Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 216

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 216

Chapter 216: A Man Is Only as Good as His Clothes, and a Buddha Is Only as Good as His Gold.

With Some Gilding the Value Will Soar.

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation That was something that Ye Xiao had never thought of.

Although he was not too sure how strong the saber god, Li Liushui, was.

However, he had once met Lu Qingshan, who was ranked tenth on the World Dragon list.

He had met him twice.

One time, it was his sword intent clone, and the other time, it was Lu Qingshan’s actual body that had come to Jianghai city.

The first time, Ye Xiao knew how powerful the other party was.

The second time, when Ye Xiao was at Xiantian eighth grade, he used the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery, and he even attracted the other party’s attention, almost being discovered.

As for the saber god, Li Liushui was ranked one place higher than him on the Dragon list.

Therefore, Li Liushui was at least slightly stronger than him.

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COM Even so, he was still possessed by the devil.

From that, it could be seen how difficult it was to advance to the King realm.

It seemed that he had to hurry up and find a way to refine his soul.

Otherwise, when he advanced to the King realm, if he were to go mad and kill innocents everywhere, he would definitely be destroyed by the nine provinces.

Moreover, with his current strength, he could completely destroy a city with just a few moves.

There probably were not many people in the nine provinces who could withstand it.

How many innocent people would he have to kill? Tens of millions? A hundred million? A few hundred million? That was something that Ye Xiao could not accept.

It would not be a problem if he killed the star beasts.

After all, star beasts killed people and were mortal enemies of the human race.

Moreover, in Ye Xiao’s view, star beasts were essentially just small mutated animals.

… On the other side, in the forbidden area of the back mountain of the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, the atmosphere was extremely stifling.

Almost all of the eminent monks of Shaolin had gathered here.

Their gazes were solemn as they looked at the deep well in front of them.

At the mouth of the well, streams of demonic energy that carried a dark red aura were continuously rising.

The essence of demonic energy was the release of one’s own blood essence.

When combined with killing intent, it formed a type of extreme Yin that was extremely evil and carried a thick murderous aura.

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COM That was because the blood essence contained spiritual energy, while the killing intent was condensed from mental energy.

When the two fused, the damage to both the physical body and the soul was taken into consideration.

Unlike normal attacks, the majority of them focused on harming the physical body.

“The demonic energy on the Saber God’s body is getting thicker and thicker.

If this continues, I’m afraid he won’t be able to last long.

” “I didn’t expect the demonic energy and killing intent on Saber God’s body to be so strong! In the past few hundred years, the devils that I, Shaolin, have met, including those peak-stage divine-level star beasts that kill without batting an eye, are all inferior to him!” “Saber God trains in saber techniques.

Saber users are the ones with the heaviest killing intent among all cultivation techniques.

“Therefore, those who practice saber techniques tend to have extremely strong killing intent.

” “Have all the disciples that Shaolin has dispatched to various places, above the grandmaster level, been summoned back?” “The summoning orders have all been sent out, but because they are spread too widely, I don’t know if they can all rush back within a day.

” The Headmaster of Shaolin Martial Arts Academy stared fixedly at the mouth of the well that was constantly emitting demonic energy.

“Li Liushui is an extremely important martial arts expert in the nine provinces.

He absolutely can not be replaced.

Otherwise, it would be a huge loss to the nine provinces and even the entire world.

“We must gather all of Shaolin’s grandmaster martial arts experts as soon as possible and set up an array together.

We must chant scriptures together.

With the mental strength of our Buddhist sect, which is pure, firm, and Yang, we can help his stabilize his soul and pull him back on the right track.

” “Yes!” However, just as everyone finished speaking, a blood-red light suddenly shot out from the well.

“Die!” With a shocking roar, the clouds in the sky quickly gathered and began to stir violently.

Then, a saber light broke out from the well and directly cut a big hole in the black clouds in the sky.

Countless bolts of lightning fell rapidly as if they were roaring and yelling at Li Liushui.

The expressions of the Shaolin monks changed drastically.

“Quick, use the Bodhi Sutra to purify the Saber God’s killing intent.

” The Headmaster gave the order and everyone immediately attacked.

Countless golden rays of light surged out of their bodies and poured into the well.

Only then did they suppress the demonic energy inside and make the situation slightly better.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

However, what they did not notice was that as the lightning fell, a forest of pagodas in the distance also received quite a bit of damage.

Boom, Boom, Boom… A few bolts of lightning landed on a few pagodas.

The lightning destroyed the Buddhist seal on the pagodas, causing the pagodas to explode.

Evil light erupted.

However, because the eminent monks of Shaolin were all gathered around Li Liushui, no one could suppress them.

“Hahahaha… We’ve finally escaped!” With a sinister laugh, a few evil lights rushed out of Shaolin.

On Li Liushui’s side, an eminent monk could not help but ask anxiously, “Headmaster, a few Xiantian ninth-grade star beasts have escaped from the 72 demon caves.

What should we do?” The Headmaster clenched his teeth tightly.

“Let’s ignore them for now.

The most important thing is to stabilize Li Liushui.

As long as we can save him, he can still help us catch those Xiantian ninth-grade star beasts.

” … After those evil lights escaped from Shaolin, they quickly gathered in a forest hundreds of miles away.

“Hahahaha… It’s been 300 years.

My true body has finally escaped.

” “Is this the air outside? It’s been a few hundred years, but it’s still so fresh!” The star beasts were all immersed in the joy of relief.

However, they quickly came to their senses.

“The reason we were able to escape this time was mainly that the human saber god, Li Liushui, had been possessed, which gave us this opportunity.

“However, after the bald donkeys of Shaolin have dealt with Li Liushui, they will definitely come looking for us again.

” “That’s right.

This time, we can not be rash anymore.

The lesson from hundreds of years ago can not be said to be shallow.

At the very least, we have to wait until the beast calamity arrives before we come out of the mountain.

” “That’s right! Get up! The main thing is to get up.

It’s not shameful if we get up.

It would be shameful if we were captured and locked up by the humans.

” “However, we also need to cultivate, so we can’t slack off.

Besides, I haven’t eaten human flesh for a long time.

I’ve been holding it in for hundreds of years, and I’m dying of hunger.

” “Don’t worry.

When I came to the mainland, I once subdued a group of tiger demons.

It’s been hundreds of years, and they should be doing well.

I can use them to capture some humans for our enjoyment.

” “Good Idea.

I have also roped in many beastmen and established many beastmen organizations.

I will find them and ask them to help me capture humans.


“In this way, we can hide behind the scenes and control them.

We don’t have to face the humans personally, and we won’t attract the attention of the human powerhouses.

“Norfis, do you want to come with us?” Norfis shook his head.

His eyes were cold as he said with a solemn expression, “Those d*mn humans actually cut off a part of my body and created a split body to be used as the core of an array in a small city called Jianghai city.

“I want to go to Jianghai city in person to find my clone and destroy it.

“Let them know the consequences of humiliating this venerable self.

” “Good! Since that’s the case, we’ll split up.

We’ll meet up again on the day of the beast calamity.

” “Farewell.

” “Farewell.

” The star beasts turned into streaks of light and left.

… A few days later, Ye Xiao arrived at the library to work as usual, and the library’s changes finally began.

Many of his old colleagues were dismissed because their cultivation was not enough.

Ye Xiao’s side was still fine.

His own strength was very strong, but he had always been suppressing his cultivation.

Now, as long as he slightly let go of that suppression and raised his cultivation a little, reaching Houtian sixth grade would not be a problem.

In any case, a few old friends had given him medicinal pills as support, so he was not afraid of doubting himself.

After the morning meeting, Director Ouyang began to talk to the managers who had stayed behind one by one.

Ye Xiao was the fifth.

When he came to the director’s room, Director Ouyang immediately smiled and welcomed him.

“Ye Xiao, quickly sit down.

” Ye Xiao nodded and sat down.

Ouyang Yunzhong smiled and said, “I really didn’t expect that in the end, you could actually give me such a big surprise.

“I thought that you were one of the people who would be expelled this time.

“How did you do it? Raise your cultivation to Houtian sixth grade all of a sudden? This is too shocking, isn’t it?” Ye Xiao’s expression was calm as he said, “It was all the help of some friends.

Qin Yuyan gave me a grandmaster-grade medicinal pill, and Master Fa Zheng gave me a soul-condensing pill.

Gu Hai lent me some money to use to buy medicinal pills, and Liu Chengxun also gave me a few very good medicinal pills.

“With these things, I just happened to condense my soul and advance.

” Ouyang Yunzhong nodded and praised, “Not bad.

I didn’t expect you to have so many friends! “At first, I was thinking how to help you solve this problem? But it seems like there’s no need.

” After a pause, she spoke again, “Moreover, you just happened to be involved in a very good thing.

” “A good thing?” Ye Xiao was slightly puzzled.

Ouyang Yunzhong immediately smiled and said, “It’s like this.

Because the library is going to expand, it’s hard to avoid recruiting people in the future.

In this way, a portion of leadership positions will be created.

“In the Zhong provinces’ side, they gave me a few places for further education.

They asked me to select a few younger librarians with good cultivation and experience to go to the Zhong Martial Arts Academy to gild their name.

“I drew up a few spots.

At first, I wasn’t sure if you could still work in the library, so you weren’t included.

“Now that you’ve passed the assessment and your cultivation has reached Houtian sixth grade, you’re qualified to participate in further study.

“Are you willing to go?” After a pause, she added another sentence.

“The spots for further study this time are very few and very rare and precious.


After you come back from further study, you’ll definitely be promoted.