Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 154

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 154

Chapter 154: The Human Heart Is Sinister, so It’s Best to Be on Guard “Cough, cough, then, of course, it’s not mine.

I don’t have that kind of strange hobby of selling my clothes or socks.

” Ye Xiao already had a bad premonition.

Indeed, if Huan Liuli was selling the ones she did not want, even if she wore ten pairs a day, how many could there be? It was not such things could be mass-produced.

However, Huan Liuli still earned so much money, so there must be a hidden reason behind it.

“Where did you get it from?” Huan Liuli gave a sly smile and whispered into Ye Xiao’s ear, “Trade secret.

But there’s no harm in telling master.

Actually, it’s just…” Snap.

After hearing what Huan Liuli said, Ye Xiao’s worldview was in a mess.

The spicy fried skewers in his hands were all thrown to the ground.

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COM Huan Liuli’s face was filled with heartache.

“Master, why did you throw away all the skewers? It’s such a waste.

” “Don’t talk.

I want to throw up.

” … Time passed very quickly and the night arrived.

After being enlightened by Huan Liuli for a very long time and finally swearing that he would not do such dirty things in the future, Ye Xiao finally calmed down a little and did not feel so bad.

“Master, should we eat some more? We only ate a little bit of the fried skewers just now, but you threw them away.

” “You eat by yourself.

I don’t have much of an appetite.

” Ye Xiao found a bench in the park and sat down.

He took out a bottle of water from his storage ring to moisten his throat and then began to perform the disguise technique.

It was a foreign land after all, not Jianghai city.

In a place like the nine provinces where there were many capable people, it was best not to expose one’s identity if possible.

He had seen it from some information before.

There were some top-tier martial arts experts in the nine provinces, and some of them were even not weaker than peak divine sects.

In the World Dragon list, Liu Chengxun and Murakami Beichuan only occupied 49th and 50th place.

In the entire nine provinces, there were a total of 17 people who occupied the Dragon and Phoenix list.

Most of them were still in the top few places on the Dragon-phoenix ranking.

The Azure Dragon, the Sword Emperor ranked first on the World Dragon ranking.

Vermilion Bird, the Fire Saber ranked first on the World Phoenix ranking.

White Tiger, the Lightning ranked third on the World Phoenix Ranking.

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COM Black Tortoise, the Diamond ranked third on the World Dragon ranking.

The Saber God, Li Liushui ranked ninth slightly below.

Sword Saint Lu Qingshan ranked tenth on the World Dragon ranking.

… In addition, there were also a few people in the 10th to 20th, 20th to 30th sections.

It was said that in the past, there were even more such martial arts experts, as numerous as the hairs on an ox, to the extent that they could even look down on other countries! With such a powerful martial arts culture, it was no wonder that the other states would target them! Because they were too powerful, the kind that could ride on the back of a horse.

He had already made the other states feel a fatal threat.

It was not that the nine provinces were at fault, but that people’s hearts were sinister.

If you were too dazzling, it was inevitable that you would attract covetous eyes.

It was the same for him now.

In that world where the average person was a few decades older and was close to 100 years old, he could only cultivate to the divine sect.

A divine sect in his early twenties, who could guarantee that others would not have any thoughts? Usually, he did not have to worry about meeting any martial arts experts in a small place in Jianghai city.

However, after he came out, he naturally had to be careful.

After Ye Xiao finished performing the disguise technique, he suddenly realized that there was a three-year-old little girl standing in front of him.

Her eyes were wide open as she looked at Ye Xiao in surprise.

“Wow! Uncle, you’re so amazing.

Your face can actually turn into another person!” “…” “Uncle, can you still turn into another person?” Ye Xiao patted the little girl’s head.

“You saw wrong.

” “But I clearly saw uncle turn into another person just now.

” Ye Xiao pondered for a moment before taking out candy from his storage ring and handing it to the little girl.

“Hey, just pretend like you didn’t see anything, okay? You can’t tell anyone about this.

” The little girl immediately nodded her head in excitement after receiving the candy.


” “Then let’s pinky swear and hang ourselves for a hundred years.

Don’t break the promise.

” The little girl hooked her finger with Ye Xiao very seriously, as if they had made an amazing contract.

“Where’s your mother? Why are you alone?” “Mommy went to the washroom.

” Just as she finished speaking, in the bathroom far away, a young woman with a very good figure walked out in a panic and shouted, “Xiao Yi, where did you run off to?” “Mommy, I’m here.

” The little girl waved her small hands.

Very soon, the young woman walked over.

She glanced at Ye Xiao, then looked at the candy in her daughter’s hand and immediately said, “Xiao Yi, did you take something from someone else again?” Following that, she apologized to Ye Xiao while asking for candy from her daughter.

“Sir, I’m very sorry.

My daughter isn’t very sensible.

Xiao Yi, quickly return the candy to uncle.

” Xiao Yi placed her little hand behind her back and avoided her mother’s hand.

“No, this is something uncle gave me.

” Ye Xiao smiled and said, “I did indeed give it to her.

” Only then did Xiao Yi’s mother stop what she was doing and turn around to thank Ye Xiao.

“Thank you for giving my daughter Candy.

” “You’re welcome.

She’s very cute.

” Xiao Yi’s mother smiled and rubbed her daughter’s little head.

“Xiao Yi, did you thank uncle?” Xiao Yi immediately nodded in a childish voice and said, “Thank you, Uncle.

” “You’re welcome.

” At that moment, Huan Liuli leisurely ran back with a string of sausages in her mouth.

When Xiao Yi saw it, his big eyes were wide open.

“Wow! What a cute cat.

Uncle, is this your cat? Can I pet it?” Ye Xiao looked at Huan Liuli and nodded.

Xiao Yi immediately hugged Huan Liuli and was pleasantly surprised.

“Mommy, the cat is so soft.

” Xiao Yi’s mother squatted down and coaxed her baby daughter.

“Then when you grow up, we’ll raise a cat too.

” “Okay!” Xiao Yi was unusually excited and hugged Huan Liuli, unwilling to let go.

Ye Xiao looked at the mother and daughter pair and inexplicably felt some warmth.

Warm family love was always the most infectious.

Especially for someone like Ye Xiao, who was lying on a hospital bed in his previous life and only focused on cultivation in this life, the feeling of warmth toward that kind of familial love was even more intense.

That might be a person who had never had it before.

It was often easier for him to yearn for beautiful things.

Xiao Yi played with Huan Liuli for quite a while.

Ye Xiao’s expression suddenly paused, and his gaze became more fierce.

It was Ji Feng’s aura.

That old hen had finally left her nest.

As a star pet, Huan Liuli naturally felt the change in Ye Xiao’s heart.

She let out a meow and leaped onto Ye Xiao’s shoulder.

Xiao Yi hurriedly ran over.

“Kitty, kitty, let’s play together.

” Xiao Yi’s mother might have noticed that Ye Xiao’s expression was somewhat serious and immediately followed over.

“Xiao Yi, it’s very late.

Uncle is going home.

It’s time for us to go home.

” “But I want to play with the kitty.

” Xiao Yi was still a little girl after all.

She was obviously a little wronged, and a layer of mist quickly covered her large eyes.

Her mother patiently advised her daughter.

“No, uncle is really going home.

” “Then… Can uncle come to our house?” At that point, it was as if Xiao Yi had a grand idea.

She immediately grabbed Ye Xiao’s arm.

“Uncle, you can be my father.

This way, we’ll be a family.

Xiao Yi can always play with the kitty.

” Xiao Yi’s mother’s face instantly turned red.

“Xiao Yi, what nonsense are you talking about?” Ye Xiao pinched Xiao Yi’s little face.

“No, because Xiao Yi has her own father.

” “Xiao Yi doesn’t have a father anymore.

” “This…” Ye Xiao looked at Xiao Yi’s mother.

He could see something from Xiao Yi’s mother’s eyes.

It was another single-parent family.

“Xiao Yi, stop spouting nonsense.

” “I’m not spouting nonsense.

Uncle is very handsome.

Mommy peeked at Uncle a few times just now.

” Xiao Yi’s mother’s face turned even redder.

“You silly girl, you’re spouting more and more nonsense.

Grandma made a fruit salad for you at home.

It won’t taste good if we’re late.

” “Then will uncle come home with us to eat fruit salad?” Ye Xiao was silent for a moment before saying, “Uncle still has work to do.

When I’m free in the future, I’ll go eat again.

” “Then let’s pinky swear.

” Ye Xiao nodded.

After coaxing Xiao Yi and her mother, he watched them leave before releasing his Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery and starting to search for Ji Feng’s location.

“Master, I feel that the star beast bloodline in my body is boiling.

” “There is indeed something wrong.

I can’t find the spiritual energy that was placed on Ji Feng’s body now.

In the entire Fallen Phoenix City, the star beast’s magnetic field is very strong, somewhat similar to the seven stars alignment.

” “Among us star beasts, if there is such a situation, there must be a very powerful star beast whose bloodline power has been activated.

This is a suicidal action, but it will allow all the star beasts in the area to receive a significant increase.

” “It’s rumored that a Fire Phoenix was killed in the Fallen Phoenix City.

Its bloodline is very likely much stronger than an ordinary dragon-class bloodline.

“Could it be that Ji Feng found the place where the Fire Phoenix died?” “It’s possible.

The Fire Phoenix has been sealed for hundreds of years.

Coupled with its injuries, it’s very likely that it won’t be able to survive for long.

Under such circumstances, it’s reasonable for it to sacrifice its bloodline to increase the strength of the star beasts in this area.

” At that moment, screams began to ring out from the streets.

“Star beast, there’s a star beast.

” “Help!” … Screams could be heard one after another.

Fallen Phoenix City was not like Jianghai city.

Due to Ye Xiao’s presence in Jianghai city, when the seven stars were aligned, not a single star beast had barged in.

However, Fallen Phoenix City had star beasts invading, and it was the same for the other cities, it was impossible to kill all the star beasts at once.

They were just hiding and waiting for the next opportunity to counterattack the humans.

Now, the Fire Phoenix star beast in Fallen Phoenix City had been awakened, causing the hidden star beasts to burst out and attack the humans.

“I let Ji Feng go.

Although I don’t know what method she used to release the Fire Phoenix bloodline in Fallen Phoenix City, it has something to do with me.

“Liuli, clear the area.

” “Understood.