Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 139

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 139

Chapter 139: The True Purpose of Jianghai City’s Expansion … The fate of the human race! That was the first time Ye Xiao had seen that term.

According to the understanding of his previous life, Ye Xiao would not believe in such things.

It was simply a feudal superstition.

However, in this world filled with spiritual energy, Ye Xiao had no choice but to believe.

According to the rumors, whether it was humans or star beasts, as long as a race was formed, there would definitely be a mysterious power protecting them in the dark.

That power would not appear normally.

It would only appear when the race was in a difficult situation.

Furthermore, the way it appeared was not materializing.

It was only using an extremely special method to help the entire race.

The stronger the incense of a race, the stronger the fate that appeared.

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COM The weaker their incense sticks were, the weaker their fate would become.

The way the fate of the human race would appear was to help the human race create an emperor! Those who had the bloodline of an emperor would greatly increase their strength, and their advancement speed would be as fast as lightning.

The entire race would also do their best to nurture them.

They would become a top-tier existence, and when the human race was facing danger, they would appear out of nowhere and destroy the danger in one fell swoop.

The Great Qin’s ancestral dragon, for instance, had unified the nine provinces and resolved the conflict within it.

He gathered the martial artists of the nine provinces and expelled the star beasts from the ground, establishing the space battlefield above the nine provinces.

Before he appeared, although the human race also had an emperor, the battles were always carried out on the ground.

The battle between the human warriors and the star beasts was extremely tragic, with countless deaths and injuries.

After him, the star beasts were blocked in the space battlefield, and the human race was able to take large strides forward, quickly reproducing in a relatively stable life.

After that, in the past few decades, there had never been an emperor in the entire world! The emperor was first discovered, then protected, and then began to cultivate, rapidly increasing his strength, fighting against the powerful star beasts for the human race.

At that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly thought of the expansion of Jianghai City.

The beast calamity was about to arrive.

Moreover, according to the information he had learned from the star beast saint emissary, the star beasts had already made plans for the last beast calamity.

When the next beast calamity arrived, there was a high probability that it would be the strongest of the recent beast calamities.

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COM Therefore, if that was the case, then could the expansion of Jianghai city be that the nine provinces alliance wanted to expand their influence and gather the martial artists so that they could pay attention to and choose an emperor? It must be known that the expansion of the city was not just Jianghai city, there were many other cities.

By merging many small cities into a big city, it was easy to find the person who was chosen by fate to have the bloodline of the emperor.

Unfortunately, the book did not have too many detailed descriptions of that kind of person.

It only said that the other party would be respectfully called the ‘Holy Son’ or ‘Holy Maiden’! Secondly, his talent was extremely outstanding.

When he was very young, he would have an extremely terrifying growth rate.

That speed was something that ordinary human geniuses, no, even top-notch human geniuses, could not compare to! Other than that, there were no other materials that he wanted to understand deeper.

There was nothing he could do.

After all, it was a book from a small bookstore, so it was normal for the information to be incomplete.

Ye Xiao could only wait until he returned to the library in the future to carefully search for information in this area.

He was slightly interested in this.

That person… Could not possibly be me, right? However, it was not necessarily so.

Although his cultivation speed was very fast, it was somewhat ridiculously fast.

Holy sons and maidens were all found and nurtured with a huge amount of resources.

Only then would they be able to rapidly improve.

He did not rely on anyone, yet he was already very strong.

That meant that the emperor could also be someone else.

Since that was the case, when he encountered young geniuses who cultivated very quickly, he would first pay attention to them.

Befriend them in advance.

In the evening, after Ye Xiao finished reading and eating a portion of bridge-crossing rice noodles on the street, he prepared to go home and sleep.

At that time, his phone suddenly rang.

The caller ID showed that it was Ouyang Yunzhong.

“Director Ouyang, What’s the matter?” “Ye Xiao, do you have time now?” “No, I’m busy.

” After a pause, Ye Xiao added another sentence.

“Very busy.

” “Is that so? That’s really troublesome.

I’m going to hold a banquet to entertain a few important guests at Jianghai City Hotel.

I need a few helpers, so I can only look for someone else.

” “…” “There’s another one among them.

He’s an old acquaintance of yours.

That Master Fa Zheng.

” “Then I’ll make a trip over.

I’ll be busy after I’m done.

After all, business is important.

” Ye Xiao did not want to eat anything delicious.

The main reason was that Fa Zheng was here.

Since his good friend was here, he naturally had to go and meet him.

Very soon, he arrived at Jianghai city’s grand hotel.

It was one of the five-star hotels in Jianghai city.

The Hunan and Sichuan cuisine inside were superb! Take the simplest mapo tofu for example.

Other’s mapo tofu was called tofu with chili.

That family’s mapo tofu was really mapo tofu! There were also minced fish heads with chili… Fried beef house with chili… Stir-fried little rooster with chili… It was delicious and mouth-watering, making people drool.

Fa Zheng was a monk.

He did not eat spicy food, nor did he eat meat.

Later, he had to persuade the director to order more meat dishes and spicy dishes.

Anyway, Fa Zheng only ate white rice.

When Ye Xiao arrived at the Jianghai City Hotel, Director Ouyang was already waiting at the entrance.

Other than her, there were a few other colleagues from the library.

A few people came together.

It seemed that, other than the old monk Fa Zheng, there were other important guests.

Ye Xiao came to the front, greeted them, and then stood to the side with his colleagues.

Not long after, a few small passenger cars stopped at the entrance of Jianghai City Hotel.

Seeing the arrival of the small passenger cars, Director Ouyang immediately went up to welcome them.

The other colleagues also followed, so Ye Xiao naturally went forth as well.

He followed them and got closer.

Only then did he realize that those few small passenger cars were somewhat strange.

Every small passenger car was protected by an extremely powerful defensive array! That was not considered strange at first, because even if it was other small passenger cars, sometimes, even if it was given to someone with a higher status, they would also set up a defensive array and use it to protect themselves.

What really made Ye Xiao feel strange was that the people in the car were all people from the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, and they were all martial arts experts.

Their cultivations were basically above that of grandmasters.

Among them, there were a few great grandmasters, including Fa Zheng.

Among them, there was actually a divine grandmaster! With half a foot in the divine sect, they could advance to the divine sect anytime and anywhere! That lineup was a little luxurious! With such a luxurious lineup, was there still a need to set up a defensive array? Strange, absolutely strange.

That matter was not simple.

Ye Xiao activated theBig Dipper’s Grand Mystery and scanned everyone as well as the interior of the car.

He discovered that those martial arts experts from the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy were all wearing storage rings.

Could it be that the ones distributing books to the Jianghai city library were the Chu province library and the Shaolin Martial Arts library? Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up.

If that was the case, then that was really good news.

The Shaolin Martial Arts library had the most cultivation techniques.

He had previously understood that there were many martial arts experts in Shaolin who had gone to the starry battlefield and killed star beasts.

They obtained a large number of star cores and obtained a large number of cultivation techniques.

Due to that, it was even said that all martial arts in the world came from Shaolin! Looks like the storage ring that the person wore was most likely like that.

In that case, he would probably be more fortunate and be able to read more cultivation techniques.

It was said that Shaolin’s strike techniques, palm techniques, leg techniques, and the like were all very powerful.

There were many types of them and they were well-known throughout the world.

However, at that moment, Ye Xiao’s Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery suddenly detected a strange metal box in the middle of the small bus that the lesser divine grandmaster was sitting in.

That metal box was set up with an array that was even more powerful than the defensive array on these buses! An imperial array! It was actually an imperial array! Ye Xiao’s eyes moved slightly.

Using an imperial array to seal something.

Good heavens, the thing inside was probably not an ordinary thing.

That was because, even though it was already suppressed by the imperial array, Ye Xiao could still feel a trace of bloodthirsty aura that was faintly revealed! It was a star beast! An extremely brutal star beast was sealed inside.

The expansion of Jianghai city was about to begin.

At that time, Shaolin had sent a cultivation technique.

It was obvious that they could not send another disaster over.

The only explanation was that the star beast was used to replace King El.

It was to help Jianghai city increase the speed at which it absorbed spiritual energy! That was also the only way that Shaolin would set up a defensive array for the car and send such a luxurious lineup over.

In just a short instant, Ye Xiao had already calculated the actions of Shaolin’s group.

Fortunately, it was basically a good thing.

Of course, Ye Xiao was not a fool.

He had some confidence in his heart.

It was most likely because the strength he had displayed against King El had given the Zhong province and the nine provinces confidence.

That was why the Jing, Chu, and Zhong provinces had decided to expand Jianghai city.

The reason was that he, the unrivaled divine grandmaster, was in Jianghai city! That was good as well.

They wanted to use him to develop Jianghai city.

He could also take the opportunity to read more books, refine more cultivation techniques, and raise his cultivation! Director Ouyang quickly walked up and politely communicated with the other party.

Old Monk Fa Zheng was not the main character.

The lesser divine grandmaster was the leader of Shaolin, so Director Ouyang mainly talked to him.

Fa Zheng took the opportunity to walk over to Ye Xiao’s side and greet him.

“Amitabha, Mr.


The two of us meet again.

I’ve said it before, you’re destined to be fated with my Buddha.