Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 191

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Desperate Survival Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Okay! I’ll open the array immediately.

” Mo Yu threw out a wheel and infused it with spiritual energy.

In the next second, the wheel turned into a golden circle of light in the sky.

  It was unknown where the circle of light led to, but some soul-stirring roars could be vaguely heard behind the circle of light.

Only despair was left on Qin Yuyan’s face.

Although she had never seen a teleportation array, she had heard of the power of one.

It was the power that could control the laws of space and time, as well as teleport a warrior to a long distance in an instant.

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COM Each state only had one or two teleportation arrays.

Even if the nine provinces had the most, it would not exceed two hands.

That kind of array would not be activated at any other time except for teleporting a large number of warriors to reinforce the space battlefield.

One could imagine how precious it was and how powerful it was.

  If she passed through that teleportation array, there was a 99 percent chance that she would never be able to return to the human world.

According to those star beasts, it was very likely that they would sacrifice her to a stronger beast clan martial arts expert.

If they really let the other party devour her emperor’s bloodline, it was very likely that they would create an unbeatable star beast martial arts expert! That would definitely be a disaster for humanity.

She could not let that happen! Absolutely not! Although she was very weak now and was just an ant, she still had the ability to do something for the nine provinces and humanity.

  Taking advantage of the fact that the two star beasts were opening the teleportation array and did not take notice of her, Qin Yuyan suddenly erupted with spiritual energy and condensed it in her palm.

Her hand turned into a knife and pierced through the star beast’s heart.

Splat! The star beast, Susan, who was carrying her, realized what had happened and her expression changed drastically.

“B*stard! You actually want to commit suicide!” She immediately pulled out Qin Yuyan’s hand.

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COM “Mo Yu, quickly use the healing technique.

We absolutely cannot let this human girl die.

Without the blessing of the fate of the human race, a dead emperor’s bloodline is worthless.

” Mo Yu immediately retreated and prepared to use the healing technique on Qin Yuyan.

It was at that moment that her gaze suddenly caught sight of a streak of light rapidly rising from below.

She could not help but feel her hair stand on end.

  “What speed! A human martial arts expert is catching up!” Susan’s expression turned cold.

“Did Iron Bull fail? The human race is quite stubborn.

However, even if he came, he would still die!” She threw Qin Yuyan to Mo Yu to heal and used all her strength to execute her cultivation technique.

Hundreds and thousands of sword lights instantly formed around her, lighting up the entire night sky.

“Imperial Sword Art! Kill!” After a command, the thousands of sword lights behind her slashed down at the same time.

With unstoppable momentum, they charged straight at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was unflustered.

With a thought, he circulated the Heaven-cleaving Sword and a sword light that was hundreds of thousands of feet long shot straight into the sky.

In an instant, it collided with the Imperial Sword Art.

Boom, Boom, Boom… The flames from the explosion filled the sky, making the sky in the dark night even brighter.

The flames from the explosion were mixed with smoke and dust.

Lightning would occasionally flash through them.

It seemed to have formed a huge thundercloud with a diameter of tens of thousands of feet.

As for Susan’s Imperial Sword Art, it was still falling unceasingly.

As long as Ye Xiao barged into it, he would definitely be bombarded by the sword light.

Even if he did not die, he would still be heavily injured.

The corners of Susan’s mouth curled up slightly as if she was proud of her own strength.

However, before she had the time to be happy, she heard the shriek of her companion, Mo Yu.

“Susan, behind you!”   All the hair on Susan’s body stood on end.

When did he get behind her? Her movement technique was already sufficiently monstrous.

Among the martial arts experts under the Tiger God, she was enough to rank in the top few.

There were very few people who could be her opponent.

Now, she actually met an existence that could surpass her in an instant in the human race? She simply was unable to believe it.

However, she did not dare to delay the slightest bit.

She immediately gathered all the strength in her body and activated her movement technique, attempting to escape from the spot in order to avoid Ye Xiao’s attack.

However, just as she was about to move, an extremely strong and highly compressed force instantly pierced through her chest.

Susan could even see the fresh blood spurting out of her chest, scattering in the air like a flower.

Infinite Calamity Finger! That move was nearly indestructible! It had a highly concentrated spiritual energy that erupted in an instant.

Its speed was fast, and its lethality was unparalleled! Compared to Ye Xiao’s other moves, it was practically like a handgun.

At close range, no one of the same level could dodge it.

The Infinite Calamity Finger shot out, and Susan’s body was pierced on the spot.

Even her spine was pierced, and she no longer had the ability to resist.

However, the first time he used the Infinite Calamity Finger, Ye Xiao was clearly slightly addicted, and he added six more fingers! A man was a youth until he died! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Two fingers broke her shoulders, two fingers broke her legs, one finger broke her neck, and the last finger pierced through her head! After six fingers, Susan’s entire body went limp.

The entire process took less than a second.

Instant kill! A complete and unquestionable instant kill.

Ye Xiao directly put her into his spatial storage ring, and his gaze landed on the last figure, Mo Yu.

Mo Yu shuddered, turned around, and ran! It was too terrifying.

The strength of that human had completely exceeded her imagination.

His heaven-defying means made her shudder.

It was impossible for her to defeat him, even if there was a sliver of hope.

However, she still had a sliver of hope to escape.

Teleportation array! As long as she could escape to the teleportation array, she would be safe.

Although the other party’s speed was fast enough, she was very close to the teleportation array! In a flash, she arrived in front of the array.

That was it, she had escaped! She could not help but be so excited that she wanted to cry.

As a divine-level star beast, she had killed countless humans and star beasts over the years.

Her hands were already covered in blood.

However, only today, when the threat of death fell on her, did she realize how wonderful it was to be alive! However, at that moment, a golden saber ray that was emitting electric sparks in the air suddenly cut through her waist like a blade cutting cabbage, directly splitting her into two.

Mo Yu’s pupils suddenly enlarged, and a suffocating feeling of death filled her heart.

Was she going to die? Was she going to die in the human world? No! She could not die! It was not easy for her to cultivate to Xiantian eighth grade, and she had climbed up step by step with great difficulty.

If she were to die here, she would definitely not be willing.

Using her last bit of strength and borrowing the impact of Ye Xiao’s saber ray, she finally flew into the teleportation array with all her might.

She succeeded! She finally stepped into the teleportation array.

That way, the array would quickly close.

That human definitely would not dare to barge in without permission.

Moreover, in a few seconds, she would be teleported back to the starry skies, the star beast clan’s camp.

She seemed to have smelled the mesmerizing fragrance of the grass in the star beast camp.

She had also brought back the recently awakened emperor’s bloodline holder of the human race.

As long as she could return to Lord Tiger God’s side, he would definitely repair her body.

Perhaps he would even reward her greatly.

She had just escaped from the grasp of death.

At that moment, she began to fantasize about her next contribution.

A sense of happiness that went straight from Hell to Heaven suddenly surged into her heart.

However, at that moment, something unexpected happened again.

Suddenly, a violent explosion came from behind her.

Boom! After the violent explosion, there was a strong shock wave.

The wild wind blew her short hair, and she could not help but turn her head around in a daze.

Her pupils suddenly enlarged, and her eyeballs widened to the extreme.

What did she see? That human was holding a dragon-patterned weapon.

She did not know if it was a saber or a sword, but he slashed out one slash after another, causing the entrance of the teleportation array that was about to close up to become extremely chaotic.

In a short while, it was actually struggling to close up as fast as before.

Was that guy crazy? D*mn it.

If that continued, with his speed, he would definitely catch up to her.

‘No, I can’t carry this emperor’s bloodline holder anymore.

‘If this goes on, I’ll die.

’ Mo Yu did not dare to delay and immediately threw the unconscious Qin Yuyan to Ye Xiao.

However, after Ye Xiao received Qin Yuyan, he did not immediately exit the teleportation array.

Instead, he continued to run toward her.

At that moment, Mo Yu was dumbfounded.

What was going on? ‘I’ve already let go of your emperor’s bloodline human.

Why are you still chasing me?’ Feeling the oppressive feeling of death emanating from Ye Xiao’s body, Mo Yu was scared out of her wits.

“Lord Tiger God, save me!” She let out a shrill cry.

In the next second, her chest was pierced through by Ye Xiao, suppressing all the spiritual energy in her body.

Then, he forcefully stored it into his spatial ring.

It was over! She was done for! At the last moment when she fell unconscious, she could not help but shed two lines of tears of despair.

Why, why did he come here? Why had she not left a little earlier in the beginning? If she had left a second earlier, she would not have died here.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in that world.

Forget it, life willed it to happen that way.

‘I wish that in my next life, I will never meet this human monster again.

’ In the teleportation array, after Ye Xiao captured the last star beast, Mo Yu, he immediately carried Qin Yuyan and retreated.

The entrance of the array was about to close, and Ye Xiao used the Divine Intent technique to its maximum! Seeing that the entrance was about to close, Ye Xiao held Qin Yuyan with one hand and held the Great Dragon with his right hand tightly, slashing three times in a row.

Boom, Boom, Boom… The powerful sword intent slashed at the entrance of the teleportation array rapidly, delaying the time by another half a second.

Finally, in the last 0.

01 second, before the teleportation array closed, he flew out of the teleportation array.

Ye Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it was a close call.

However, at that moment, the starry sky suddenly began to twist.

The teleportation array that had already been closed was actually opened once again! Ye Xiao’s pupils constricted.

That was not opened by the method of opening the teleportation array, but by using strength to blast it open! Was it that Mo Yu’s final cry that attracted the star beast martial arts expert’s attack?