Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 143

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Dinner Tonight Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Yes, they are all transcendent and grandmaster-level cultivation techniques.

“After all, a grandmaster-level cultivation technique is enough to raise the cultivation of a talented genius to the divine sect.

” “I read from a book that someone said that there are stronger cultivation techniques above grandmaster level cultivation techniques.

Is that true?” Fa Zheng paused for a moment before nodding.

“It’s like this.

Above grandmaster-level cultivation techniques, there is a cultivation technique called the imperial technique! “It’s rumored that cultivating an imperial technique can allow one’s strength to reach the legendary emperor rank.

“This involves another level of cultivation.

“This level isn’t known by ordinary people because there are very few existences who can reach that level.

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COM “They are all the top fighting strength of the human race.

” “Above the divine sect is the emperor rank? Like the ancient emperor?” “No, above the divine sect is the king rank! Above the king rank is the emperor rank.

“The emperor rank does not describe the level of cultivation.

The emperor refers to a person who is able to activate the great spiritual energy because he is capable of summoning the crisis of the human race.

“How should I put it? “This penniless monk does not have a clear understanding.

All I know is that after the cultivation level of mankind reached the peak of the emperor rank, it would be restricted by a certain power of laws.

Either they would break through to a stronger level, or they would fall into ashes.

“The specifics as for what level it was, this penniless monk is not familiar with it.

That was already beyond the scope of this penniless monk’s understanding.

“However, according to legend, our Buddhist sect’s patriarch seemed to have transcended the emperor rank.

However, he had already existed for a very long time, so this penniless monk wasn’t sure whether it was real or not.

“This penniless monk only knew that the emperor seemed to be an existence that could transcend the shackles of the law.

In other words, the emperor’s cultivation wouldn’t be suppressed by the law after he surpassed the ordinary emperor rank, he would be able to continuously raise his cultivation and unleash greater battle prowess.

“This is also the reason why humans desire the emperor so much.

” Ye Xiao’s heart trembled.

He did not expect that there were two major ranks above the divine sect, the king rank, and the emperor rank.

Above the emperor rank, there was actually an even more powerful mysterious existence.

The imperial technique was already able to allow one to cultivate to the emperor rank.

Does that mean that the synthesis of imperial techniques was extremely likely to be a cultivation technique cultivated by existences above the emperor rank? That caused Ye Xiao’s heart to heat up.

It also caused him to have an even deeper desire to chase after that unknown and mysterious realm.

However, very quickly, Ye Xiao reacted.

“That’s not right.

You said earlier that the peak of the emperor rank would be suppressed by the natural law, but the emperor rank can be broken through.

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COM “Then, wouldn’t they be able to display a power stronger than that of an ordinary emperor rank like the emperor? Is it to protect humans?” “Theoretically, that’s true.

However, there’s a legend that goes like this.

After breaking through that layer of restriction, they would disappear from this world as well.

“In fact, there are very few martial arts experts who can cultivate to the emperor rank.

Those who can advance to the emperor rank can be counted on one’s fingers.

Most of them have turned into ashes.

“Perhaps in history, there would be one or two people who could advance to that level.

However, there were very few records of the human race even breaking through to the emperor rank, so there was no need to talk about the higher levels.

“Therefore, it was impossible to know what the situation was like above the emperor rank.

” “I see.

” Ye Xiao vaguely had some thoughts in his heart.

It seemed that advancing to the emperor rank and above was very risky.

Moreover, even if he advanced he did not know what would happen in the future.

However, an ordinary emperor rank should only have imperial techniques.

He did not know if his divine soul’s Golden Book could synthesize with a cultivation technique of a higher level.

If he could condense a cultivation technique of a higher level, he might be able to break through that layer of restriction.

That emperor title was really tempting.

With the protection of the human race’s great luck, he could not be bound by the power of laws and could continue to cultivate to become infinitely stronger.

It was simply cheating! He just did not know if he would be lucky enough to become an emperor! That was because Ye Xiao did not like to take risks.

Compared to the ordinary emperor rank, he needed to advance to the test.

He wanted to become an emperor and win once and for all.

Those two days, Ye Xiao had been reading books in the library and had a slight understanding of the knowledge of the emperor.

When the crisis of the human race came, there would be many holy sons and holy maidens born in the world.

If even one advanced to the grandmaster rank, the phenomenon of heaven and earth would be revealed.

Such people would receive great efforts from the country to nurture them.

They would go through arduous growth and countless dangers.

They would also need great luck to have a chance to hold on until the end and become one in ten thousand emperors of the human race.

In the past few hundred years of the human race, there had been many holy sons and holy maidens, but there had never been any emperor.

From that point, Ye Xiao did not have much confidence in himself.

That was because he had already advanced to the divine sect and had yet to show any signs of abnormality.

Not even once.

It was almost impossible for him to become an emperor with that kind of self.

Thinking about it, he felt a little uncomfortable.

That meant that his luck was not good enough.

He had progrssed so well, yet he did not have the qualifications to open it.

He really wanted to know what kind of stunning figure was someone who could become a holy maiden and a holy son! To be qualified to become the legendary emperor, their talent had reached an unknown level.

Compared to the holy sons and maidens, was he strong or weak? Seeing Ye Xiao eating absent-mindedly, Fa Zheng chuckled and consoled him, “Don’t think too much.

Those kinds of people are existences that can only appear once in a few hundred million or even a few billion.

“For us ordinary people to be able to cultivate to the grandmaster rank is already a great fortune.

“If we are lucky enough to cultivate to the divine sect, then it would be even more fortunate for us to cultivate to the grandmaster rank.

” Ye Xiao nodded.

That was right.

The road must be taken step by step and rice must be eaten bite by bite.

Who knew what the future would be like? Just live in the present and work hard to live each day well.

That would be enough.

Moreover, he had the Golden Book divine soul.

In the future, he would not be too far off.

Speaking of which, even if he could not become an emperor, he could still consider synthesizing imperial techniques.

The Shaolin Martial Arts Academy should have imperial techniques, right? Thinking of that, Ye Xiao pretended to be nonchalant and said, “Oh right, speaking of which, Shaolin should have a lot of imperial techniques, right?” Fa Zheng shook his head.

“Shaolin does have imperial techniques, but I’m not too sure how many there are.

“Something like imperial techniques that far surpasses the secular world, even Shaolin can’t have too many of them.

This isn’t food, so it’s not worth much.

“This penniless monk has also heard about it from the elders in the temple.

“Shaolin has a supreme inner strength cultivation technique called the Dharma Sutra.

It was created by the Buddhist divine grandmasters, and its speed of absorbing spiritual energy was as fast as a whirlpool in the ocean.

It was extremely terrifying.

“However, only every abbot of Shaolin had the opportunity to cultivate it.

“There was also an extremely powerful fatal palm technique, the Tathagata Palm technique! In the past 200 years, the Zhong province had suffered many attacks from star beasts, and Shaolin had lost many martial arts experts.

The Tathagata Palm technique had long since been lost.

“Other than that, there is a body-refining technique that isn’t that rare, the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art.

Among Shaolin’s current elders, there should be two or three who cultivate this technique.

” Ye Xiao was stunned.

The Indestructible Diamond Divine Art was actually Shaolin’s? No, that was not the case.

Shaolin’s technique was also refined from the star beast’s star core.

Therefore, it could not be considered Shaolin’s completely.

It could only be said that it belonged to the universe.

However, he had not expected that Shaolin really had several imperial techniques.

That was a good idea for Ye Xiao.

If he could learn it, he might be able to synthesize some of them and surpass the existence of imperial techniques.

“Oh right, Mr.

Ye, do you want to consider joining our Buddhist sect? “Recently, in order to support them, the Buddhist sect had provided some good resources for the opening of a branch school in Jianghai Martial Arts Academy.

“Apart from the soul-condensing pill, there were many other good things.

“If you’re willing to join my sect, this penniless monk can guarantee that I’ll take care of you.

“Your temperament is very Buddhist, and you’re really suitable to cultivate Buddhism.

” “Stop, you’re here again.

If you continue like this, I’ll go to the dojo next door and become a monk.

” “Sigh!” Fa Zheng sighed faintly.

Ever since he met Ye Xiao back then, his obsession with Ye Xiao had never stopped.

Ye Xiao was really the person he had met before.

He was very suitable to cultivate Buddhism.

Moreover, he was very young.

If he cultivated now, his future achievements might not necessarily be low.

“Since Mr.

Ye isn’t willing now, then I’ll wait a little longer.

We’ll talk again when you are willing.

” “Then it’s better if you don’t wait.

” Old Monk Fa Zheng did not nod nor shake his head.

Looking at his determined gaze, Ye Xiao knew that he would not give up.

Let him be.

In any case, he would not become a monk.

For a youth who pursued handsomeness, Ye Xiao did not allow his hairstyle to become bald.

After eating, Fa Zheng was about to return to the academy to preside over his own work in the branch while Ye Xiao was going back to read.

Shaolin had just sent over so many books.

It would be a pity if he did not read them.

Not to mention, Shaolin’s cultivation techniques were indeed very good.

Many of them were not plagiarized.

Ye Xiao had only read for half a day and already obtained a basic strike technique and four basic palm techniques.

Originally, the number of strike techniques exceeded the number of palm techniques, but now that they had all fallen, the number of palm techniques actually exceeded the number of strike techniques.

Moreover, the papers that were imprinted with the palm techniques had already begun to emit a faint golden color.

That meant that if another palm technique was used, it might have to be synthesized.

Who knew what kind of palm technique would be fused when that time came.

Ding! The time to read was always very fast.

In the blink of an eye, it was time to get off work.

Ye Xiao had just been assigned to the fourth level area so the rookies had not been arranged yet, so he temporarily did not have any subordinates.

He could only tidy up his books and clean up a little.

He was unwilling to casually use the Divine Intent in public, so he would probably be busy until the sky turned dark.

At that moment, outside the library, under the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal, a faint bloodthirsty aura gradually began to emerge.