Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 227

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Xiantian Ninth-Grade Divine Grandmaster, How Different Was That From a Dog? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Ye Xiao suddenly stopped, catching the old man off guard.

In that instant, all of his aura pressed down on Ye Xiao.

“Not good!” His expression suddenly changed drastically.

Both sides originally only had the intention of probing.

If they truly attacked each other and injured each other, then they might really be unable to stop.

What kind of consequences would a confrontation between two divine grandmasters lead to! He was clearer than anyone else.

However, to his surprise, when his aura pushed over, Ye Xiao’s body actually stood tall and unmoving! At that instant, the old man’s pupils suddenly constricted as he looked at Ye Xiao with a face full of disbelief.

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COM That… How was that possible? How did he do it? One had to know that both of them were divine grandmasters and their strengths were evenly matched.

The other party withdrew his aura and his own aura pushed forward.

No matter what, it was impossible for the other party to be completely fine.

However, the current situation was that Ye Xiao was completely unaffected.

He did not injure him in the slightest.

That was too terrifying! How strong was Ye Xiao’s strength? To be able to do such a heaven-defying thing.

What shocked the old man even more was how old was Ye Xiao? An ordinary person would not be able to easily tell Ye Xiao’s bone age.

Who was he? He was a divine eye technique grandmaster! His eyes were different from an ordinary person’s.

In terms of age, it was impossible for Ye Xiao to hide from him.

He could clearly see that Ye Xiao’s age was at most 21! He was at most 21 years old.

However, at that age, how could he possess such powerful strength? Could it be that there was a prodigy before him who had been enlightened and instilled all of his life’s effort into cultivation? At that moment, music sounded in the library.

That was the standard for the martial arts library of the Zhong city to get off work.

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COM Ye Xiao put away his books and said with a calm gaze, “The library is closed.


” After saying these words calmly, Ye Xiao turned around and left, leaving the old man stunned on the spot.

He could not calm down for a long time.

“When did such a genius martial arts expert appear in the nine provinces? At such a young age, he actually reached the Xiantian ninth grade divine sect? Let alone the nine provinces, even in the entire world, the old man had never heard of anyone who could reach such a standard! ‘This child can really be considered the number one genius in the world! ‘Now that the beast calamity is imminent, if we can let him advance one step further, then it will be even more of a blessing for the nine provinces!” … On Ye Xiao’s side, he had already guessed the other party’s identity.

A Xiantian ninth grade divine grandmaster, a person from Zhong city of the nine provinces, and also an eye technique cultivator.

There should only be the Fire Spirit Eye, Beitang Ce, who was ranked 14th on the World Dragon list! He was one of the 17 martial arts experts in the nine provinces who were ranked on the World Dragon and Phoenix list! His strength in the nine provinces was enough to be ranked in the top 10! Being able to be ranked in the top 10 in the entire nine provinces, and he was also an eye technique practitioner, it was not strange for Ye Xiao to be able to discover that he was extraordinary.

He was very strong, but he was also a person, not a god.

His cultivation was only at Xiantian ninth grade now, but it did not mean that the other party could not even see that he was unusual.

However, just because the other party could see that he was unusual did not mean that the other party was his opponent.

If they were to really fight, ye Xiao was still confident that he could beat up Beitang Ce.

Although he had not learned the imperial eye technique, the eye technique was not the most powerful attack technique in that world.

He had martial cultivation and spiritual cultivation.

He also cultivated both his physical body and soul.

Just his defense was not something that Beitang ce could easily compare to, let alone battle.

Ye Xiao was not worried that the other party would expose his identity.

As one of the top few people in the world, Beitang Ce could not be like a gossipy woman and spread his identity everywhere.

It was only a matter of time before he cultivated the soul-refining technique and was close to the King realm.

The number of martial arts experts on land who could pose a threat to him could be counted on one’s fingers.

Ye Xiao did not expose his true meaning.

In the early stages, he did it for his own safety and did not want to attract too much attention.

Now, he simply did not want to distance himself from his friends.

If his life was left with nothing but invincibility, it would be dull and boring.

Wherever he went, everyone would treat him respectfully like a dog.

The life where they treated him as if he was above the clouds was not what Ye Xiao wanted.

Blandness was the real thing.

However, for a peak martial arts expert like Beitang Ce to know his identity, it was not a big deal.

The two of them were both martial arts experts.

The way they interacted with each other did not have the kind of fawning and flattery.

Of course, it was best to make friends with them.

Currently, Ye Xiao had very little information about the King realm, Emperor realm, and the space battlefield.

He also needed to get to know a martial arts expert who could explain to him about the space battlefield and matters related to the stronger realms.

However, Ye Xiao had just left the library not long ago when he, who was walking on the street, felt that he was being targeted by a strange force.

A Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster! It was a star beast! Moreover, the other party’s spiritual energy was very strong! Ye Xiao could sense that the other party had already locked onto him.

It was very obvious that he was relying on his strong cultivation to not care about whether there would be martial arts experts in Zhong city.

Hence, he dared to appear in the sky of Zhong city in broad daylight in such a bold and impudent manner.

In midair, that figure stared straight at Ye Xiao.

His eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty look.

“I’ve found you, human!” After licking his lips, he directly rushed towards Ye Xiao in a diving posture.

He wanted to directly snatch Ye Xiao away on the main street! Simple and crude.

He did not treat Ye Xiao as a matter at all.

Ye Xiao was not flustered.

When the other party arrived, he executed the Divine Intent technique.

His body moved slightly and he instantly dodged the other party’s sharp claws.

A look of astonishment surfaced on the other party’s face.

Before he could react, Ye Xiao grabbed his leg in the next second.

Activating the Divine Intent technique, he instantly brought him to a mountain forest outside of Zhong city.

“So fast!” His pupils suddenly constricted.

Before he could react, Ye Xiao threw him out in the next second.

Boom! Following a violent explosion, he was like a cannonball, directly piercing a large hole in the mountain.

He also created a deep pit with a size of more than 100 feet on the rocky ground behind the mountain and shot his body up.

However, that was nothing to his powerful divine grandmaster-level physique.

Boom! With another loud bang, he spread out his aura and flattened the large pit.

His body flew into the air once again.

He wiped off the trace of blood at the corner of his mouth and said with a cold smile, “Good fellow! This venerable self really didn’t expect you to be a Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster.

This venerable self really picked up a treasure when I came over this time.

” Ye Xiao did not say anything.

When the Zhong City Garrison called him and said that the girl that Song Xiaoyan had captured that day had gone missing, he had already guessed that there would be such a thing.

At that time, there were only three people who knew about the matter of the tiger demon.

They were him, Yang Xi, and that girl.

He and Yang Xi had reported the matter of the star beasts cultivating tiger demons to the garrison team.

During those days, the garrison team had already started to deal with the tiger demons in the city with great fanfare.

The tiger demons would definitely start to counterattack.

That girl was very unlucky.

Before the other party found her, she had already met the other party.

Meeting such a brutal divine-level star beast, it was probably already gone by now.

Therefore, Ye Xiao was too lazy to waste any more words and was prepared to instantly kill the other party.

That fellow’s strength was much weaker than Norfis.

It could even be said that it was slightly inferior compared to Samuel.

Although they were both at Xiantian ninth grade, the differences in strength were immense.

The difference between the early stage and the peak of the late stage of the Xiantian ninth rank was more than five Xiantian eighth grades, and there was no way to easily make up for it.

He could fight across ranks, and just a few days after he stepped into the Xiantian ninth grade, he could already fight against old-fashioned divine grandmasters like Norfis and Samuel, and he had many powerful imperial techniques in his body every day, at the same time, he was drinking honey and eating divine-level star beast meat every day.

It was easy to imagine how terrifying the increase in his strength was every day.

His current strength had greatly surpassed that of ten days ago.

Therefore, facing this guy who was slightly inferior to Samuel now was simply like a special forces soldier torturing a brat who had just learned how to walk.

There was no suspense at all.

The other party looked at Ye Xiao’s indifferent face and the kind of arrogance that did not put him in his eyes.

A ball of raging fire ignited in his heart.

“Humph! Don’t be too proud.

It’s not certain who will win until the end.

” After saying that, he used all his strength to display his movement technique.

At that moment, his speed suddenly soared.

It was actually on par with the Divine Intent technique.

However, Ye Xiao did not panic in the slightest and allowed the other party to come to his side.

“You’re dead meat!” The corner of the other party’s mouth curled up.

Under the impact of his speed, even if Ye Xiao also had movement techniques, it was impossible for him to dodge that move.

He opened his two claws and executed his cultivation technique.

Two dark green rays of light formed on his claws.

Whoosh! His two claws slashed across Ye Xiao’s throat, attempting to tear his throat apart in an invincible manner.

Slash! “Oh?” The divine-level star beast widened his eyes as he looked at that scene in disbelief.

What was going on? His sharp claws only slashed across a few streaks of lightning and sparks on Ye Xiao’s neck.

They did not even tear Ye Xiao’s skin apart? That had to be fake, right? Could he be dreaming? One had to know that what he displayed was his own unique skill, Netherspirit Claw! It was a claw technique that was famous for its ruthlessness and extreme yin and poison! At the same time, it was also an extremely sharp claw technique! It was a completely genuine imperial technique! Yet, it did not even scratch Ye Xiao’s skin! That fellow’s defense was simply abnormally strong.

Was that still a human? Even the Xiantian ninth grade divine grandmaster Xuanwu Turtle was probably not as awesome as him.

Just as he was in a daze, Ye Xiao’s fist had already landed on his chest.

Boom! Great Nirvana Fist! When the fist was thrown out, a power that could overturn rivers and overturn seas was gathered.

It directly crushed his chest.


At that moment, his heart instantly stopped beating.

It was as if this fist was separated from his physical body一it ruthlessly struck his heart!