Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 311

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 311

Chapter 311: The Beast Calamity Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Other than the movement technique, the palm technique from before had also combined into a brand new god-slaying palm technique, God-subduing Palm! When the wind of the palm strikes, the gods fall! A powerful palm technique at the level of the god-slaying technique, coupled with Ye Xiao’s strength, was enough to easily unleash an attack that surpassed his current cultivation level.

At that point, the god techniques Ye Xiao had already gathered were, Splitting Open the Sky, the God-subduing Palm, Star-splitting Fist, Secret of Eternal Life, Mahayana Divine Body, Yin-yang Escape technique, Nine Twirling Green Lotuses technique.

Sword art, palm art, fist art, healing, body-tempering, movement art, and mental cultivation technique.

Looking at so many god-level cultivation techniques, the corners of Ye Xiao’s mouth curled up, and his mood improved quite a bit.

Those cultivation techniques covered all aspects of attack, endurance, healing, defense, and so on.

It should be enough for him to perfectly deal with the beast calamity.

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COM The next step was to eat a little more star beast meat every day, replenish some of his blood essence, and strengthen his cultivation.

At present, although Ye Xiao had already stepped into the Emperor realm, he had just stepped into the Emperor realm and only had the strength of one dragon.

King Zhou had said that in order to successfully advance to the God realm, he had to cultivate 108 body-protecting dragon energy to temper his divine soul and achieve the perfect fusion of his divine soul and physical body.

Only then could he advance.

There was still a long way to go! In the following period of time, Ye Xiao was fully focused on exploring the eye technique.

That move, which was even more unorthodox than spiritual energy, had always been something that Ye Xiao was quite interested in.

It could be used to trick people.

When fighting an enemy that he could not defeat, he could choose to use a little trick.

Previously, when he killed the Starquake Tiger, he obtained two imperial techniques.

Other than the more conventional imperial technique, the Starquake Palm, there was also an extremely unorthodox cultivation technique, the command technique, the Roaring Tiger’s Mountain Forest, it was an attack that used sound as a method of attack, and it was also a very unorthodox cultivation technique.

Those two small tricks were what Ye Xiao had taken a liking to.

Those two were extremely unorthodox, and it was more convenient for one to trick the other.

After all, very few people would pay special attention to eye techniques.

Even if they did pay attention to eye techniques, they might not pay attention to verbal commands.

Just like that, after a full 15 days of hard work, Ye Xiao finally managed to completely refine this last eye technique that he had been thinking about.

Taiji True Pupil! When it was used, a small taiji pattern1 would appear in the pupil.

1 It had detection, illusion, attack, and defense.

Of course, it was only an imperial technique at the moment, so it definitely could not be compared to Ye Xiao’s god technique.

However, it also had a power that could not be underestimated.

Moreover, in the future, it could be combined with other eye techniques to form a god technique! When the time came, the power would be even more terrifying.

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COM Unfortunately, Ye Xiao did not have an innate divine eye.

He also did not know if he would be able to meet those star beasts with eye techniques in the future.

After absorbing their star cores and eyes, perhaps there would be a way to refine a pair of divine eyes.

Other than that, there was another way to obtain divine eyes.

That was to dig out the eyes of others with eye techniques and replace them with his own eyes.

1 Ye Xiao could not do that method.

He could gouge out the divine eyes of others, but it would be disgusting no matter how he thought about it.

The following days, following the call of the Nine Provinces Alliance, the martial artists from all over the country moved toward the five places that Ye Xiao had previously identified.

Many people also swarmed into Jianghai city.

The streets and alleys were filled with small tents.

The empty spaces on both sides of Ye Xiao’s residence were filled with tents.

If it was not for the fact that Ye Xiao’s home had a single array protecting them, it was likely that they would have been ‘patronized’ by some people many times over.

At first, there were not many people living there because it was after all a suburb, and life there was inconvenient.

Later on, one morning, Ye Xiao left his house and was discovered by a girl who had come to take refuge outside.

She took a photo and posted it on her WeChat moments.

Good heavens, from then on, the number of tents around Ye Xiao’s house increased day by day.

There were all kinds of pink and cartoon tents, which made Ye Xiao very speechless.

What made him even more speechless was that perhaps it was because there were many women living here, so they unscrupulously wore very little.

It was already late autumn, and sometimes when Ye Xiao went out, he could even see a few long legs without long johns.

There were even some who wore very ‘cool’ clothes in the middle of the night, short skirts… Black silk… High heels… All sorts of people came to Ye Xiao’s door and knocked on it.

In the name of charging their cell phones and going to the toilet, how could the little tricks in their hearts be hidden from Ye Xiao? Those people did not even look at their own faces.

They were like awls, and with the addition of heavy makeup, they thought that they were extremely beautiful, but in reality, they were just a bunch of snakes.

It was quite uncomfortable for Ye Xiao to see them.

With regards to that, Ye Xiao directly used an array to completely block the courtyard.

Then, he carried the flower pot that he planted with natural treasures and immediately ran to the library.

He was in the library and had his own specialized dormitory.

After Ye Xiao moved to the library, that night, Ning Yuhen and You Wei came.

“Supervisor!” Ning Yuhen’s sudden appearance made Ye Xiao involuntarily raise his brows.

That was because he could sense that Ning Yuhen’s expression did not seem quite right.

Ye Xiao would not normally use his spiritual energy to scan his friends around him.

That could be considered as giving them respect.

“Something big has happened.

” “Speak slowly.

” Ye Xiao raised his hand and sent a stream of spiritual energy to ease him.

Although he had already entered the King realm, his speed was definitely incomparable to his.

He could reach the human world from the Silver Fox clan in an instant, but Ning Yuhen could not.

His movement technique was inferior to his, and it was impossible for him to easily reach the human world like him.

It was inevitable that he would encounter a few martial arts experts on the way, and it would be a waste of time to tangle with them.

“The seven stars are aligned.

” Ye Xiao was stunned, and his expression became more solemn.

“How can the seven stars be aligned? Didn’t it just occur?” Ning Yuhen shook his head.

“I don’t know either.

In the direction of the human world, I still can’t see the formation of the Seven Stars Alignment yet.

I only discovered it in the direction of Silver Fox Valley.

“My grandmother speculated that there’s probably only one type of existence in the entire starry sky that can push the seven stars to align.

” “The God race?” “Yes! The gods!” Ning Yuhen’s reply made Ye Xiao’s eyes jump non-stop.

No wonder he had felt a little uneasy a few days ago.

It turned out that someone was behind the Seven Stars Alignment.

It seemed that the reason for the war between the star beasts and the humans was not just the fight for the divine blood.

There might be an even more powerful mastermind behind the scenes who was controlling everything.

Moreover, it was an extremely formidable existence.

At that moment, the alarm of the entire Jianghai city suddenly sounded.


Ye Xiao could not help but frown.

Ning Yuhen’s expression was also solemn.

“What’s going on? Why is there suddenly an alarm sound?” Ye Xiao raised his head and looked at the sky.

The seven blood-red stars had already formed a straight line.

He let out a long sigh and said solemnly, “The seven stars have started to form a chain.

If I’m not wrong, the beast calamity has already begun.

” At this moment, in the sky, there was a rumble… A series of ear-piercing thunder rumbled.

Visible to the naked eye, countless rays of light descended from the atmosphere like a meteor shower.

The beast calamity had begun! “How can it be so fast?” Ning Yuhen was greatly shocked.

You Wei opened her mouth to speculate, “The speed of the two of us is still too slow in the end.

We’re not comparable to Senior Ye.

“On the way, we chased after them slowly and even encountered a few star beasts and human factions, which delayed us for too long.

As for the Seven Stars Alignment, there was someone controlling it from behind, so the speed at which it formed would be faster than the speed at which it formed naturally.

“Therefore, it’s not strange for the Seven Stars Alignment to form.

” “D*mn it! I’ve already said that I’m useless.

It would be great if my speed could be a little faster.

If I came over earlier to inform the supervisor, the supervisor would also be able to make preparations earlier.

” Ye Xiao shook his head.

“No need to worry.

What needs to be prepared has already been prepared.

It’s just that the Seven Stars Alignment has been formed once again! It’s something that I didn’t expect.

” However, even if he had thought of it, it would be useless.

His current strength was right here.

It was impossible for him to arrange a more powerful cultivation technique, and it was also impossible for him to wipe out all the enemies in one blow.

There was a more realistic question to ask.

“Then what should we do now?” “We wait.

” “Wait?” “Yes, wait for them to descend.

” The star beasts were coming ferociously, and the human race’s resources were limited.

It was impossible for them to rush up and fight them head-on.

They could only wait for them to come down and wait for their exhaustion.

The array responsible for protecting the city had been activated, and all the attack arrays had been prepared.

Those attack arrays could be like spiritual energy cannons, unleashing destructive attacks.

The current Nine Provinces had already been formed into five extremely large regions.

All the human race in the Nine Provinces, a total of over ten billion people, had been placed in the five regions.

It was enough to deal with the first wave of attacks.

The large screen in the library started to broadcast the news footage of the star beast invasion.

The Nine Provinces’ side was still fine.

Due to the early preparations and Ye Xiao’s array, they were all in a tight formation, waiting for the arrival of the star beast.

As for the other states, they had already begun to sink into a state of panic.

Especially those represented by the American states, as well as their allies.

That group of people had previously been the most aggressive on the internet, mocking the Nine Provinces in all sorts of ways, slandering the Nine Provinces for spreading false news, saying that the beast calamity had arrived.

Therefore, many of them did not have any sense of defense at all.

At that point, they had suddenly seen the arrival of the star beasts, they had all entered a stage of panic, without any rules to speak of.

However, Ye Xiao did not have the time to care about this group of brainless keyboard warriors because, at that moment, the star beasts had already arrived in the sky above the Nine Provinces.

Countless huge spiritual energy warships descended from the starry sky, pressing down rapidly like meteors.

Even when they had completely landed in the sky above the city, the spiritual energy cannons in the spirit ships had already begun to attack.

Countless beams of light energy bombarded the array above the city like a meteor shower.

Fortunately, with Ye Xiao’s Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array’s defense, those beams of light bombarded the array, only stirring up ripples like water waves before disappearing without a trace.

Countless beams of light fell, forming an absolutely beautiful scene.

It was as if it was raining heavily.

The insensible children began to cheer and jump in joy.

“Wow! What a beautiful rain!” “Daddy, Mommy, Look, it’s golden rain.

” Jianghai city’s governor, Du Changfeng, looked at the peaceful scene outside and could not help but sigh with emotion.

In his office, there were many screens that were playing the tragic scenes of the various states facing the star beasts.