Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 258

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Imperial Technique Synthesis, God-slaying Technique, Splitting Open the Sky Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation … Sitting at home and obtaining two lesser divine beasts, for Ye Xiao, it was naturally extremely profitable.

In the future, the blood essence and spiritual energy he obtained every day would be able to increase by a lot.

The next step was to think of ways to obtain some heavenly and earthly treasures to help other star beasts increase their cultivation.

That was the only way to get the blood essence he needed! Ye Xiao’s mind moved, and he immediately used the Divine Intent technique.

His figure instantly disappeared from where he was and reappeared once again.

He had already arrived at the Southwest Seaside Forest.

Now that his cultivation had risen to the King realm, his speed was already extremely fast.

From Jianghai city to the Southwest Seaside Forest, it was only a matter of a few breaths.

Therefore, he could arrive at the forest in an instant, he could return in a night.

After arriving at the Southwest Seaside Forest, Ye Xiao went straight to the center of the Seaside Forest.

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COM Before, Ye Xiao did not come to the center.

He was only near the central area, looking for the myriad of purple and red leaves.

At that moment, after coming to the center, Ye Xiao’s huge perception suddenly discovered something unusual.

‘This is… ?’ He sensed that in the wilderness, there was another extremely special existence.

It was faintly discernible under the ground as if it was breathing.

With a trace of doubt, Ye Xiao landed on the ground and used the Earth-burrowing Technique.

In a moment, he arrived at a depth of 10 miles underground.

Roar! A raucous dragon roar from ancient times slowly entered his mind.

No one would have thought that there was a huge dragon hidden under the huge forest.

No, that was not a dragon.

Although it had a physical body and was full of vitality and spirituality, there was no smell of blood on its body.

In other words, it was a pure energy body.

‘It’s a dragon vein!’ Ye Xiao understood the origin of that fellow almost instantly.

It was rumored that in the land of the nine provinces, because of the spiritual energy in the mountains and rivers, over time, some existences would be born.

They could suppress the surrounding spiritual energy, and at the same time, they would use themselves as the center to continuously absorb the spiritual energy to nourish a land, thus making that land more spiritual.

As the saying goes, a land of outstanding people was due to most of them being blessed by dragon veins.

The huge dragon vein in front of him was the legendary dragon vein that was forged from the essence of heaven and earth in the mountains and rivers! It was the most magical crystallization of nature.

No wonder Ye Xiao was curious about a question previously.

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COM Why would the Southwest Seaside Forest nurture so many natural treasures? It turned out that there was a huge dragon vein hidden underneath.

It seemed that only a dragon vein could reach such a level.

It could absorb a huge amount of spiritual energy to nourish an area.

To put it in a more exaggerated way, the nutrients contained in the soil of the Southwest Seaside Forest were several times more than that of other places! Just like the Heavenly Devil cliff, which had been eroded by baleful energy for a long time, the soil contained dense baleful energy.

It had been nourished by spiritual energy for a long period of time, and it was no longer just described as fertile soil.

At that moment, besides that dragon vein, Ye Xiao could even feel that the cultivation in his body was slowly rising.

However, because he was already a King realm martial artist, he needed to raise his cultivation too much.

Therefore, that speed was not very obvious, and it looked like a turtle crawling.

However, in reality, it was already much faster.

One had to know that in Jianghai city, the cultivation in his body could not even be considered a turtle crawling.

The spiritual energy here was too abundant.

Roar! The dragon vein let out another roar.

However, that time, it was filled with pain and helplessness.

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly and used the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery to perform a complete scan of the dragon vein.

In the next second, he understood what was going on.

At the same time, he could not help but be shocked.

That dragon vein was not one that formed naturally.

Its body was a soul.

It was forcefully suppressed in that place by someone with a powerful technique.

Furthermore, with the help of some secret techniques, it allowed it to continuously absorb spiritual energy.

As time passed, it became a dragon vein.

‘What a powerful technique!’ Ye Xiao could not help but exclaim in admiration.

He did not know which incredible martial arts expert had done this, but it was a little too big.

Forcefully imprisoning a dragon’s soul and refining it into a dragon vein.

The other party’s technique had probably already far surpassed the imperial technique and had reached the level of great divine ability.

At least at that point, Ye Xiao believed that he was far from reaching that level.

Thinking about it, he should be a prodigy in the history of the nine provinces.

Moreover, his cultivation should have already reached the legendary Emperor realm, or even higher.

As expected, there was always someone better than him.

It was still much safer to be a little more humble.

At that moment, the dragon’s soul let out another light cry.

It was still filled with grief, helplessness, and also revealed a slight desolation.

That was very understandable.

It had been trapped in that place for God knows how many years.

Now, the dragon vein had already been formed, and there was no longer a need to use its soul.

However, that prodigy did not return and let it out.

Although it only had its soul left, because the dragon vein was where the essence of heaven, earth, sun, and moon was gathered, it would not die if that continued.

If nothing unexpected happened, it would continue to stay in that place forever.

No one knew how long it would stay there.

That was something that was 10,000 times more painful than death.

It would be imprisoned here forever and ever.

No wonder it would make such a desolate sound.

It seemed like it was asking for help from Ye Xiao, but it also seemed like it was asking for freedom from Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao let out a breath of turbid air and said indifferently, “You want to be released, but I have no way to help you.

You and the dragon vein have become one, so you must have a great divine ability to separate the two of you.

“With my current strength, I still can’t reach that level.

If I forcefully separate the two of you, your soul might immediately dissipate.

” The dragon’s soul seemed to have understood Ye Xiao’s words and let out a whimper that sounded like a plea.

At that moment, Ye Xiao finally understood what it meant.

Even if it died, it did not want to continue staying there.

It had been imprisoned for far too long.

These countless long nights had tortured its spirit until it broke down.

Then, as time passed, it recovered and was tortured until it broke down again.

Loneliness made its soul suffer, but it could not be freed because of the dragon vein.

Dragons were existences that wanted to soar through the nine heavens and swim in the mountains and seas.

How could they be trapped in that small world? Moreover, Ye Xiao was the first human it had seen in such a long time.

It was also its last hope.

If Ye Xiao left, it really did not know who else could help it.

Therefore, it did not want to wait any longer.

At that moment, even if it were to die, even if its soul was scattered and never reincarnated, it would definitely not stay in that place.

Ye Xiao sighed slightly.

Although he felt a little regretful, if it were him, he would probably make the same choice, right? He still remembered that in his previous life, he was once lying on a hospital bed, unable to move.

Even drinking a mouthful of water and going to the toilet became an extravagant hope.

The pain and despair of having his soul trapped in a sick body, helplessness, and torment, were things that ordinary people would never be able to understand.

In the next moment, the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery was activated, instantly shattering the mental energy shackles that bound the dragon’s soul.

The dragon’s soul let out a huge roar, and in the next second, it broke through the ground and soared into the sky, enjoying itself and roaming freely in the sky.

However, without the protection of the dragon vein, it gradually dissipated in an instant like fireworks.

Although it was beautiful, it disappeared in an instant and could not be left behind.

Ordinary people would not be able to see that scene.

They could only hear a deafening dragon roar and thought that it was the roar of a star beast.

Ye Xiao felt many things.

Just as he was about to leave, in the next second, a golden aura actually formed within the dragon vein.

It was very small and only as long as a strand of hair, curled up.

However, the power it exuded caused Ye Xiao’s expression to become somewhat solemn.

Following that, the aura immediately entered Ye Xiao’s body.

In an instant, Ye Xiao could clearly see that his cultivation had advanced by a small section! In that instant, the increase in his cultivation was about one-tenth of it.

What was even more unexpected was that the three great sword techniques that originally needed a few more days to be completely formed had reached 100 percent completion at that moment! ‘So powerful.

‘This should be the essence of the entire dragon vein.

‘That dragon’s soul was grateful to me for granting it freedom, so it gifted me the bulk of the essence of the entire dragon vein, increasing my cultivation.

‘At the same time, it also accelerated the first cultivation technique that Golden Book divine soul had synthesized.

’ The corners of Ye Xiao’s mouth curled up.

It seemed that he had made a huge profit from that trip to the Southwest Seaside Forest.

He injected his consciousness into the Golden Book.

The three imperial-level sword techniques in the Golden Book had already been combined into a new cultivation technique.

On the paper that recorded the cultivation technique, there were no complicated cultivation techniques, only two simple words! Splitting Open the Sky! Did it mean that one sword could split open the sky? Ye Xiao saw two small words at the bottom right corner of the Golden Book.

‘God-slaying? Could this be the level of this cultivation technique? ‘God-slaying technique? ‘When it was the imperial technique, the Golden Book did not show the level of the cultivation technique.

But now, it showed the level of the cultivation technique.

‘Does this mean that the imperial technique to the Golden Book is actually not of the same level?’ Ye Xiao was slightly shocked.

He had a new understanding of the power of the Golden Book.

The imperial technique was actually already very powerful.

It could be considered the most powerful cultivation technique of the human race on the ground.

It was to the extent that many people might not even be able to learn a good grandmaster-level cultivation technique in their entire lives.

The imperial technique was something that only those above the divine sect had the chance to come into contact with.

Even so, even the imperial technique would not be determined by the Golden Book’s level.

Only now, after the imperial technique was synthesized, did the level of the god-slaying technique appear.

That meant that the limit for the Golden Book should be much more than what it currently showed.