already furious because Emperor Wolf and the others had summoned the Xuan Yuan god clan, were now even more furious to the extreme.

“D*mn it! We can’t let them escape.

We have to capture them no matter what! “If we can’t get the Xuan Yuan divine blood, the Young Master won’t be able to answer to us.

We all have to die.

” “All the star beasts below the Supreme Divine realm will stay behind to encircle the other humans.

The other supreme divine beasts will try their best to kill the two of them!” After saying that, dozens of streaks of light charged toward Earth again, chasing after Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun.

In the starry sky, the six supreme divine beasts maintaining the array had ugly expressions on their faces.

“D*mn it! I didn’t expect that they would choose to fight to the death in the end.

” “They were too careless.

Except for the Xuan Yuan god clan, the humans of this world had wandered here on their own accord.

The rest had been sent here by their god clan because they had violated their clan rules.

“As criminals, they can’t summon their own god clan to save their lives.

“However, we forgot that even though they can’t summon their own god clan to save their lives, it doesn’t mean that they can’t pass on what happened here to their god clan.

“Using the descendants of the god race to refine the divine blood and devour it is a big taboo among the god race! “They can ignore these descendants, but they can’t ignore the divine blood that we’ve stripped away! “This is going to be troublesome.

We definitely can’t wait for these god clan’s descendants to arrive.

Otherwise, we’ll die for sure.

” “The more troublesome thing is that we haven’t succeeded in taking down the Xuan Yuan god clan’s descendants yet.

“The young master valued the blood of the Xuan Yuan God clan’s descendants the most.

“If we can’t get the blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan’s descendants, I’m afraid we won’t be able to pass the Young Master’s test.

” “Forget about him.

Things have already developed to this stage.

We can only take things one step at a time now.

“Hopefully, they can take down Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun before retreating to look for the young master.

At the very least, they can make up for it.

” “Hopefully.

” … On the ground, Ye Xiao and the other two walked out of the hot pot restaurant after three rounds of drinking.

“Old Ye, you have to teach me two moves in the future to help me increase my strength.

Otherwise, I’ll always feel uncomfortable when I’m with the two of you.

“You two are too strong.

You can shock me to death with just a fart.

There’s no way to play with it.

” Ye Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Don’t worry.

We’ll talk about it when we’re free.

” “Alright! Then I’ll go home first.

I still have to take care of my daughter.

” “Go.

” Gu Hai rode his electric bike and left.

Liu Chengxun also said, “Let’s go back to the library too.

You should be staying in the library recently, right?” Ye Xiao nodded.

“Around my house, there are tents everywhere.

There are too many people.

I have no choice but to stay in the library first.

” “Then let’s go.

” “Okay!” Ye Xiao had just replied when the next second, he suddenly paused and raised his head to look at the sky.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Chengxun did not have Ye Xiao’s cultivation, so he could not sense what he could sense.

Ye Xiao was staring at the sky.

“Something is not right.