Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 265

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 265

Chapter 265: The Nine Provinces, Is That a Place One Can Just Go To? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation … Millions of blood breeds fled.

The sound of countless wings flapping caused the entire valley to buzz.

That tiger roar had already caused them to lose all faith in battle.

After that roar, a somewhat hoarse voice that was not the slightest bit weaker than the other party’s voice quietly sounded.

“Starquake Tiger, you came here to flaunt your power? What do you want?” Starquake Tiger smiled indifferently.

“Your dogs are insensible! I’ll help you discipline them and let them know some rules.

” “Hmph!” Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM With a cold snort, a black jade coffin hung above the statue of Jesus in the center of the Church fell silently and stood firmly on the cross.

As the lid of the coffin faded, a black-robed monster with a pair of bat wings on its back walked out quietly.

Its skin was crystal clear and it was emitting a faint blue fluorescent light.

It walked through the air as if there was a staircase in the air.

It slowly stepped forward and arrived in front of the Starquake Tiger.

“The holy war hasn’t started yet.

Why didn’t you stay in the space battlefield? Why did you come to the ground?” “A few of my men were ambushed on the ground.

I need your help.

” The other party slightly narrowed his eyes.

His blood-red demonic pupils were constantly pulsating with scarlet light.

“The holy war hasn’t started yet.

How did your men appear on the ground? And they were ambushed? Those who could ambush them should be at least at the lesser King realm, right?” “You don’t need to ask about that.

What you need to do is to help me find them.

After the matter is done, you will definitely be greatly rewarded.

Is that alright?” “Since you, Starquake Tiger, have come to beg me personally, and we are all subordinates of God Lin, I, Blood Wing, will not deny you.

“Tell me, where did they get ambushed?” “The Nine Provinces.

” The air fell into silence.

“What’s wrong?” Starquake Tiger was slightly puzzled, while Blood Wing casually said, “What did you say just now?” “The Nine Provinces! What’s wrong?” “The last sentence.

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COM “You help me find them, I will definitely thank you heavily.

Is that okay?” “No! I still have to meditate and cultivate.

When the holy war begins, I will go through fire and water for the forest god.

I won’t accompany you anymore.

” After saying that, Blood Wing turned around and left.

Killing intent flashed in the eyes of the Starquake Tiger.

He raised his hand and sent a tiger claw toward Blood Wing’s shoulder, pressing down on his head.

That move had clearly reached the level of high-level imperial techniques.

Once the move was unleashed, it was as if one could hear the roar of a thunder tiger.

What was even more terrifying was that because the power was too strong, the entire church was shaken into powder by this attack.

Only the black jade coffin was left hanging in the air, unharmed.

“You dare to trick me?” “You tricked me first.

Is the Nine Provinces a place that just anyone can go to? “Why don’t you go out and ask around? That place was the birthplace of the martial arts of the human race in this world.

There were many strong people and countless martial arts experts.

“Without mentioning anything else, just the four venerables of the Nine Provinces firmly occupied the top two places on the World’s Dragon and Phoenix list.

“They were all peak martial arts experts of the King realm! “If we went to the Nine Provinces and provoked them, even if we were King realm martial artists, we still wouldn’t have the chance to live.

“I can accompany you wherever you want me to go, but not the Nine Provinces.

” The eyes of the Starquake Tiger emitted a biting cold intent.

“You have to do it, you have to do it! You don’t have a choice.

or I can crush your head right now.

“Don’t look at us as divine beasts.

You know that if I want to kill you, you can’t escape!” “Starquake Tiger, how dare you! We are both generals under God Lin.

If you kill me, God Lin won’t let you off.

” “Do you think I dare?” Power burst out from Starquake Tiger’s hand.

His illusory tiger claws directly tore off half of Blood Wing’s shoulder.

“Ah!” Blood Wing let out a miserable cry.

The chill in his heart was also extremely cold.

His terrifying face finally began to reveal a trace of fear.

“I know, I’ll agree to it.

However, just the two of us wanting to go to the Nine Province is a bit too risky.

“We still need to plan ahead.

” “You’ve been in this world longer than me.

If you have any thoughts, just say it.

” Starquake Tiger threw the arm in his hand to Blood Wing.

Blood Wing also put the arm on without care.

In an instant, blood vessels covered the entire area and quickly healed.

With his strength, he wouldn’t be so stupid after living for so long.

It was not worth it to fight over an arm.

Most importantly, he really could not beat Starquake Tiger.

“You should know about the dragon veins, right?” Starquake Tiger nodded.

In the starry sky, there were many dragon veins.

As long as there was a place where spiritual energy gathered, it would eventually form a dragon vein.

“There are very few dragon veins in this world, but there are still a few in the west where we are.

Follow me and dig out all those dragon veins.

“One dragon vein, the power that explodes in an instant, is enough for the two of us to make a large breakthrough in cultivation within a short period of time.

“If we can bring along the dragon vein, then the two of us will have the confidence to enter the Nine Provinces.

” Starquake Tiger’s eyes slightly moved.

“You want to use me to help you obtain the dragon vein and temper yourself, right?” Blood Wing smiled.

“So what? If you want me to help you find your subordinates, you have to at least give me some benefits, right? “Moreover, what I said is also the truth.

“That year, I was injured by the sword intent of the Nine Provinces’ sword emperor, and I have yet to recover.

“Only the power of the dragon vein can heal me.

That way, I can fully display my true strength and help you find your subordinates.

” After a pause, he opened his mouth again, “In addition, the holy war is imminent.

The two of us should seize the opportunity to take these dragon veins in advance.

It can be considered a great harvest.

“Once the holy war begins and the gods descend, it will not be so easy to snatch these dragon veins.

” Starquake Tiger’s brows slightly raised.

“How is the western defense of the human world?” “Don’t worry! I know in my heart.

The strength of the Western world is far inferior to the Nine Provinces.

The two of us divine beasts working together to seize these dragon veins will definitely not be a problem.

“When we go to the Nine Provinces, with the power of the dragon veins, the two of us will be like entering an uninhabited land! Wouldn’t that be beautiful?” “Good! Then do it as soon as possible.

I can still feel the vitality of my subordinates now.

If it’s any later, I’m worried that they will be in danger.

” Blood Wing chuckled.

“As expected of the Tiger God, His righteousness is boundless.

If it were anyone else, who would be like the Tiger God, worrying about a few subordinates? “However, you don’t have to worry too much.

They might just find a place to hide.

Right now, they might be eating high-quality spiritual herbs every day and being provided with delicious treasures.

Their small lives would be extremely comfortable.

They might even gain weight.

” “I hope that’s the best.

” … On Ye Xiao’s side, after being nurtured by the array, he had solved the problem of his own spiritual energy supply perfectly.

The remaining time was all spent on reading books.

Ye Xiao finally managed to combine the last and the most powerful imperial physical attack techniques.

Leg technique, Valkyrie’s Forceful Kick! Its power was even stronger than the Great Nirvana Fist and Infinite Calamity Finger! Although the Great Nirvana Fist and Infinite Calamity Finger were both single-target attacks, both of them were mainly instant-cast.

The Valkyrie’s Forceful Kick could accumulate power! By accumulating power, one could increase the power of the attack, thus achieving an attack that exceeded one’s cultivation level.

On that note, it was similar to the Imperial Sword Art.

That move could be considered as one of the last two imperial techniques that Ye Xiao had synthesized.

The other one was the eye technique.

Ye Xiao was now divided into two types of cultivation techniques.

The first type used weapons such as sabers and swords as an auxiliary and enhanced attack.

Ye Xiao only practiced two types of that kind.

One was saber technique, and the other was sword technique.

The other type used his physical body and soul to attack.

Fist technique, finger technique, leg technique, claw technique, spiritual technique, eye technique… Those were the main types.

Since he had already refined his body and soul, as well as developed his body and soul to the extreme, if he did not learn those moves that were based on his physical body and soul, it would be too much of a waste.

Moreover, Ye Xiao was also thinking of a problem, and that was to synthesize a cultivation technique that was above the god-slaying technique.

It should be impossible to synthesize similar cultivation techniques.

At that time, was it possible to synthesize saber techniques and sword techniques? Then, he would synthesize fist techniques, leg techniques, finger techniques, and other cultivation techniques that focused on body refinement.

As the saying goes, one step at a time, one sees ten steps.

Ye Xiao had to plan ahead for the future.

If not, if he were to come back and practice that kind of basic technique again, that would be torture.

After learning the last eye technique, Ye Xiao’s focus would no longer be on those basic techniques.

He would completely refine the imperial technique of the grandmaster level and synthesize the god-slaying technique! After a few days, Ye Xiao finally synthesized the second god-slaying technique.

Healing technique, Secrets of Eternal Life! However, when Ye Xiao saw that the lower right corner of the paper that recorded the technique was marked with the word ‘god-healing technique’, he could not help but be confused.

That thing was called a god-healing technique? Was that also the meaning of the healing technique that could heal godly martial artists? A battle technique was called a god-slaying technique, and a healing technique was called a god-healing technique.

Could they all not just be called god techniques? Even he could come up with so many fancy names.

Originally, the Golden Book was a useless name maker, but it still had to act pretentious, thinking that a few more words would increase its status.

Unexpectedly, it was like adding a snake to the painting, falling into the cliché again.

Forget it, it could choose any name it liked.

That was probably the last bit of stubbornness it had toward its useless name.

After all, the cultivation technique was still very powerful.

He should first try out the Secret of Eternal Life and see just how powerful it was.

Ye Xiao would not look for people with low cultivation to test it out because with a low cultivation, the effect of the healing technique would definitely be better.

The experimental data did not have much meaning to his actual combat effectiveness.

Therefore, Ye Xiao still used his own body to test it out.

A saber light flashed, and with a plop, his arm fell to the ground.