Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 271

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 271

Chapter 271: The Path to Heaven, the Path of the Strong, Who Could Contend Against It? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation … The Changbai dragon vein was covered in ice and snow.

It was a scene of lifeless winter, but in reality, there was an endless amount of life hidden within the white forest.

The cold wind at night was biting cold.

Suddenly, two figures quietly appeared here.

Beitang Ce was dumbfounded.

“We’ve arrived at the Changbai dragon vein?” Ye Xiao nodded.

“So fast?” He felt that he had arrived at the Changbai dragon vein from Jianghai city before he could react.

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COM However, Jianghai city was in the Zhong province, while the Changbai dragon vein was in the northeast of the Nine Provinces.

How vast was the distance between them? However, Ye Xiao had arrived at that place from Jianghai city in just an instant.

The speed of that movement technique was many times faster than his.

Although Ye Xiao was a King realm martial artist, Beitang Ce dared to bet his life that it would be very difficult for other King realm martial artists to reach that speed.

As the saying goes, on the path of martial arts, nothing is indestructible except for speed.

Ye Xiao’s speed was so fast.

If they were to really fight, his combat strength could not be described as an ordinary King realm martial artist, right? The moment the two of them appeared, in the darkness, a lot of perceptive powers were gathering in their direction.

Beitang Ce explained, “These people should be hermits cultivating in the Changbai mountain range.

Among them, there are many great grandmasters and even divine grandmasters.

However, because they have been hiding their names all year round, they will not be recorded in the official information of the Nine Provinces.

“However, if the Nine Provinces were to encounter any danger, they would be obliged to come out and help.

“Here at the Changbai dragon vein, the spiritual energy is abundant.

There are many martial arts experts hidden here.

” Ye Xiao nodded.

Yang Zhengyi, his master, and his senior brothers, who had come down from the mountain to suppress King El, were among those hermit martial arts experts.

As the saying goes, when a Taoist priest retreats from the mountain forest in his prime, he goes down from the mountain to save people in troubled times.

Retreating from the forest was because he was indifferent, but going down the mountain to save people was because he was hot-blooded.

After the two arrived, they walked up the mountain.

Beitang Ce explained at the side, “The Changbai dragon vein is a naturally formed dragon vein, so it has self-awareness.

Therefore, in order to protect itself, it has built a natural defensive barrier that is even stronger than the imperial array.

Moreover, it is impossible to successfully analyze it.

Only by passing its test can one truly enter the dragon vein.

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COM “The test of the Changbai dragon vein is the Heavenly Stairway, a divine stairway that leads from the foot of the mountain to the Heavenly Lake at the top of the mountain.

On the Heavenly Stairway, there is the dragon pressure released by the dragon vein.

The higher you go, the stronger the dragon pressure is.

“Each stairway represents a level.

“Some people might not even be able to step to the top of the stairway in their lifetime and obtain the recognition of the dragon vein.

“One can not fly upwards.

One can only use movement techniques if one descends.

“It is said that currently, there are records that can be traced in history.

The fastest person to step to the top of the stairway also took three days and three nights.

“That martial arts expert also successfully advanced to the Emperor realm and became an Emperor realm martial artist.

“Therefore, if you are slower, don’t be too concerned and don’t be anxious.

“If your state of mind is messed up, then everything will be messed up.

” Ye Xiao said faintly, “How many days and nights did the Azure Dragon take?” “If I remember correctly, Venerable Azure Dragon seemed to have spent nine days and nine nights.

Although this record isn’t unprecedented, it’s still very, very high.

“The current record of the Heavenly Stairway has three strongest.

One is three days and three nights, one is seven days and seven nights, and the other is nine days and nine nights.

“The Azure Dragon is enough to be ranked in the top three in history.

“Of course, this is only the ranking of the Changbai dragon vein.

Before the Nine Provinces’ dragon vein was completely destroyed, many martial arts geniuses had appeared in the other dragon veins.

Moreover, the test methods of each dragon vein are different.

“Therefore, this doesn’t mean that Venerable Azure Dragon is definitely one of the top three existences in history.

However, it can not be denied that he is still an extremely strong genius!” Ye Xiao nodded his head and together with Beitang Ce, they arrived at the foot of the Changbai mountain range.

With his consciousness, he sensed that there was a spiritual energy barrier in front of him that blocked his path.

Behind the spiritual energy barrier was a huge door.

Behind that huge door was the Heavenly Stairway! Beitang Ce explained once again, “This spiritual energy barrier was also created by the Changbai dragon vein.

Every challenger who wishes to enter the Heavenly Stairway must break through this barrier.

“If even this spiritual energy barrier can not be broken, then they are not qualified to enter the stairway.

“You need to feel it with your heart.

Only by passing the test of the dragon vein can you break this spiritual energy barrier.

” Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

He was not good at solving questions.

He always felt sleepy after taking tests.

“Will it be fine as long as we break through this spiritual energy barrier?” Beitang Ce nodded.

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of forcefully attacking? Then I advise you to save your strength because it’s basically impossible to succeed.

“Before you, there were many challengers who wanted to use this method, but the final result was to make the barrier stronger.

Some of the challengers even thought that they were smart, but in the end, in the first test… Instead, they couldn’t even ascend the Heavenly Stairway…” Before Beitang Ce’s voice could fade away, Ye Xiao suddenly slashed out with an Overpowering Saber.

Boom! The saber ray radiated under the night sky, and with a thunderous appearance, it ruthlessly smashed onto the spiritual energy barrier.

Following a shocking explosion, countless people were startled awake.

“Someone is opening the Heaven’s Gate barrier?” “Who is crazy enough to attack the Heaven’s Gate barrier in the middle of the night?” “Doesn’t he know? The Heaven’s Gate barrier can not be broken by a move? Moreover, it will only get stronger and stronger!” … Beitang Ce was also shocked by Ye Xiao’s sudden action.

“What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you that you can’t break it with brute force?” Ye Xiao did not answer him because he had already noticed that he had left a weak mark on the barrier.

His mental strength was very strong, so even though Beitang Ce could not sense it, he could sense it clearly.

Since there was a crack, it was much easier to deal with.

That was because he had only used 50 percent of his strength just now.

The Overpowering Saber was not an ordinary imperial technique.

It was the pinnacle of the imperial saber technique.

The amplification of its attack far exceeded that of an ordinary imperial technique.

Moreover, even if the next move could not be broken, Ye Xiao still had the god-slaying technique and the Great Dragon.

With all of those added up, Ye Xiao did not believe that the barrier would be able to last for long.

With that thought in mind, he raised his hand high again.

The spiritual energy in his body gathered rapidly.

In his hand, it emitted a hundred thousand feet of light.

In an instant, it lit up the entire world.

After witnessing that scene, the hermits and martial arts experts hidden in the mountains and fields all came out from their respective caves.

“Oh my God, whose technique is this? Isn’t it too strong?” “This guy couldn’t do it once so he wants to do it a second time?” “This time, it’s much stronger than before! Can he really break this barrier?” “What kind of joke is this? Who do you think built that Heaven’s Gate barrier? It was personally built by the dragon’s vein.

Other than the dragon’s vein, there’s no one else who can break it!” Besides Ye Xiao, Beitang Ce also tried to dissuade him.

“Ye Xiao, I know that your strength is very monstrous, and your talent is even more monstrous.

“But no matter how monstrous you are, you’re only a King realm martial artist now.

Right now, you still don’t have the ability to break this spiritual energy barrier.

“In history, which one of those who came to the Heaven’s Gate wasn’t a King realm martial artist? They are the same as you, unable to break the barrier with their cultivation techniques.

They relied on their own comprehension of the martial concept within to open this barrier.

” However, the instant his voice fell, Ye Xiao’s saber had already hacked down.

The saber light fell, and the world instantly darkened.

In the next second, the light shot up into the sky again, followed by a loud explosion.

Boom! The explosion that time was more than several times stronger than before.

The terrifying airwave even pushed the layer of snow on the ground, which had reached up to his thighs, outwards.

It was like an ocean wave, magnificent and magnificent.

It was as if an avalanche had appeared on the flat ground! At the same time, the spiritual energy barrier of the Heaven’s Gate, which was forged by the dragon vein, also began to emit a series of crisp cracking sounds.

In the end, it shattered with a loud bang.

Beitang Ce was dumbfounded on the spot.

It opened? The barrier was blasted open by Ye Xiao? Is there a mistake? In the entire history of the Nine Provinces, the spiritual energy barrier that martial arts experts who came to the Changbai dragon vein had to break through to open was blasted open by Ye Xiao alone! That was simply the first record of the Changbai dragon vein since ancient times.

Countless cultivators who sensed the situation here were so excited that their hearts trembled.

“What a powerful attack! The entire earth began to tremble after that attack.

” “Can you feel it? It’s spiritual energy! The thick spiritual energy barrier was broken, so the thick spiritual energy of the dragon vein leaked out.

” “Oh my God, who is this guy? Isn’t he too crazy? He actually broke through the Heaven’s Gate barrier.

” “Holy sh*t, this is the first time in the entire history of the Changbai dragon vein.

” “Madman, he’s really a madman.

Looking at his appearance, there’s an 80-90 percent chance that he will be able to step onto the Heavenly Stairway.

I just don’t know how long it will take for him to climb up the stairway next.

” “Let’s go and take a look!” Countless martial artists hiding in the mountains quickly approached that place.

The corners of Ye Xiao’s mouth curled up.

“It’s still as fast as this! Next, I should be able to enter this Heavenly Stairway, right?” Beitang Ce gulped, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Yes, of course, you can.

The Heavenly Stairway’s Heaven’s Gate was established after the other dragon veins were severed.

All along, the four venerable ones of the Nine Provinces took turns to control it.

“It needs to have two seals at the same time in order to open it.

You already have the Black Tortoise seal.

If you obtain the seal of the venerable ones stationed here, you will be able to enter the Heaven’s Gate.

” “….