Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 277

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Delivery.

Fellow Townsman, Do You Need Your Dragon Energy? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Seeing Ye Xiao suddenly teleport out of the mountain, the venerable White Tiger and Beitang Ce were shocked.

“How did you get out? Weren’t you supposed to come down from the stairway?” Ye Xiao shook his head.

“I have a movement technique that can break through the mountain’s blockade.

” “…” The corners of their mouths could not help but twitch.

Although they knew that Ye Xiao was very cool, they did not expect him to be that cool.

Moreover, each time he was cooler than the last, he refreshed their worldview.

At that point, even if Ye Xiao said that he could stand here and pick stars from the sky, the two of them would not find it strange.

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COM “Right, just now, we saw a rainbow divine light being released from the Changbai dragon vein.

Did you advance to the Emperor realm? Did you become the legendary Emperor realm martial arts expert?” Ye Xiao shook his head.

“How can I be so monstrous? It’s not like I absorbed the entire dragon vein.

I just obtained some dragon energy.

” “Then what exactly is your cultivation now?” “Hmm… It’s at the peak of the King realm.

I’m still one step away from reaching the Emperor realm.

” “…” It was only at the peak of the King realm, the lesser Emperor realm.

How could ‘only’ be used in that case? If it was not because she was no longer able to beat him, White Tiger felt that it was necessary for her to have a big fight with him and fight to her heart’s content! To let him know that there were some words that could not be used carelessly.

Ye Xiao was a little speechless.

“What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong? Actually, I was just a little lucky and obtained Senior Dragon Vein’s help.

Otherwise, I would only be able to improve a little at most.

” “You’d better stop talking.

Whatever you say now is wrong.

” Venerable White Tiger slapped his forehead.

“Beitang Ce, you’d better take this person away quickly.

Don’t let him continue to attack me here.

If this continues, I’m afraid I’ll go crazy.

” Beitang Ce nodded, tugged at Ye Xiao’s sleeve, and said, “Ye Xiao, let’s hurry back to Jianghai city.

We still have to return the Black Tortoise token.

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COM Ye Xiao nodded.

“In that case, Senior White Tiger, we’ll take our leave first.

” After he finished speaking, he used the Yin-yang Escape technique and disappeared from where he was in the blink of an eye.

… In the Jianghai city, a furious roar came out of a small box in the storage ring of the venerable Black Tortoise, Jiang Chen.

“Ahhhh… D*mn b*stard.

He ruined my plan at such a critical moment.

“I was so close! So close! “If the old b*stard Jiang Chen killed Li Liushui, the evil energy hidden in Li Liushui’s body would explode instantly.

“By then, the explosion of a powerful man in the lesser King realm would be enough to injure the old b*stard Jiang Chen.

“By then, I would have a chance to escape.

“D*mn it! D*mn it!” He did not expect that all his efforts would be wasted in the end.

“Who was it? Who helped Li Liushui step into the King realm? “D*mn it, if this deity catches you, this deity will definitely tear you into pieces.

” However, after roaring, he had no choice but to calm down in the end.

The matter was already set in stone, and he had no way to reverse the situation.

“Forget it.

In the past few days, I’ve assimilated this box without the Black Turtle token.

In this way, even if the Black Turtle token comes back, it won’t be able to suppress me anymore.

When that time comes, I’ll be able to escape.

“I’ll make these damn humans pay in blood” … Outside, Jiang Chen and Li Liushui were chatting.

Suddenly, Ye Xiao and Beitang Ce appeared beside them.

They were shocked.

“Your speed is really scary.

” Jiang Chen could not help but comment.

Ye Xiao just smiled.

He did not say anything.

Li Liushui, on the other hand, came up to Ye Xiao and bowed to him.

“Previously, I was blind and could not recognize Mr.


I hope you don’t take offense.

This time, it was thanks to Mr.

Ye that I managed to advance to the King realm and save my life.

It’s hard to repay such a great favor.

” Ye Xiao supported him with his spiritual energy.

“Saber God Li, there’s no need to be so polite.

It’s just a small matter.

” Li Liushui said seriously, “It might be a trivial matter to Mr.

Ye, but to me, it’s a life-saving one! “I’ll never be able to repay you in this life.

If I need anything in the future, I’ll be willing to do anything.

” “You’re too kind.

” Beitang Ce smiled.

“I’m afraid you’re too kind, but you’re too weak.

” Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up when he heard Beitang Ce’s voice.

“Oh? Did Ye Xiao advance again this time?” Li Liushui was shocked.

Ye Xiao had already been in the King realm.

If he made a further breakthrough, would he not be in that realm? The Emperor realm! A 21-year-old Emperor realm martial arts expert?! He felt like his breathing had stopped at that moment.

Even his heart had stopped beating.

It was unimaginable.

Ye Xiao explained, “It’s nothing.

It’s just that my cultivation has improved a little.

It hasn’t reached such an exaggerated level yet.

” Beitang Ce nodded.

“That’s right.

He was only in the early stage of the King realm.

His cultivation has reached the peak of the King realm as of now.

It’s really not that exaggerated.

” Li Liushui and Jiang Chen could not help but twitch their lips.

That was not an exaggeration? Although it was true that it wasn’t as terrifying as reaching the Emperor realm, it was already very powerful.

Li Liushui had practiced for hundreds of years, but he had only managed to advance to the King realm by luck under Ye Xiao’s holy light.

Even so, he was only a martial artist in the early stage of the King realm.

What about Ye Xiao? He was only 21 years old and was already at the peak of the King realm, in the lesser Emperor realm.

He was only one step away from advancing to the Emperor realm.

That strength was already monstrous enough.

Speaking of which, from the beginning until now, Ye Xiao had been in a monstrous realm the entire time.

It only took him 21 years to advance to that realm.

He still did not know how quickly he advance each small realm.

“This place was destroyed by Saber God Li, right? I don’t think there are any injured people.

You guys should have evacuated them in advance.

“Since that’s the case, I don’t need to use the healing technique.

” Li Liushui’s old face had a slight fever.

“It’s all my fault.

I will personally take responsibility and rebuild Jianghai city.

” He was now a King realm martial artist.

With his thoughts and spiritual energy, he could quickly restore the buildings of Jianghai city.

Ye Xiao said, “The beast calamity is imminent.

The battles in the future may be even more intense.

If the houses can be destroyed so easily, it would be too troublesome to repair them back and forth.

“Moreover, this isn’t safe either.

It’s very easy to cause the deaths of the martial artists in Jianghai city.

“Perhaps we should change the method and make preparations in advance.

” The venerable Black Tortoise asked, “How do you want to prepare?” Ye Xiao thought for a moment.

“I want to set up some defensive arrays for this city.

Previously, this city had already set up many defensive arrays.

However, their grade was not strong enough.

“This was one point.

Another point was that those arrays were mainly built outside the city.

“Only when they were used to resist the invasion of the star beasts could they be effective.

“If it’s an internal fight, it won’t work.

At the same time, if the star beasts break through the layer of defense outside and enter Jianghai city, the array outside won’t work either.

” “Great! I agree with you.

I’ll listen to you.

Tell me what materials you need.

I’ll transfer them directly from the Nine Provinces Alliance.

” Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up.

He knew Ye Xiao knew about arrays.

He had read the information about the Saber-sword Immortal.

Among the techniques Ye Xiao knew, one of them was arrays, and it was an imperial array.

Ordinary people could not make such an array.

Even the professor of the Array Formation Department of the Jingdu Martial Arts Academy had to work together to make an imperial array.

Ye Xiao could do it himself, and he could do it very fast.

That way, the whole Jianghai city would become an impregnable fortress.

When the beast calamity came, it would be of great use.

It could protect many humans.

Jiang Chen was very willing to do it.

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Since the director has agreed, help me allocate some spirit stones.

The more, the better.

The higher the quality, the better.

” “No problem.

I’ll immediately send a letter to the Nine Provinces Alliance and ask them to allocate 10 billion high-grade spirit stones over first.

” “…” As expected of the venerable Black Tortoise of the Nine Provinces.

The moment he opened his mouth, he was generous.

Casually, he was able to allocate 10 billion high-grade spirit stones.

That thing was an ordinary one, but it was sold for a few hundred pieces.

Was it an upper-grade one or 10 billion? He was so rich.

“Actually, I don’t need that much.

Although I’ve set up an imperial array, 10 billion upper-grade spirit stones is a bit exaggerated.

” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “It’s not exaggerated.

If you become an emperor and fight against an Emperor realm martial arts expert in the future, this city will be strengthened many times over.

“You can use it to strengthen the city in the future.

” After a pause, Jiang Chen could not help but ask again, “By the way, Ye Xiao, you’re only one step away from advancing to the Emperor realm.

Why didn’t you ask for more dragon energy when you were in the mountain range? “There should be a lot of dragon energy in the Changbai mountain range.

If you could get more, you would be able to take the last step!” Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Senior Dragon Vein has already given me a lot.

If I continue, it will cause him a lot of harm.

Furthermore, he isn’t the only one in this world who has dragon energy.

I can sense a very familiar aura that is carrying a few huge waves of dragon energy and rushing towards Jianghai city.

“Before long, the dragon energy will come knocking on my door.

” At the peak of the King realm, Ye Xiao’s perception rose once again.

His perception was even able to sense some things.

During the process of sensing, he encountered a very familiar aura.

It was the aura of the King realm martial artist that he had encountered when he was chasing after Mo Yu in the spatial tunnel of the poor teleportation array.

He was also the first King realm martial artist that he had encountered in his life.

Ye Xiao could feel that there were already a few more streams of dragon energy on the other party’s body.

That made him finally understand why there were star beasts plundering dragon energy in the west previously.

It should be that fellow.

In order to find him, he deliberately seized the dragon vein in the west first to raise his strength.

Moreover, Ye Xiao could feel that he had already begun to come over.