Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 179

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 179

Chapter 179: The Best Way to Solve a Problem Is to Nip It at the SourceIn the dark village, a beastman holding an alloy steel knife came in front of a mother and daughter.

Its bloodthirsty eyes were particularly red in the darkness.

Without any unnecessary words, it raised the steel knife in its hand and directly chopped at the mother’s head.

The mother and daughter were instantly in extreme despair.

They hugged each other and closed their eyes tightly, not daring to look at the other party’s ferocious face.

“Who… Who can save us?” Just as their wish was formed, a violent explosion suddenly sounded beside their ears.

Boom! Following that was the sound of a steel blade falling to the ground.

The mother and daughter pair slowly opened their eyes with doubt.

They only saw the beastman’s body.

Due to some unknown reason, it had already exploded into a bloody mist.

The mother and daughter were at a loss.

In the next second, a ball of bright light bloomed in the sky.

That light was filled with holiness, like divine light.

All the villagers who were illuminated by it began to revive.

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COM In the blink of an eye, the entire mountain village was as good as new.

It was as if what had happened just now was just a dream.

However, the steel blades and fresh blood on the ground showed that what had happened just now was not a dream.

“A miracle! This is really a miracle!” “The heavens must have heard our cries and come to save us.

” The one who saved them was not the heavens.

It was the Mending the Heavens technique that Ye Xiao had used.

However, at that moment, Ye Xiao had already left that village.

He was not worried that he would kill all the beastmen.

That was because before killing them, the Bog Dipper’s Grand Mystery had already directly read their memories.

Originally, Ye Xiao knew that the Beast God Alliance would definitely not be easy to find, so he did not want to expend any effort to find them.

Then, he would wait for the Beast God Alliance to come knocking on his door, head to Jianghai city, and annihilate them in one fell swoop.

At that point, since he had encountered them, there was no need to wait any longer.

The best way to solve the problem was to nip it at the source.

Moreover, Ye Xiao really did not want these dirty fellows to continue living in that world.

… Nanshan city was the largest city in the vicinity, and it was also a city that belonged to a small mountain village.

At that moment, although it was already late at night, the phone of the governor’s residence suddenly rang.

“Hello!” “Governor Wang, ten minutes ago, a small mountain village was attacked by beastmen.

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COM “What’s the situation? How are the villagers?” “I don’t know the specific situation.

The beastmen seemed to have discussed it beforehand.

They cut off their phone lines and even prevented the signal jammer, making the small mountain village unable to seek help from the outside world.

“However, luckily, they were saved again and all the star beasts were killed.

“Based on my initial guess, there should be a martial arts expert who passed by and saved everyone.

” A dark look flashed across the governor’s eyes and disappeared in an instant.

“It’s good that everyone is fine.

Send a garrison team over to take a look.

Also, send some healers to the hospital to see if any villagers are injured.

” “Yes.

” After hanging up the phone, his expression instantly turned extremely cold.

In the darkness, his eyes even had a slight red glow, as if he was a malicious ghost.

“D*mn it, who ruined my plan?” Just as he finished speaking, an unfamiliar voice sounded in his ear.

“As the governor, colluding with the beastmen and harming your own people, doesn’t your conscience hurt?” “Who is it?” The governor spat out these two words coldly, and the spiritual energy in his body was instantly mobilized.

He arched his body like a vigilant cat, ready to rush out to hunt for prey at any moment.

At the same time, he took out the alloy dagger placed by the bed with his right hand.

A moment later, a young figure walked out from the darkness.

Under the moonlight, the governor could see the other party’s face clearly.

It was a very handsome young man.

However, he did not dare to relax even a little because of the other party’s appearance.

The other party was able to avoid all the members of the garrison and come to his room.

That kind of strength was definitely not an ordinary person.

“Who exactly are you? Why are you looking for me?” The person who came was none other than Ye Xiao.

“You know better than anyone why I’m looking for you.

” “I don’t…” The other party still wanted to quibble, but Ye Xiao’s mind moved slightly, and his finger suddenly fractured.

“Ah!” The intense pain made him scream in a low voice.

The expression on his pained face began to distort, and the dagger in his hand fell to the ground powerlessly.

“Were you the one that intervened in that small mountain village?” He could not help but roar, but Ye Xiao ignored him and directly used the Bog Dipper’s Grand Mystery to invade his consciousness.

His cultivation was only at Houtian ninth grade, not even a grandmaster.

He was completely unable to resist Ye Xiao’s spiritual energy.

Feeling that his consciousness was out of his control and was invaded by Ye Xiao’s spiritual energy, his eyes suddenly began to panic.

He was not only a martial arts expert but also a spiritual energy expert.

His methods were far beyond his imagination.

D*mn it, he was in a tough situation.

As for Ye Xiao, after scanning his memories, his expression became even colder.

It turned out that the governor’s aptitude was very poor, but he was unwilling to just be an ordinary person.

In order to advance to the Xiantian realm, he had long been secretly making deals with the Beast God Alliance.

He worked for the Beast God Alliance, and the Beast God Alliance provided resources to help him raise his cultivation.

That small mountain village was actually not the first time.

It was also not the first time he did such a thing.

Sensing that Ye Xiao’s killing intent was continuously spreading, he was a little frightened and hurriedly said, “Senior, I know that I was wrong.

I was only muddle-headed for a moment, so I made a deal with the Beast God Alliance.

I will never make a deal with them again in the future.

“Moreover, I still have some medicinal pills and precious ingredients that I’m willing to offer to you.

I hope that you can be magnanimous and let me off.

” Ye Xiao’s expression was ice-cold as he said, “Have you ever let off those humans who were betrayed by you?” “Senior, I…” That time, Ye Xiao did not let him finish speaking and instantly used the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery to shatter his spiritual energy.

Ye Xiao had already found the location of the Beast God Alliance in his memories, so he no longer needed to live.

However, Ye Xiao did not completely shatter his spiritual energy into powder.

He only shattered it into pieces.

That way, once he left, he would send a spiritual cultivator down to investigate.

Then, they would be able to clearly understand those dirty matters of his.

However, Ye Xiao also deleted all of his memories about himself.

That way, tose spiritual cultivators would not find him.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao took the other party’s storage ring, turned around, and left.

The moonlight had yet to set, and he had already arrived in the west.

It was already close to dawn, the darkest moment in the world.

Ye Xiao used the Divine Intent technique and arrived in front of a river outside Nanshan city.

With a thought, he used the Earth-burrowing Technique, and his body immediately sank into the ground.

Deep underground, there was a huge lava cave.

That place was gloomy and damp, as well as dense with phosphorescence that lit up the entire cave.

With the faint phosphorescence, one could vaguely see that the ground was covered in dense white bones.

Those white bones were of star beasts and humans.

When Ye Xiao arrived in that karst cave, although he had already anticipated the scene, when he saw it personally, his eyes could not help but reveal a hint of anger.

However, he had just appeared when waves of strange laughter started to spread out from within the cave.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… It’s a human.

I’ve already smelled the fragrance of a human.

” “It’s really a human! There’s actually a human who doesn’t know death and has come here.

He’s mine now.

” “He’s mine!” Two voices shrieked as they competed with each other and arrived in front of Ye Xiao at the fastest speed possible.

Ye Xiao did not move at all.

A saber light flashed, and the heads of the two beastmen, who were almost completely close to the star beast transformation, flew up on the spot.

After that, Ye Xiao continued to step inside.

… In the depths of the karst cave, a woman in her thirties was lying on a cold jade bed, enjoying a man in his forties massaging her calves.

A subordinate brought her a bowl of warm blood from the back.

“Alliance leader, this is fresh.

” The woman took the blood and drank a mouthful.

Her eyes were red.

Her face, which originally looked like she was in her thirties, had become younger.

Her skin was crystal clear, like beautiful jade, her skin was even better than that of a young girl in her twenties.

“Left protector went out to investigate the matter of the Beast God sect.

Why hasn’t he returned after such a long time?” The middle-aged man who was massaging immediately said, “Alliance leader, Protector Yan is about to advance.

He wants to find a Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster star beast to help him advance.

“Maybe he hasn’t found it yet? “After all, a Xiantian seventh-grade star beast isn’t that easy to find.

” The alliance leader snorted.

“He’s right.

After advancing to the eighth grade, he’ll be able to sit on the same level as me.

He won’t have to listen to my orders anymore.

“You stinky men are all greedy and insatiable.

You’ll never be satisfied.

” The middle-aged man immediately lowered his head and said, “Alliance Leader, don’t worry.

I’m absolutely loyal to you.

I won’t be like Protector Yan, always thinking about advancing and being on the same level as you.

” “That’s right.

” The alliance leader tugged at his ear.

“You, right protector are more obedient.

Tonight, I’ll take good care of you.

” “Thank you, Alliance Leader.

” As soon as he finished speaking, a loud explosion sounded and the door of the cave was shattered into pieces.

Rolling stones mixed with the bodies of several beastmen rolled in.

That caused the expressions of the two people inside to suddenly turn cold.

“Who is it? What audacity!” As she finished speaking, Ye Xiao took a step forward and calmly walked in.

The moment she saw Ye Xiao, the alliance leader’s eyes could not help but light up.

Her eyes were filled with thick greed.

“What a handsome man.

I didn’t expect that you would actually be able to find this place.

” Ye Xiao swept a glance at the two of them.

One was a Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster while the other was a Xiantian eighth-grade divine grandmaster.

It seemed like he was in the right place.

“I’ve found you guys.