Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 259

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 259

Chapter 259: The Man Who Brought About the Miracle Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation … That was indeed the case.

Ye Xiao had already noticed that after the three imperial sword techniques were synthesized, other than the Heaven-cleaving Sword technique that he had comprehended, the paper that originally recorded the sword techniques had also been merged from three pieces to two pieces.

That meant that after the god-slaying technique, there should be another synthesis, and it should be the last synthesis.

After the complete synthesis, it should have already reached its limit.

Above that, there probably would not be any cultivation technique that could be synthesized.

Did that mean that in the future, after he gathered and synthesized the god-slaying technique, he would become a completely invincible existence? Thinking of the word ‘invincible’, Ye Xiao’s heart could not help but beat.

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COM 1 If he could reach that level, he should be able to live peacefully in that world.

At that time, he should be able to go anywhere and do whatever he wanted to do.

He must synthesize more god-slaying techniques.

Gather all the god-slaying techniques! Ye Xiao clenched his fists.

However, he quickly calmed down.

One did not succeed in one bite.

His current strength was only at the King realm.

He was still far from that level of existence.

One step at a time, walking steadily was the correct path.

After he had already obtained the essence of that dragon vein, there was no need for him to continue staying inside.

He did not make a move on the entire dragon vein.

Destroying the entire dragon vein was too inhumane.

There were already very few dragon veins above the nine provinces.

If he also destroyed that dragon vein, then it would be even less.

In the long run, it would be very disadvantageous to the human race.

Moreover, he had already obtained the essence.

Even if he were to absorb the rest, the increase in his cultivation would not be much.

Rather than that, it would be better to let it continue to play its role and nourish the Southwest Seaside Forest.

Ye Xiao came to the surface, but he did not use Splitting Open the Sky.

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COM What he had synthesized before was already very powerful.

Every time he used it, it would attract the attention of many people.

That time, the move was so powerful! If he was in a real battle, who knew how many people would attract the attention of many people.

At that time, it would cause a lot of trouble.

He just began to use his own thoughts, controlling the heavenly treasures in the Southwest Seaside Forest to quickly gather toward his body.

He could leave after getting the things.

After his cultivation reached King realm, Ye Xiao only needed a thought to do many things.

It was as if he was the supreme ruler within a certain area.

Perhaps that was the meaning of being called a king in the King realm.

A king was an existence that controlled the life and death of an area.

He was like a god.

No one could resist a King realm martial artist! The surrounding star beasts had all fled long ago.

None of them dared to approach this place.

Star beasts had a stronger perception than humans.

They had already discovered the terror of Ye Xiao.

No one dared to approach him.

Under the starry sky, a few figures also slowly approached the center of the Seaside Forest.

“Everyone, be careful! This is the center of the Seaside Forest.

A large number of high-level star beasts have gathered here.

They are far from what we can casually deal with.

“If we can avoid fighting, then we should try our best to avoid fighting.

Otherwise, even if our team is very strong, we might still die here.

” “Yes!” Everyone responded.

The cultivators in the team were all extremely nervous, and they were paying close attention to their surroundings.

That was a hiring company, and they were very powerful in Chu province.

They had come to the Southwest Seaside Forest to search for more and better resources to increase their cultivation.

That was because the deeper they went into the Southwest Seaside Forest, the better and more precious the things were.

Therefore, they came directly to the center of the Southwest Seaside Forest.

However, at the same time, the center of the Seaside Forest also meant that there would be more dangers and more powerful star beasts.

At that time, in order to successfully reach the center, the entire company had used all of its connections and resources to transfer a large number of top-tier martial arts experts from other companies.

The weakest member of that team had to be at least a Xiantian fourth-grade great grandmaster.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the team had already taken out the peak combat strength of several surrounding cities.

With the help of this team, they finally arrived at the center of the Southwest Seaside Forest.

As long as they could pick some top-tier materials, it would not be in vain for their company to spend so much effort to find so many people.

“Captain, quickly look at what’s in front of us.

” The man called Captain looked over and his eyes immediately lit up.

It was a spirit pearl fruit.

That kind of fruit was very strange.

It looked like a big spirit pearl and was extremely hard.

After opening its skin, it was very soft inside and there was quite a bit of juice.

That kind of fruit not only quenched thirst but also had a special effect.

It could be used to refine pills and was the raw material of several more powerful pill formulas.

Its value was not ordinary.

“I didn’t expect to encounter a spirit pearl fruit here.

We are really lucky.

” “Quick, quickly pack up everything and take them away.

“We haven’t even reached the center of the forest yet, and we already encountered this kind of good stuff.

“If we reach the center of the forest, who knows what kind of top-grade good stuff we will find.

” However, one of the team members could not help but ask, “Captain, don’t you think it’s a little strange? “This place has already reached the center of the forest.

Even if it’s not the center, it should still be considered a very important area.

“According to normal logic, there should be a lot of star beasts here.

“But until now, have you discovered any star beasts? “It seems like there aren’t even any star beasts stationed next to the spirit pearl fruit.

” The captain was slightly startled and nodded.

“What you said makes sense, but we can’t rule out the possibility that it was that powerful senior from before who cleaned up the star beasts here!” The last time Ye Xiao came to the Southwest Seaside Forest, he had once made a move.

That time, his sword had cut through the myriad of purple and red leaves from the bottom, creating a huge crevice in the Seaside Forest.

At that time, he had used the Tathagata Divine Palm to lift several mountains in the forest that were about to collapse.

Those shocking deeds were still circulating in the entire Southwest Seaside Forest.

It was like a legend, and even now, it had affected many people.

“Be careful! Pay attention to the surroundings to prevent a sneak attack from a powerful star beast.

“After picking the spirit pearl fruit, we’ll hurry up and leave.

” However, just as he spoke, in the next second, one of the team members pointed at the spirit pearl fruit tree in front of them and could not help but let out a terrified cry.

“Captain, look!” The captain followed the direction he was pointing and looked forward.

In the next second, he could no’t help but narrow his eyes.

What scene did he see? He saw one spirit pearl fruit after another.

Without anyone picking them, he flew up slowly in the air and flew toward the center of the forest.

“Captain! Look over there.

” Another member also noticed something unusual in another place.

He immediately turned his head and looked over.

In an instant, his heart beat faster and his scalp went numb.

It turned out that it was not only the spirit pearl fruit in front of him, but most of the top-grade natural treasures in the Southwest Seaside Forest were now under the control of an unknown force and were slowly flying toward the center of the forest.

It was like a strange scene that only appeared in novels.

It was like a miracle.

It seemed illusory but real.

After everyone was shocked for a moment, the team leader immediately said, “All of you stay here.

Don’t come over.

” After saying that, he ran forward alone, following closely behind the spirit pearl fruits.

He wanted to see what had happened in front of him and what had triggered those strange ‘miracles’! However, the other team members did not listen to his orders.

On the contrary, just as he walked past them, they immediately caught up with him.

“Didn’t I tell you not to catch up?” “Captain, you can’t be the only one to satisfy your curiosity and make the rest of us wait!” The captain was helpless and could only say a simple sentence.

“Pay more attention later.

If anything dangerous happens, run away immediately.

No one should stay too long.

” “Yes!” Everyone quickly arrived at a hillside.

They could already see the heart of the Sea of trees.

When they arrived, everyone was completely dumbfounded.

Although they were already great grandmasters, in front of that miracle, they suddenly felt how small and laughable they were.

They were like a group of ants.

In front of them, countless heavenly treasures were floating and gathering in that area.

Then, they surged into a golden light figure.

They could not see clearly what was inside that light figure.

They could vaguely see that it was a person! In other words, the person behind all of that was actually a human.

Heavens, just how strong was that human to be able to reach such a heaven-defying level? Just by relying on his own strength.

He could easily gather countless treasures from all directions.

Could he still be called a human? It would not be too much to say that he was a god, right? After collecting a large number of treasures, he even glanced at them.

Just one glance was enough to make these great grandmasters’ scalps go numb from shock as if he had already seen through them.

Not even the slightest bit of privacy was left.

It even made them feel as if they were a group of ants.

With a single thought, the other party could crush them into ashes! The other party was in the golden light so they could not see what the other party’s face looked like.

Fortunately, the other party did not attack them.

After merely glancing at them, he turned around and left.

With a turn, the other party’s body disappeared.

It was so fast that it was as if nothing had happened.

Even the few great grandmasters could not see the traces of the other party’s movement technique.

It was like a dream.