Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 153

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 153

Chapter 153: The City of the Fallen Phoenix On Ye Xiao’s side, he naturally did not hear the director’s words.

That was because after he left the office, he immediately teleported outside the library.

His speed was too fast.

With just a thought, he could reach the place he wanted to reach.

Ye Xiao did not leave immediately.

Instead, he went underground first.

After going out for a few days, he first went to get some meat from Norfis.

When his cultivation reached the later stages, it would become slower and slower.

Only by eating more meat from star beasts above the divine level could he raise his cultivation faster.

Norfis was cultivating when suddenly, accompanied by a wave of intense pain, two fresh and tender tentacles that had just grown were cut off by Ye Xiao once again.

He suddenly opened his eyes and saw Ye Xiao store his two newly grown tentacles into his storage ring.

Then, he turned around and left.

The entire octopus was in a mess.

What was that situation? Was he joking with him? ‘That b*stard, now that he was cutting off my tentacles, did he not need to discuss with me? Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM ‘If you don’t want to discuss, at least you should say something to inform me! ‘If you don’t even say a word, who are you looking down on? ‘Do you really treat this venerable self as your livestock and eat it whenever you want? ‘Also, why do you want to cut off the two most tender tentacles that this venerable self has just grown? ‘Why don’t you cut off the other tentacles? ‘Why do you want to grab hold of these two tentacles and bully them? ‘Bullying the fish is too much! ‘Bullying the fish is too much! ‘Ye Xiao, wait for this venerable self.

In 1,500 years, this venerable self will definitely cultivate to the great success stage and fuse with the main body.

I will definitely kill you! I will chop you into minced meat, dismember you into thousands of pieces, and turn you into a human ball!’ At that moment, Te Xiao had already arrived outside.

Then, he coincidentally bumped into Gu Hai.

He was currently driving the garrison team car for patrol.

At the same time, there were many more members of the garrison team on the street.

“Old Ye, why are you outside during office hours?” Gu Hai greeted him the moment he saw him.

“I’m here to do something.

Speaking of which, why are there so many garrison team members? What’s the case?” “Don’t you know? It’s all over Jianghai city now!” “…” please keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM Looking at his puzzled expression, Gu Hai pointed at his phone.

“Go to the forum, it’s a big deal!” Ye Xiao took out his phone and opened the local forum in Jianghai city.

He could not help but be slightly surprised when he took a glance.

Liu Chengxun was coming.

Murakami Beichuan was also coming.

The two of them seemed to have made an appointment.

One was from the Ying state, while the other was from the Han state.

They were heading straight for Jianghai city, specifically looking for him.

He was also a little speechless.

Those two people were really talking nonsense when they had nothing better to do.

They actually really came over? Was it that interesting? There were also those netizens from Jianghai city who were not afraid of getting into trouble.

Each and every one of them was crazier than the last.

“They’re here, Sword Saint Liu Chengxun is finally here! I wonder if he can beat our Jianghai city’s Saber-sword Immortal?” “Isn’t that nonsense? He definitely can’t beat the Saber-sword Immortal.

Senior Saber-sword Immortal cultivates two martial arts at the same time, and both of them have reached the divine sect level.

” “You can’t put it that way.

The battle between them will definitely be a battle of sword techniques.

It was impossible for an expert like Senior Saber-sword Immortal to lose face.

He would probably only use sword techniques in a battle with him.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be glorious if he won.

” “What face does he have to face when dealing with the stick? He came over to challenge him himself, it’s not that the Senior Saber-sword Immortal was the one who challenged him! Besides, it’s not like Senior Saber-sword Immortal didn’t ask him to practice saber-sword at the same time.

If he couldn’t do it himself, how could he blame it on the other?” “Even so, Murakami Beichuan is coming.

Both of them are going to challenge Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

There is only one Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

If he wins the first round, he will definitely suffer some losses.

It’s impossible for him to kill them in an instant without getting hurt, right?” “Why are there always people like you who speak ill of your own people and praise others? Are you really unable to stand up after kneeling for a long time?” “Kneel your ass! I’m only making a guest comment.

Saber-sword Immortal fighting two people from the divine sect alone definitely have some unfavorable factors.

Why are you kneeling?” “I don’t care.

You’re just unpatriotic and a spy!” “[email protected]# @% …@” … Looking at those comments, Ye Xiao was completely speechless.

He, as the person involved, could not be bothered with them.

On the contrary, the netizens were making a lot of noise.

He could not help but suspect that there were some people among them who were trying to create momentum.

There was even a possibility that many Han or Ying people had mixed in.

Gu Hai hooked his head out.

“Old Ye, do you want to make a fortune?” Ye Xiao had a puzzled look on his face.

“Get rich? Get rich from what?” Gu Hai looked left and right.

“There are quite a few online companies making predictions.

They are betting on the three of them.

Who will win? “The odds for the Saber-sword Immortal were one to five.

“The odds for Liu Chengxun were one to seven.

“The odds for Murakami Beichuan were one to two.

“I’ve done the calculations.

We will buy a portion of each of them.

When the time comes, regardless of whether the Saber-sword Immortal wins or Liu Chengxun wins, we will all make a profit.

If Murakami Beichuan wins, we will also make a loss.

We will definitely not lose money.

What do you think?” The corner of Ye Xiao’s mouth could not help but twitch.

“You’re from the garrison team.

How can you do such a thing?” “I can’t help it.

The garrison team’s salary isn’t enough.

The baby will be born in about ten days.

I have to earn some milk powder money for the baby.

“Besides, I’m not greedy.

I protect Jianghai city every day.

I bleed and sweat.

I have a clear conscience.

“I’m not going to take every needle and thread from the citizens.

I’m going to use my own money to earn some money.

Is that not allowed? “Moreover, I’m using my mother’s account.

No one knows.


” “You should take it easy.

Don’t you feel that something is wrong? With those odds, no matter what, you won’t lose.

There must be a catch.

” “Catch? What catch?” “You can download the anti-fraud software of the nine provinces.

There are many similar situations on it, and they are all lies.

One must be diligent and work hard with one’s own hands.

” “F*ck! Now that you say it, I really feel that there is a risk.

Then what should I do? I still want to earn some milk powder money for my child.

” “Isn’t this simple? If you go and destroy this group of swindlers’ lair, it’ll definitely be of great merit.

When that time comes, the garrison team will give you quite a lot of bonuses, right? “In this way, you’ll do a good deed for Jianghai city again and earn the child’s milk powder money.

Won’t that kill two birds with one stone?” “F*ck! Old Ye, come to the garrison team.

Your brain is simply too good.

You’re really a good seedling for the garrison team.

“If you come over, I guarantee that your promotion will be faster than mine.

” Ye Xiao shook his head.


I’m not interested.

I’m busy so I’ll leave first.


” “Alright, see ya.

But when the child is born, can you come to the hospital? You helped me a lot last time.

Wanwan and I are prepared to let you be the godfather of the child.

Are you willing?” Ye Xiao was stunned.

Be the godfather? He had never thought that he was still a child.

He had not even been in a relationship, so how could he be a godfather? “I’ll think about it.

We’ll see when the time comes.

” “Okay, then I’ll continue my patrol.

” “Go.

” After the two of them said their goodbyes, Ye Xiao set off on his journey.

… In the evening, a man and a cat arrived at a small city at the border of the Qin province, Fallen Phoenix City.

It was rumored that several hundred years ago, a human martial arts expert had killed a star beast with the bloodline of a Phoenix, a Fire Phoenix, there.

After the Fire Phoenix was killed, its bloodline power turned into nutrients and was sealed in Fallen Phoenix City to help it absorb the heaven and earth spiritual energy.

The man and the cat were naturally Ye Xiao and Huan Liuli.

According to the information that Ye Xiao’s spiritual energy had sent back, the last place that Ji Feng disappeared was in that area.

Therefore, the master and servant came here to look for Ji Feng.

“Master, have you found Ji Feng?” Huan Liuli could not help but ask, while Ye Xiao shook his head.

“The spiritual energy that I attached to her body is concealed.

There are only two ways to trigger it.

“One, when she activates her own power, my spiritual energy will use the spiritual energy that she has spread to release the news.

“The other is, when I am near her, my spiritual energy will sense my power and react.

“And when Ji Feng doesn’t make any movements, her spiritual energy will hide.

“In this way, no matter what, Ji Feng will not be able to discover my spiritual energy.

“Naturally, she would not pay attention to it, nor would she remove the spiritual energy.

” “Wow! Master is really wise and divine, extremely intelligent, and has an outstanding IQ…” “You can stop with the flattery.

” “Ahem… Well, Master, then what should we do? There are only ten days of vacation.

What if we can’t find her even after ten days?” “There’s no rush.

I see that every time the spiritual energy is transmitted over, it’s always at night.

She should only come out at night.

At night, when she releases her aura, I will be able to find her immediately and capture her and her accomplices in one go.

” “Master is wise.

Then what should we do now?” “Let’s get down to business first.

” … Ten minutes later, ye Xiao was holding a bucket of spicy fried skewers and eating them with Huan Liuli on the street “Wow, the spicy fried skewers from Fallen Phoenix City are very tasty.

They’re much tastier than those from Jianghai city.

” “That’s natural.

Every place has its own gourmet cuisine.

What Fallen Phoenix City is good at is eating and drinking a series of spicy and hot flavors.

“Look at the fried skewers in Jianghai city.

They only have cumin powder and fried chili.

“Look at the spicy fried skewers in Fallen Phoenix City.

They use top-quality Sichuan Chaotian Chili.

They even have sesame and chili powder… The fried spicy oil is not only fragrant, but it also has a spicy taste.

It can be said to be the best spicy oil in nine provinces.

” “Then I need to eat more.

” “Do you have money?” “Yes, I recently sold my stockings and earned a lot of money.

It’s about 70,000 to 80,000 yuan, right?” “… How much did you say?” “70,000 to 80,000!” “Is that how you earn money? Why are there so many people buying it?” “That’s right! Business is very good.

” “But… That’s not right, right? Your stockings seem to have never been sold before! You always wash them before wearing them.

Whose stockings are you selling?”