Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 187

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Infinite Calamity Finger! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “A few days ago, another person with the emperor’s bloodline appeared in the human race.

This should be the place, right?” “The beast calamity is imminent.

We can’t allow this Emperor’s bloodline holder to appear.

The one with the emperor’s bloodline is filled with too many variables.

After she cultivates for four years, who knows how strong she will be? “If she becomes a King realm martial arts expert, then it will be a big problem for our meticulously prepared plan.

” “What’s there to be afraid of? Today, the three of us are all Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts.

If we come to capture her, it will definitely be a piece of cake.


“As long as we bring her back to the starry sky and let Lord Tiger God devour her, not only will she not become the savior of mankind, she will also become a disaster for mankind and help Lord Tiger God make a further advancement.

” “Be careful.

The human race might arrange some divine grandmasters to protect her.


“Furthermore, they will definitely seal her aura.

Before we find her, we must hide our auras well.

We must not let the humans discover us so as to avoid alerting the enemy.

“After finding her, immediately bring her back to the star beast line.

Don’t allow any delay.

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COM “Yes!” … On Ye Xiao’s side, he immediately returned home after finishing his dinner.

At that moment, the Immeasurable Calamity Finger had already been completely cultivated.

He could begin the synthesis.

Seeing that he had returned, Huan Liuli immediately went forward to welcome him.

“Master, welcome back.

The star beast feast for today has already begun.

How do you plan to eat tonight?” “It’s better to do as usual.

Just make a meat platter.

” “Alright, understood.

” After following him for so long, Huan Liuli was becoming more and more useful.

In the past, Ye Xiao was the one who personally cooked.

Recently, Huan Liuli had already accepted that mission and became the head chef in the family.

That reduced a large portion of Ye Xiao’s time wasted.

Furthermore, it was something that Huan Liuli requested to do on her own accord.

Ye Xiao did not force her, so she volunteered herself.

Other than that, there were many other changes.

Mopping the floor, washing clothes, and doing other household chores for example.

In the past, Huan Liuli had also dealt with those things.

However, if he had not watched her do it, she might have soaked his stockings in water and then directly placed them on the rope to dry.

Of course, Huan Liuli’s clothes did not stink, neither did her stockings.

A Phantom Cat like her did not seem to have a body that would get dirty.

It always carried a faint fragrance, it was probably to help her display her spirit-type cultivation.

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COM If she did not wash properly, it would be very uncomfortable for a person like Ye Xiao who had a slight obsession with cleanliness.

At the moment, she was much better.

However, Ye Xiao did not understand why she would suddenly change her personality in such a short period of time.

In fact, what Ye Xiao did not know was that Huan Liuli herself did not want to be like that.

Cats themselves actually hated water very much and hated humidity.

Until she saw… The Great Dragon.

A very handsome saber! Moreover, it was a very spiritual saber.

That made Huan Liuli feel threatened.

She felt that her position as Ye Xiao’s chief attendant was somewhat in danger.

She had said that she would be Ye Xiao’s slave for 1,500 years.

If the Great Dragon snatched away Ye Xiao’s love, would she be chased out by Ye Xiao? Perhaps she would even be reduced to the fate of the other star beasts, being forced to cut off their flesh every day? Therefore, for the sake of her position as the head attendant, Huan Liuli was very hardworking now.

It was as if she had become a housecat.


Even though she did not recognize herself anymore.

However, she felt that it was far from enough.

That was because she had recently discovered that the Great Dragon was often together with her master.

Sometimes, he would even directly merge into her master’s palm.

Therefore, she decided to work even harder to serve Ye Xiao and pull her master’s heart back.

She wanted to let him know that she was the best star pet in the family! She had recently learned a term called the inner scroll.

As long as the inner scroll was successful, her position would be preserved.

Before completely preserving her position as the head attendant, Huan Liuli could completely serve her master 24 hours a day.

‘Speaking of which, how should I get closer to Master? Should I sleep together with Master every day? After all, Great Dragon sleeps beside Master every day.

If I’m not around, he would secretly whisper to Master.

He would inevitably say bad things about me!’ While Huan Liuli was cooking, she began to think about that matter.

On the other side, Ye Xiao, who had returned to his room, looked at the pages that were full of golden light.

He was in a great mood and controlled the Golden Book to directly select the synthesis.

Very soon, the Golden Book synthesized a brand new imperial level cultivation technique, Infinite Calamity Finger! Ye Xiao could not help but ridicule it again.

The Golden Book was really useless at naming.

Now, he did not even have to think about the name himself.

He directly followed the Immeasurable Calamity Finger and changed a word to become the name of the new cultivation technique.

However, it sounded pretty good.

It seemed pretty cool.

At the very least, it was much better than when he was naming his weapon.

Then, he began to urge the Golden Book divine soul to cultivate the Infinite Calamity Finger.

On the other hand, he began to study the characteristics of the Infinite Calamity Finger.

Compared to other cultivation techniques, finger techniques might be more lethal.

That was because if the same amount of spiritual energy was used in a fist or palm technique, it might become a large-scale lethal move.

Using finger techniques, one could condense a large-scale lethal move onto a single point.

As the force of the attack was reduced, its lethality would become stronger.

In short, fist techniques and palm techniques could be called large-scale lethal attacks.

Finger techniques were the best way to kill in a one-on-one duel.

From that point of view, every technique was useful.

It did not mean that one did not need to learn other techniques after learning fist techniques and palm techniques.

Finger techniques were single-target lethal attacks.

Claw techniques could easily lock down the movements of others.

It was also a very useful skill in battle.

Leg techniques were also very strong.

It was probably equivalent to the type of single-target enhanced attacks.

In any case, there was nothing wrong with learning more.

Having more skills would not burden one’s body.

After a few hours, the sound of Huan Liuli calling for him to eat came from below.

“Master, it’s time to eat!” That somewhat coquettish voice made Ye Xiao involuntarily have goosebumps all over his body.

He frowned slightly and walked down the stairs.

The Great Dragon immediately followed.

At the moment, when it was outside the weapon, it was attached to Ye Xiao’s palm.

When it was at home or when there were no outsiders, it would reveal its true form.

That was also what Ye Xiao promised.

He would give it a certain degree of freedom.

It had already been sealed for quite a number of years and was about to go crazy from holding it in.

If it was sealed every day, it would probably have a mental breakdown.

After Ye Xiao brought Great Dragon down, Huan Liuli glanced at Great Dragon and could not help but curse in her heart.

‘Lackey! Why are you following him so closely every day? Aren’t you just trying to snatch Master’s favor from me? ‘Hmph, I will not lose.

Just now, I especially went to buy high school girl uniforms and Balenciaga… Hehehe.

’ As she had advanced consecutively, she was already at Xiantian sixth grade.

Hence, after transforming into human form, her height had already reached over 5’2 in height.

She was no different from a human adult female, and she was very good-looking.

Coupled with things that men like JK and the Balenciaga could not resist, she could easily make the Great Dragon retreat.

There was no other way.

After all, no matter how much the Great Dragon could please its master, it was ultimately just a weapon.

Moreover, it could not even tell if it was a saber or a sword.

After waiting for Ye Xiao to come down, Huan Liuli immediately pulled out a chair for him.

Then, she brought the bowl and chopsticks to Ye Xiao with both hands.

“Master, please have your meal.

” “… What’s wrong with you recently? It’s been almost half a month.

You’re becoming less and less like the past you.

” Huan Liuli pretended to be coquettish and shy as she said, “Oh, Master, I’m just all grown up now.

Don’t you like me better like this?” “Urgh!” Ye Xiao felt a little nauseous.

He really could not stand that silly cat’s pretentious expression.

She was very much like the wh*res on television.

“If you have anything to say, just say it.

There’s no need to beat around the bush here.

” Huan Liuli felt a little wronged.

“Master, don’t be angry! I only saw you going to work with Great Dragon every day, bathing together, and sleeping together.

You almost forgot about me.

” “Oh!” Ye Xiao finally understood what was going on.

He knew it.

He was wondering why Huan Liuli had been acting so weird toward him those past few days.

He had even suspected that she was sick previously.

Only now did he understand that the silly cat was in heat! After taking a deep breath, he patted Huan Liuli’s little head and consoled her, “It’s my fault for making you suffer.

” “Master!” Huan Liuli’s eyes turned slightly red.

“You finally understand what’s going on.

Then tonight, can we also…” Ye Xiao nodded with a serious expression.

“Of course we can.

Tonight, you can hug Great Dragon to sleep.

” “…” Ye Xiao had thought through it very clearly.

He was a human, and Huan Liuli had always been depressed that he had turned her into a slave.

It was definitely impossible for her to like him! There was only him, Huan Liuli, and the Great Dragon in that family.

Then, other than him, Huan Liuli could only like Great Dragon, right? For so many days, Great Dragon had been following him closely so Huan Liuli would definitely be jealous.

That was why she acted that way to appease him in exchange for him to help her and Great Dragon.

After all, he was a very understanding and righteous master! He would definitely not forbid them from being together just because they were his star pet and his weapon.

Even if he had transmigrated, the liberalization of love should be universal.

Let them have a love that transcends their race.

“Great Dragon, from tonight onward, you will sleep with Huan Liuli.

Although you have been refined into a weapon, your soul is a male dragon.


You have to take good care of Huan Liuli.