Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 320

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Live as an Emperor, Die as a Heroic Spirit, Protect the Nine Provinces Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The Supreme Divine Bird of Prey could not help but shiver, and a terrifying expression appeared in its eyes.

“Young… Young Master, please calm down.

We have already done our best to deal with the descendants of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Other than the Nine Provinces of the human world, the other human races such as the Ying state, Han state, Yue state, and so on have all been captured by us.

They are all descendants of the Nine Provinces human race, and they also have the weak Xuan Yuan god clan’s divine blood in their bodies.

“It’s just that the quantity is not as much as the Nine Provinces human race, and the quality is not as pure as the Nine Provinces’ human race.

“However, there are also a lot of them, and we have already begun to refine them.

“Once we have finished refining them, we will immediately bring them to Young Master!” “No need.

What’s the use of that tiny bit of divine blood? Use that divine blood to create more supreme divine beasts.

Then we’ll wipe out all the humans in the Nine Provinces and refine their divine blood, then hand it over to me.

” “Understood!” The Supreme Divine Bird turned into a streak of light once again and flew towards the human world.

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COM The black-clothed figure snorted coldly.

‘I didn’t expect the Xuan Yuan god race’s descendant to be so difficult to deal with.

‘It’s a pity that I can’t go personally.

Otherwise, if I’m discovered and someone catches hold of me, it would be a serious crime for my soul to scatter!’ At that moment, the jade ring in his hand twitched twice and flickered with two faint green lights.

At the same time, a voice was transmitted into his mind through his mental strength.

“Chen ‘er, don’t be anxious.

Remember, you can’t eat hot tofu if you’re anxious.

“With me around, I can definitely guarantee that you’ll obtain the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan’s descendants and help you advance to the God realm.

” Hearing that, the black figure’s gaze immediately became much gentler.

He gently stroked the jade ring in his hand and said in a gentle voice, “Yes, Master.

Your disciple will follow your instructions.

” .


On the other side, after Ye Xiao sat cross-legged on the Emperor’s Spirit Stele, his mind was also immersed in the Emperor’s Spirit Stele.

The materials used to create the Emperor’s Spirit Stele were extremely special.

Only the consciousness of those above the Emperor realm could enter it.

Other than that, no other cultivation could affect the Emperor’s Spirit Stele, let alone enter the interior of the Emperor’s Spirit Stele.

No wonder the Nine Provinces Alliance was not afraid of placing it there.

Although it was only the interior of a stone stele, in reality, the interior of it was extremely big.

When Ye Xiao arrived, he felt as if he had entered the vast starry sky.

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COM However, very quickly, a bright spot appeared in the distance, followed by a second, a third, and a fourth… Those bright spots were like stars, quickly gathering in this direction and condensing beside Ye Xiao.

The bright spots became brighter and brighter.

When they reached Ye Xiao’s side, he realized that they were illusory figures! Some wore emperor’s clothing, some wore armor, and their sizes varied.

Some were seven feet tall and sturdy, some were tall and slender, and some were short and fat.

They all had one thing in common, they all had yellow skin and black eyes! “Eh! Another newcomer!” “Another one died?” “I’ve never seen this kid before.

When I died, there were still Emperor Jing and Emperor Yun left in the human race, but he wasn’t there yet.

It’s too much of a waste to see him die at such a young age.

” “…” After a while, someone finally noticed the difference in Ye Xiao.

“Eh! That’s not right, he’s not dead! He’s still alive.

He was able to purely use his consciousness to fuse into the Emperor’s Spirit Stele.

” “D*mn, is this for real? I thought another person who could play chess with me came.

” Ye Xiao was silent for a long while before he opened his mouth to speak: “This junior, Ye Xiao greets all the seniors.

” He said a little politely.

After all, those were all the seniors who had fallen for the Nine Provinces.

However, he did not bow.

He was neither servile nor overbearing.

He only looked at the crowd with an indifferent expression.

“Ye Xiao! I’ve never heard of an emperor with the surname Ye in history!” “Could this kid be a new emperor? Awesome! Even the dragon vein has been severed.

The spiritual energy in the Nine Provinces is many times thinner than before.

” “Kid, What dynasty is it now? How are the star beasts outside? Is the human race okay?” Amidst the chattering, Ye Xiao finally heard a more normal question.

He coughed lightly and immediately said, “This junior came here precisely for this matter.

Now that the Nine Provinces Alliance is in charge, there is no so-called dynasty difference.

However, the Nine Provinces Alliance is about to disappear soon.

” The expressions of the emperors suddenly paused as they stared straight at Ye Xiao.

“What do you mean by this?” Ye Xiao spoke again, “The star beasts have descended and destroyed all the other states apart from the Nine Provinces.

Right now, only the Nine Provinces are left.

Moreover, when they refine the divine blood of the other humans and cultivate more supreme divine beasts, they should start to attack the Nine Provinces’ humans.

” The eyes of the various emperors suddenly turned cold.

“They have actually reached such a level?” “I didn’t expect that after we fell for a thousand years, we would actually let the star beasts be so arrogant to such an extent.

Back then, we pierced through the starry sky and suppressed the star beasts, making them unable to raise their heads.

” “Right now, the Nine Provinces are in imminent danger.

I came here to understand.

Seniors, is there any way to save the Nine Provinces?” The heroic spirits of the various emperors did not have any overly excited expressions on their faces.

They only looked at Ye Xiao indifferently.

One of the emperors, whose face looked like a shoehorn, opened his mouth and said, “Kid, if you’re here to ask about this, then forget it.

We’re already dead.

According to the rules, we shouldn’t interfere with the affairs of the living.

” “That’s right! We’ve already fought for the Nine Provinces for our entire lives.

We’ve tried our best, but only barely managed to obtain the qualifications for a heroic spirit to reside in this Emperor’s Spirit Stele.

“Right now, we’re only a group of souls.

What else can we do for the Nine Provinces? Let us rest.

” Ye Xiao fell silent.

What they said was right.

Everyone here had paid an extremely deep price for the Nine Provinces.

That body of his was also born because they had protected the Nine Provinces, allowing him to transmigrate here.

Otherwise, he might not have been able to come to that world.

Thinking of that, he cupped his hands and said, “I’m sorry to disturb you.

However, I still dare to ask you seniors to open your mouths and tell me if there is any hope to rebuild the dragon vein.

” “What do you want to rebuild the dragon vein for?” “I want to reactivate the Great Wall Array left behind by the first emperor, Emperor Ancestral Dragon!” The heroic spirits of the emperors all laughed.

“Even if we activate the Great Wall Array, what use is it? Even though the Great Wall Array will seal the Nine Provinces, it still has a gap, which is the Nine Provinces’ National Gate.

“If no one can defend the National Gate, even if we re-create the Great Wall Array, it will be a waste of effort “Back then, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor set up the Great Wall Array because Great Qin had so many martial arts experts and Emperor realm martial arts experts.

“As such, it was very easy for them to defend the Great Wall and prevent the star beasts from descending.

“However, now that the human race has fallen to such a state, no one can defend the Great Wall.

Even if we work hard, it will be a waste of effort “Moreover, when the dragon vein was broken, it was because no one could suppress the dragon vein.

The dragon veins have formed their own spiritual consciousness, wanting to establish their own gate and stay away from the human race.


“If the dragon vein is repaired again, without a powerful existence to suppress it, the dragon vein will still escape.

What’s the use?” “Kid, stop daydreaming.

Including Emperor Yun, Emperor Jing, and you, the human race of the Nine Provinces only has three emperors.

Three emperors can’t resist the star beast army at all.

” The various emperors were clearly not in high spirits.

That was also very normal.

Each of them had once used up their last drop of blood for the Nine Provinces.

They had once risked everything for the Nine Provinces.

They had given up, and they had no qualms about the Nine Provinces.

At that point, they could be at ease, and they were completely qualified to comment on Ye Xiao’s thoughts from an outsider’s point of view.

However, Ye Xiao could hear the meaning in everyone’s tone.

That was, they had the ability to repair the dragon vein.

After taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao opened his mouth again and said, “I’ll guard the National Gate!” Those faint words were filled with firm conviction.

The heroic spirits of the various emperors were slightly stunned, but very quickly, someone reacted.

“You said that you’re here to guard the National Gate, what right do you have? “I can see that you’re merely a brat who has just entered the Emperor realm.

With your cultivation, to put it bluntly, going up is purely courting death.

It’s simply impossible for you to stop the star beast army.

We won’t make such meaningless sacrifices.

” Ye Xiao’s expression was solemn, and his attitude was firm as he said, “I’m very strong! It’s not just my strength.

At the same time, my aptitude is also very strong.

Therefore, I’m able to suppress the National Gate alone.

” The heroic spirits of the various emperors smiled.

“Brat, don’t tell me that you think that we can’t see through it? Although you’ve already advanced to the emperor realm at the age of 21, every single one of you here is an unrivaled Heaven’s favorite.

“There are countless martial arts experts who have advanced to the Emperor realm at the age of 20.

“You’re not even ranked here.

” “Then what if I’ve cultivated to this realm in just over a year’s time?” As soon as these words were said, the entire place fell into complete silence.

The heroic spirits of the various emperors stared at Ye Xiao as if they had seen a ghost, their faces filled with disbelief.

“What… Did you say just now?” One of the Emperor realm heroic spirits was instantly shocked as he looked at Ye Xiao with a face full of disbelief.

Ye Xiao spoke again, “I’m very strong.

The cultivation that I’ve taken about a year and a half at most to cultivate to my current level.

“Therefore, as long as the seniors can help me repair the dragon vein, I, Ye Xiao, will definitely be able to protect the entire Nine Provinces!” When the Emperor realm heroic spirits heard Ye Xiao’s confirmation once again, they were all dumbstruck.

Their souls seemed to have been struck until their entire bodies went numb, and they were somewhat unable to speak.

One and a half years of the Emperor realm! How did that kid do it? “Kid, tell me honestly.

Did you find someone to enlighten you?”