Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 214

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 214

Chapter 214: How Could the Great Samuel Be Made Into Poultry? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Master, what should we do?” “Revive them, of course.

” The other party had intruded by mistake.

He was partly responsible for them being the victims of the array.

Moreover, they were here to set up the array for Jianghai city.

He definitely wanted to revive them.

Ye Xiao helplessly took the corpses of the people and brought them back to Jianghai city.

After resurrecting them by the river, he left.

Not long after, the Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster was the first to wake up.

He looked around and said in a daze, Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM “Aren’t we dead? Is this hell?” Chen Qingxuan and the others also woke up and looked around.

“This shouldn’t be hell.

The spiritual energy here is very abundant.

If my guess is correct, it should be the senior who set up the array that saved us.

” “This is too embarrassing.

We mustn’t tell anyone else.

Otherwise, our reputation will be ruined.

” “Yeah! A divine sect, a few peak great sects, and a top array master.

This kind of combination was actually trapped by someone else’s array and was even beaten half to death.

If word were to get out, the 18 generations of our ancestors’ faces would be completely thrown away by us.

” “Let’s find an excuse.

” “Let’s say that we encountered a small group of star beasts.

For the sake of the people’s peaceful lives and work, we were cleaning up that group of star beasts.

Professor Chen, what do you think of saying this?” Chen Qingxuan nodded.

He felt that his old face was slightly feverish.

However, at the very least, his face was saved.

Thinking of that, he took out his cell phone and dialed his old friend, Du Changfeng’s number.

… Ye Xiao returned home and continued eating.

The food was made of good things to replenish blood essence and spiritual energy.

He could not waste them.

He needed a lot of spiritual energy to advance to the King realm, so he needed more than enough food.

Moreover, his cultivation technique was still running all the time.

The spirit-gathering array in Jianghai city had been greatly modified by him.

The speed at which he absorbed spiritual energy at every moment was faster than that of a first-tier city, so he and all the people in Jianghai city could benefit from it.

Among them, he benefited the most.

That was because he was at Xiantian ninth grade, and his cultivation techniques were at the imperial level so it would produce a certain siphon effect.

Very soon, he finished all the food and wiped his mouth.

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COM ‘Alright, I’m full.

Time to check on Samuel.

’ … On the other side, in Ye Xiao’s breeding farm, Samuel gradually woke up as the injuries on his body continued to heal.

“Senior Samuel, thank God! You’re finally awake.

” A familiar voice entered his ears, causing him to be at a loss.

He opened his eyes and looked at Mo Yu beside him.

His brows, which were already slightly raised, were now furrowed even deeper.

“This… Could it be the legendary place where all the spirits that have died will come to the world of the dead? “I never thought that there would really be such a place.

“It’s a pity that I, Samuel, have followed Lord Tiger God and fought countless battles throughout my life.

I’ve killed countless humans, but now, I’ve actually fallen in the gutter.

Dying in that tiny Jianghai city, how ironic.

” At that moment, the air was somewhat quiet, filled with an awkward atmosphere.

Mo Yu hurriedly whispered, “Lord Samuel, you’re not dead yet.

This isn’t the world of the undead, this is the core of the spirit-gathering array in Jianghai city.

” Samuel’s expression suddenly turned cold.

“B*stard, Mo Yu, do you think that you can fool me just because you’re dead? If you dare to talk nonsense again, I’ll beat you until your soul is scattered.

” As soon as he finished speaking, his aura started to explode.

At that moment, Norfis coughed lightly.

“Enough, stop dreaming.

You’re not dead, and this is indeed not the world of the undead.

” Samuel was stunned and looked at Norfis.

Suddenly, his expression froze.

“Why do I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before? “Wait a minute…” His body suddenly froze, and he immediately cried out in surprise, “Aren’t you the senior Norfis? Why are you here? No, your aura shouldn’t be so weak.

Your strength is definitely stronger than mine.

“And your current aura is only at the Xiantian seventh grade.

“Are you the clone of Senior Norfis?” Samuel was shocked.

When Mo Yu said that it was not the world of the undead, he did not believe it at all.

In the end, he did not expect to see Norfis’ clone there out of the blue.

There was nothing to argue about.

That was because Norfis was at least a peak Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts expert.

He was on the same level as the Tiger God.

Although he wasn’t as powerful as the Tiger God, he wasn’t an ordinary small fry.

At least, he could not deal with him personally.

However, even his clone was imprisoned in that place.

That place definitely was not some netherworld.

Even so… What exactly was going on? His brain was already somewhat unable to process it.

Why were there so many star beasts imprisoned there? He had looked through all of them just now.

The weakest star beast there was at Xiantian seventh grade.

Although they were nothing in his eyes, in fact, they could be considered martial arts experts.

How could they all be locked up in that place? They just said that it was the core of the spirit-gathering array in Jianghai city.

Nevertheless, why were there so many star beasts in the core of the spirit-gathering array? They seemed to have seen the doubt in his eyes.

Iron Bull could not help but explain, “Senior Samuel, this is indeed the core of the spirit-gathering array in Jianghai city, but in fact, this is also the human named Ye Xiao’s farm.

He’s the human who defeated you.

” “Farm?” Samuel’s eyes were even more confused.

Susan, who was working hard to make honey, grumbled, “We’re just livestock to him.

Those who have meat will be cut, those who have eggs will lay eggs, those without meat or eggs will dig out of their shells, or those who have no eggs will brew honey, such as myself.

“For someone like you who is a member of the Haidong Green clan, I estimate that you will probably be plucked.

You’ll have to pluck a few hairs every day.

“Of course, if you can lay eggs, then congratulations! The pain you will suffer will be minimal.

You only need to lay one egg every day.

“But you are a male, so it should be impossible for you to lay eggs.

Then you’d better pray that your meat is not very delicious.

“That way, he will only pluck your hair, and not eat your meat.

” Samuel’s pupils constricted, and then he became completely furious.

“What did you say? “That b*stard! He actually wants to eat my flesh, drink my blood, and pluck my fur? “Who does he think he is? “This general is one of the three great generals under the Tiger God.

He is just a lowly human, how dare he treat this general like this?” Susan glanced at him.

“I advise you to keep your mouth clean.

Because if you talk nonsense, you might suffer a lot later.

Since you’ve come here, you’d better obediently be your poultry.

” “Shut up!” Samuel immediately shouted, extremely furious.

“This general isn’t like you bunch of cowards.

This general is one of the three great generals under the Tiger God, and my reputation is illustrious.

How can I be a mere human’s poultry? “Don’t put this general together with you.

“Even if this general dies here and is tortured by him a thousand times, ten thousand times, it will never be possible for me to be his poultry.

“All of you are the humiliation of my star beast race.

” Just as his voice fell, Ye Xiao had already put his hands in his pockets and descended into the seal.

Seeing his arrival, all the other star beasts tactfully retreated to the side of the wall to make room for Ye Xiao.

They had experienced too much and had already become used to it.

When they met Ye Xiao, hiding in a corner was the safest.

Samuel had obviously noticed Ye Xiao as well.

He turned around and smiled coldly.

“Human, you’re finally here.

I didn’t expect you to have such wishful thinking, wanting this general to become your poultry! “I advise you to not waste your energy.

This general would rather die than submit!” Boom! His voice had just sounded when Ye Xiao’s fist landed on his chest.

Great Nirvana Fist! At such a close distance, Samuel had no way of dodging.

Ye Xiao’s fist landed on the wall, causing a large part of his chest to collapse and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, he still laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha… How satisfying!” Ye Xiao snorted lightly and was still stubborn.

However, he was not afraid.

He had all the means to deal with his opponent.

No matter how powerful he was, he was just a bird.

Boom! In the blink of an eye, he threw another punch.

Following that was a second punch, a third punch, a fourth punch… Fist marks were already left on Samuel’s chest by Ye Xiao.

Even his main body was punched out by Ye Xiao.

Fresh blood dyed his feathers red, but he was still unwilling to surrender.

His mouth was still laughing non-stop, he continued to mock Ye Xiao.

“Hahahaha… Again! Don’t tell me that your fist only has this little strength?” After beating for a moment, Ye Xiao withdrew his fist.

He could already see that this move did not have much effect on the other party.

Since that was the case, then he would just have to give him another move to play with.

The wisdom of humans was infinite.

Otherwise, they would not be called the spiritual elders of all living things.

No matter how stubborn the star beasts were, they still had flaws.

They were not gods.

As long as they found that flaw, everything would be much easier.

Ye Xiao walked in front of him and sized him up.

Samuel stubbornly spat at Ye Xiao, but he was blocked outside by Ye Xiao’s protective energy barrier.

It bounced back and landed on Samuel’s feathers.

Ye Xiao clearly saw Samuel’s body tremble slightly.

A hint of panic and disgust flashed in his eyes, but he quickly returned to his normal expression.

That scene made the corner of Ye Xiao’s mouth rise slightly.

‘I’ve found your weakness.