Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 225

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Synthesis, Soul-Refining Technique, Undying and Indestructible Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation At the border of Zhong city, in a hidden forest.

Two figures gathered in the valley, their bodies emitting indistinct waves of killing intent.

As the breeze blew, the forest trees undulated.

Under the sun, it reflected a rugged image, as if it could devour anything that fell from the sky.

“The human race has discovered our actions.

The Zhong province has actually started to clear out the tiger demons in their cities.

Almost half of my men have been killed, and the rest probably won’t last long.

” “It’s the same for the beastmen.

In the nine regions, the strongest beastmen organization, the Beast God Alliance, has been completely destroyed by the human race.

“What’s left now are only a few defeated soldiers.

Their strength is too weak and is not worth mentioning.

” “The human race is really ruthless.

They want to exterminate us! “We have spent so many years scheming and finally managed to set up so well in the human world.

In the end, in the blink of an eye, we were almost wiped out by the human race.

It’s really unreconciled.

” “Now that the matter has been settled, there’s no need to say anything more.

The beast calamity is imminent.

What we should do now is to try to destroy the overall strength of the human race.

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COM “The tiger demon operation and the beastman operation had almost been destroyed.

“Relying on these minions won’t do.

Therefore, we should increase our top alliance as soon as possible.

“There are several divine-level star beasts sealed in Zhong city.

One of them has even reached the lesser divine grandmaster rank.

He’s only half a step away from becoming a true divine grandmaster.

“If we can save him, it will be much easier for us to destroy the great cause of the human experts.

” “The Zhong city?” A fierce look flashed in the eyes of the divine-level star beast as killing intent appeared.

“It just so happens that the ones who ruined my plans are a few humans.

I’ll go over and torture them to vent my hatred.

” The other divine grandmaster star beast did not quite agree, but he still said, “Take it easy, don’t overdo it.

There are divine grandmaster humans in Zhong city.

“If we’re not careful, we might die in there.

That’s not worth it.

“It wasn’t easy for us to escape from Shaolin.

We have to be careful.

“Norfis has already gone to Jianghai city to look for his clone.

He will probably return soon.

“When he returns, the few of us will attack at the same time and besiege Zhong city.

Only then can we guarantee that nothing will go wrong.

” “Don’t worry, I’m only looking for those two or three humans.

There can’t be a divine grandmaster among them, right? Hehehehe…” … On Ye Xiao’s side, after a day of classes, he had learned quite a few things.

After school, the old professor in charge of teaching had just left the classroom when Ye Xiao quietly followed.

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COM “Professor Huang, please wait a moment.

” Professor Huang stopped and pushed up his glasses.

When he saw that the person was Ye Xiao, he said, “Your surname seems to be Ye.

Student Ye, right?” Ye Xiao nodded.

“What do you want?” “It’s like this.

I want to visit the martial arts library in Zhong city, but because I’m a foreigner, I can only wander around the first and second floors.

“I want to visit the higher floors.

I wonder if Professor Huang can help me with this.

” Professor Huang revealed a gratified expression.

“You have such wishes? That means you have the ambition.

Not bad! Very good.

Young people nowadays are too impetuous.

Very few are as serious as you.

I’ll help you with this.

” As he spoke, he fished out a card from his briefcase and handed it to Ye Xiao.

“This card is the special card of our Zhong City Martial Arts Academy.

It just so happens that I don’t need to go to the library recently, so I’ll let you use it for a few days.

” “Thank you, Professor Huang.

” “Hehehe, you’re welcome.

You’re the future pillars of the nine provinces.

My old bones can be considered to have contributed to the country if I can help you.

” After saying that, Professor Huang said goodbye and left.

Ye Xiao looked at the card in his hand and smiled slightly.

Although the Zhong City Martial Arts Library had many cultivation techniques, it was also because of that reason that there were more cases of people of the same origin.

To elaborate, Ye Xiao had spent most of the day yesterday, but in the end, he had only managed to find one eye technique and one or two soul-refining techniques.

There was not even enough to fill the gaps between his teeth.

If he could screen out a large number of basic cultivation techniques of the same origin, Ye Xiao’s efficiency would be much faster.

Other than that, there was another very important factor.

That was the soul-refining technique and eye technique.

They were the rarest cultivation techniques themselves.

No matter how many books the martial arts library of Zhong city had, it was impossible to place too many at the bottom.

Therefore, no matter what, he had to go to the upper floors of the library.

After obtaining Professor Huang’s card, Ye Xiao immediately rushed to the library.

He had calculated that he would have classes in the morning and free time in the afternoon during his advanced studies.

He could use this time to read a lot of books before the library closed at night and sift out more cultivation techniques.

After Ye Xiao arrived at the library, he took the card and went straight up to the third floor.

The number of people on the third floor was already a lot less, but that was only compared to the first and second levels.

The overall number of people was still quite large.

After all, it was Zhong city.

The population base was really too large.

Ye Xiao arrived on the fourth floor.

On that floor, the number of people could finally be considered to be decent.

Ye Xiao also chose to start reading on the fourth floor.

Reality proved that Ye Xiao’s idea was right.

The cultivation techniques on the fourth floor were basically all at the transcendent level and above.

There were even extremely few grandmaster-level cultivation techniques.

Those cultivation techniques were usually more complicated, and the requirements for writing them were higher.

Moreover, it was very difficult to find cultivation techniques, so there were very few of them.

Similarly, there were not many places where their origins were the same.

In just half a day, Ye Xiao had specifically found three soul-refining techniques and stored them in his body.

The speed was very fast.

Although he could only look at them for half a day every day, the profits were quite bountiful.

After about a week, Ye Xiao finally gathered all the soul-refining techniques.

When all the cultivation techniques had been cultivated to perfection, Ye Xiao finally began to synthesize them.

He returned to the hotel and locked the door from the inside, closing all the windows and curtains tightly.

Then, he took out the Golden Book divine soul and began to synthesize the soul-refining technique.

If he could learn the soul-refining technique, he would be able to advance to the King realm in the future, just like when he advanced from Xiantian fifth grade to Xiantian sixth grade.

It was basically a guarantee.

You can just pick up a little stool and sit there and wait for a breakthrough.

The Golden Book released a golden light, the whole room to light up, above the exercise, gradually formed a line and a big word.

“…” “…” “…” … “…” Was the Golden Book itself embarrassed to write the words that time? Then what kind of words were those? To actually be able to be tainted to such an extent.

Very quickly, the Golden Book synthesized the cultivation technique.

Undying and Indestructible! “…” It was another very trashy name.

That golden book was really hopeless.

Its naming skills were useless.

Could it be that the words just now were not because they were too dirty, rather it was because the Golden Book’s literacy level was actually very poor, so it was unable to type just now? It was a pity that the Golden Book could not speak.

Otherwise, he could also ask it what the reason was.

At that moment, the cultivation technique had already begun to cultivate on its own.

Ye Xiao swept a glance.

Needless to say, even though the Golden Book gave it a useless name, the cultivation technique that it gave was really nothing to sneeze at.

Undying and Indestructible, the soul never dies, the physical body never dies, living the same life as heaven and earth! Very cool, very cool! After having that cultivation technique, Ye Xiao even began to feel that his soul was continuously becoming stronger.

In the past, although he had cultivated the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery and it was only used to increase spiritual energy which was the energy stored within the soul.

It could not make spiritual energy become much stronger, at most, it would only have a little effect.

At that moment, that increase could be felt.

The difference between the two was probably the difference between a cracker and a carrot.

Although the hardness was not much different, the range of expansion was different, and the experience was also very different.

Would one feel anything looking at a cracker? There was definitely something, but the feeling was too small, like an ant crawling.

Naturally, it was the same as not feeling anything.

Where was the carrot? Just looking at its bright red color made people want to open their mouths and take a bite.

Saliva was about to flow down.

It was definitely different! Moreover, the Undying and Indestructible had not completely cultivated it yet.

When it is cultivated to perfection, the scene would probably be like the surging waves of the river, pouring down thousands of miles! It could not even be blocked! Perfect! ‘After spending a week, I finally did not waste it.

The soul-refining technique has been completed.

What I need to consider next should be the eye technique and leg technique.

I can learn the leg technique when I return to Jianghai city.

I’ll learn the eye technique first.

’ Ye Xiao had just set a goal for himself when suddenly, his phone rang.

He took out his cell phone and saw that the caller ID was actually from the Zhong City Garrison.

Ye Xiao picked up the call.

“Hello?” “It’s Mr.

Ye Xiao, isn’t it?” “Yes, it’s me.

What’s wrong?” “We’ve received a report here.

It says that the girl you saved from the tiger demons went missing a week ago.

We’d like to ask if you’ve contacted each other since then?” “No! We met by chance, so it’s naturally impossible for us to have any contact.

What’s wrong?” “It’s nothing.

Her family said that she went missing and has been missing for two to three days.

Now that we’re here to report the case, let’s understand.

Since there’s no news, we’ll hang up first.

” “Okay.

” Ye Xiao let out a soft ‘Okay’, and the sound of hanging up came from the other side of the phone.

Ye Xiao threw the phone on the bed and vaguely felt a little irritated.

Ever since he cultivated to the ninth grade, his perception of his surroundings had deepened.

Sometimes, some bad feelings would always quietly come to his heart.

Moreover, every time he had that kind of feeling, he would encounter trouble.