Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 255

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Quickly Come Into the Cage Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation … “D*mn it, retreat!” Almost in an instant, Fenglong reacted and called for Qingniu to retreat.

At that moment, an accident suddenly happened.

Just as Fenglong was about to turn around and escape, the next second, a huge force suddenly came from his back.

It was Qingniu! D*mn it! B*stard, at such a critical moment! He attacked him from behind.

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COM If he suddenly attacked his back, he would lose control of his body in a short period of time.

Naturally, he would not be able to escape.

Qingniu took advantage of that opportunity to turn into a streak of light and quickly disappeared from where he was.

Fenglong cursed Qingniu’s 18 generations of ancestors in his mind.

Even so, he could not change the situation.

He was too close to Jiang Chen.

Even a powerful divine beast might not be able to avoid such a distance, let alone his own cultivation, which had not reached the divine beast realm yet.

He was only a lesser divine beast.

D*mn it.

He had no choice but to use his claw technique.

He attacked with both of his claws at the same time, trying to create a gap between him and Jiang Chen.

Unfortunately, although his strength was strong, it was nothing in front of a King realm martial artist.

Jiang Chen threw a punch directly.

It was just a simple punch, but the strong power contained in it caused the surrounding spiritual energy to distort.

The strength of a King realm martial artist was simply too powerful.

He had already completely surpassed the limits of ordinary humans and ordinary star beasts.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was in a new dimension of martial artists.

The energy released by Fenglong was instantly shattered.

Not only that, his palms and arms were instantly blasted into a bloody mist by that extremely powerful force.

That could not go on.

If he took that attack head-on, his body would probably be blown up.

Then he would really be doomed.

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COM Even the Tiger God could not save him.

At the critical moment, he used his escape secret technique, the Bloody Explosion.

In an instant, his whole body exploded into a bloody mist.

As soon as the bloody mist appeared, it evaporated and disappeared.

Jiang Chen stopped punching.

He could not help but frown.

D*mn it.

I did not expect him to know such a secret technique.

Once he used the Bloody Explosion, he would be able to teleport to another place instantly, but his body would also be severely injured.

He was quite cruel to himself.

He would rather risk being seriously injured.

‘He’ll use the bloody explosion to escape from my punch.

’ Liu Chengxun’s heart was in his throat as if it had stopped beating.

So powerful! So powerful! Those were two incredibly powerful individuals at the level of lesser divine beasts.

They were existences who could kill themselves as easily as they could kill an ant.

Even so, they were defeated by Jiang Chen in one move.

One of them had only managed to escape by harming the other.

The other had used the Blood Explosion.

That was their limit.

However, Jiang Chen had not used his limit.

“Director… Director Jiang, shouldn’t you go after them? If you attack them, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to catch up with them and kill them.

” Jiang Chen did not answer him.

Liu Chengxun was right.

With his strength, he might be able to catch up with Qingniu, who had used the Blood Explosion technique.

It would be a small problem, but it would not be difficult for him to catch up with Qingniu.

However, he did not come here to deal with these two guys.

His real task was to guard the library behind him.

There was something very important in the library.

If he lost it, he would be in real trouble.

Therefore, he could not ignore the library just to hunt down the two lesser divine beasts.

“Forget it.

They’ve already left.

I don’t think I can catch up with them.

There are other powerful people in the nine provinces anyway.

Let them take charge.

” Then Jiang Chen turned around and went into the library.

Before he stepped into the library, he left a message silently.

“I don’t want a third person to know what happened tonight.

If a third person finds out, you’ll have to bear the consequences.

” Liu Chengxun’s heart trembled.

He said immediately, “Director, don’t worry.

I swear on my character that I won’t tell anyone about this.

I, Liu Chengxun, have never been a big mouth.

” Jiang Chen nodded and walked into the library.

As soon as he walked into the library, Liu Chengxun took out his phone and texted Ye Xiao.

He did not know how to use his phone before.

His apprentice, Piao Jiansheng, had bought it for him.

Only Piao Jiansheng and Ye Xiao’s numbers and WeChat were saved on it.

“Ye Xiao, I have something important to tell you.

” “Don’t discuss anything related to the new director in the future.

Be careful, it’s anything! “His identity was far from being as simple as it seemed on the surface.

“His true identity was like the sun, moon, and stars hanging high in the sky to the two of us! “It’s better for us to be cautious.

“Don’t provoke him.

Otherwise, you won’t even know how you die.

” However, after typing, he suddenly thought of something and deleted all the words one by one.

He was too excited.

He almost forgot.

He had just promised the director that he would never mention that matter to anyone.

At that moment, a notification sound suddenly came from the phone screen.

It was a message from Ye Xiao.

“What’s the matter?” “It’s nothing.

I wanted to treat you to a midnight snack just now, but on careful thought, it’s already so late.

You definitely don’t have time.

Forget it.

” “I have time.

” “… “Forget it.

I don’t want to eat suddenly.

” … On the other side, Fenglong slowly condensed his body from the darkness.

Hu! He exhaled a mouthful of turbid air, and his expression immediately became much more relaxed.

‘That d*mned Qingiu almost killed me.

Fortunately, I have the Blood Explosion technique, so I can teleport to other places within a short period of time.

‘Otherwise, that fellow’s punch just now would have sent me to my grave.

’ However, at that moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

“Fenglong! Aren’t You Fenglong? Why are you here?” Why did that voice sound so familiar? He turned his head over and was instantly dumbfounded.

What was going on? Where did he teleport to? Why were there so many star beasts here? Furthermore, they were all divine-level star beasts? Could it be that he had teleported to the starry skies? That was not right.

His Blood Explosion technique was only a short distance movement.

How could it be a long-distance move? That was not the space battlefield.

At that moment, he also noticed Samuel, Susan, Mo Yu, and Iron Bull.

“I’ve finally found you guys.

Why are you all gathered here? Lord Tiger God has called you many times, why didn’t you answer? “Also, who are they? Are the few of you thinking of betraying Lord Tiger God?” Fenglong’s face was cold as he asked a series of questions.

At that time, no one answered him.

The star beasts only looked at him with speechless and pitiful expressions.

At the same time, there was a hint of doubt in their eyes.

Seeing that they did not speak, Fenglong’s expression became even uglier.

“Samuel, why aren’t you answering my question?” Samuel said faintly, “I want to ask, did you encounter a genius martial arts expert? A very, very powerful human?” Fenglong nodded.

“So what if I did?” “Then did you use your secret technique, the Blood Explosion technique? Did you make yourself teleport in a short distance?” “That’s right!” “Phew!” Samuel heaved a long sigh of relief.

He had probably thought things through clearly.

Most likely, it was Lord Tiger God who had sent Fenglong to look for him when he saw that the few of them had not returned.

After all, Fenglong was a lesser divine beast.

However, Ye Xiao had already become a King realm martial artist! Therefore, he definitely could not defeat Ye Xiao, so he used the Blood Explosion technique.

In the end, he accidentally teleported himself into this spirit-gathering array.

That idiot still did not know that he had already fallen into Ye Xiao’s breeding farm.

He still had the nerve to question them here? However, that fellow could be considered a fool with dumb luck.

He did not go anywhere else, but he just had to come to that good place.

Therefore, after taking a deep breath, Samuel smiled and said, “Fenglong, welcome.

Join Ye Xiao’s star beast breeding farm and become the twelfth poultry in this breeding farm.

The farm has just been expanded, and there are still many empty spaces inside.

You can choose a nest for yourself now.

” “What?” “Are you out of your mind? Do you know what nonsense you’re talking about? Immediately follow me back to meet Lord Tiger God.

” Samuel shrugged.

“I can’t leave.

As long as you come to this place, you’ll be like us, becoming that human’s poultry.

” “You’re really crazy! I think your brain is really full of water! After I capture you back, I’ll hand you over to Lord Tiger God to deal with.

” Samuel shrugged again.

“You don’t have to capture me.

If you can take me away, I’ll follow you at any time.

You can try first and see if you can get out of here now.

” Fenglong sneered.

“Idiot, it’s just a private space.

Do you think he can stop me? Open it for me!” With a stern shout, Fenglong released all of his spiritual energy, turning himself into a streak of light and shooting into the sky! Clang! Accompanied by a violent explosion, Fenglong turned into a puddle of soft mud and fell to the ground.

He shook his head and spurted blood from his mouth and nose.

“D*mn it! What the hell is this place?” “I told you that you can’t get out of here.


You’d better face the reality and be poultry with us.