Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 135

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Sheep.

They Were Full of Treasures and a Must-have to Become Rich Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation … After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiao opened the web page and looked at the news outside.

His expression turned serious.

It turned out that in addition to a few cities in Jianghai city, many other cities had been attacked by star beasts.

It seemed that the results were the same as what he had found from the memory of the star beast saint emissary.

Star beasts coveted the entire human race in the world, not just a few cities.

It was estimated that the human race would be in a lot of trouble in the next two days.

Many forums were also saying that there were even many short videos displaying the situation in different areas.

Some were crying.

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COM Some were filming the human warriors fighting with star beasts outside.

There were also some who mocked themselves and ridiculed themselves.

However, the news that Ye Xiao cared about the most was nothing else.

No matter how many low-level star beasts there were, even if he had to deal with the entire world, it was nothing more than him unleashing a few thousand blades or tens of thousands of swords, it was a piece of cake.

What Ye Xiao cared about the most was the news that a few cities had escaped the divine sect’s star beasts.

The saint emissary’s memory also mentioned that the star beasts would take advantage of the seven stars alignment to massacre the human race on a large scale and use their blood to exchange for the divine sect martial artists to unseal them.

That was the true big threat.

Those divine sect martial artists had great lethality and were extremely mobile.

They were extremely difficult to deal with.

Ye Xiao did not doubt that they would definitely bring a huge disaster to the human race in the future, paving the way for the beast disaster four years later.

Thinking about it, he felt helpless.

The nine provinces had been tricked, so he had no choice but to use these divine-level star beasts as the array core to increase the spiritual energy of the city.

However, at the same time, he also took on a large number of risks.

In the end, it was still the human race in that world that was too ununited.

Especially those barbarians.

They were really stupid.

The human race was already facing a great enemy of the star beasts, and it was already dangerous everywhere.

In the end, they still wanted to do something shameful here.

It was really dirty beyond words.

Ye Xiao looked at some international news again.

In a certain laboratory in America, the star beasts used for experiments took advantage of the continuous seven stars to increase their strength.

They took the opportunity to resist, causing tens of thousands of martial artists to die.

Among them, there was no lack of some high-end scientists.

Currently, the star beasts had collectively escaped into the forest and were currently searching.

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COM A strange incident happened in Yin state.

The Yin-yang family, Anbei Yinyu, was bewitched by the star beasts and released a large number of the sealed evil divine-level star beast martial artists, causing an immeasurable number of martial artists to die.

… California, Australia, England… A series of places have also been hit by a large number of star beasts.

For some unknown reason, Ye Xiao’s mood was instantly much better.

1 Not long after, Ye Xiao turned off the phone and began to think about the next action.

At the moment, it seemed that the human race in the world was already somewhat overwhelmed by just the seven stars alignment.

If the space battlefield could not withstand it, open the defensive line and let the beast calamity descend when the star beasts were released, who knew how many casualties it would cause.

King El was already very strong, but he was not considered the strongest star beast among the seven-star chain.

In the beast calamity, he would probably be even more unworthy.

Who knew how many stronger star beasts there would be in the future.

His strength was still too weak, and he still needed to improve further.

Speaking of which, he could now use King El to improve himself.

Relying on eating roasted mutton skewers to improve himself was definitely not possible.

King El had many uses.

He had to take it step by step.

First was the star core.

The star core was the core of a star beast.

It encompassed the essence of the star beast and was the best choice for refining pills.

Ye Xiao estimated that refining King El’s star core into a pill would at least increase his cultivation by quite a bit.

Advancing to the Xiantian eighth grade would not be a problem, but increasing his current strength by 20 to 30 percent was not a big problem.

However, before refining the pill, the star core had a very big use, and that was to analyze the intrinsic cultivation technique of the star beast contained within it.

Many of the basic cultivation techniques and imperial techniques of humans were obtained through that method.

Not all star beast star cores could provide cultivation techniques.

On one hand, it was because of the bloodline of the star core.

On the other hand, it was because of the strength of the analyst’s spiritual energy.

Then his side would be blessed by the heavens.

First of all, there was no need to say much about King El’s star core.

His bloodline was definitely of the dragon-class bloodline.

Secondly, he had cultivated the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery, so there was no need to doubt how strong his spiritual energy was.

Like the black-scaled snake from before, because its bloodline was not that strong, he did not analyze its star core.

Instead, he directly refined a medicinal pill and ate it.

Ye Xiao immediately used the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery to analyze King El’s star core.

Ten minutes later, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

As expected, it succeeded! The ultimate healing technique! A cultivation technique formed by King El’s ability to continuously resurrect his own special abilities.

It was also an imperial technique, and it was also different from the Mending the Heavens and Morning Star Method.

The other healing-type cultivation technique was directly absorbed by the divine soul’s Golden Book and started cultivating.

He made a profit, and it was a huge profit.

Previously, Ye Xiao’s Mending the Heavens and Morning Star Method had already begun to emit a faint golden light.

If he cultivated the ultimate healing technique to perfection, he should be able to synthesize it with the other imperial techniques, right? He really looked forward to what kind of cultivation technique would appear after synthesizing with the imperial techniques.

The imperial technique was already heaven-defying enough.

Afteraynthesizing, the cultivation technique would probably overturn the heavens and completely suppress the heavens beneath his body.

Just thinking about it was stimulating.

After the analysis, the function of the star core was only left to be thrown into the storage ring, waiting to be refined into pills.

In reality, King El’s imperial technique was far from just one ultimate healing technique.

However, his other imperial techniques were not contained in his bloodline but were comprehended later on by himself.

They did not exist in his bloodline, they only existed in his memories.

His divine soul was not much different from his own.

He could not perform a soul search and could only kill him.

Hence, he could not obtain other imperial techniques.

He could consider scanning the imperial techniques of some divine sect martial arts experts when he became stronger in the future.

However, he could also consider killing some star beasts with dragon-class bloodlines in the short term to see if there were any imperial techniques.

With that in mind, Ye Xiao raised his head and looked at Huan Liuli, who was sweeping the floor in the courtyard.

Huan Liuli also had a dragon-class bloodline Could there be some imperial techniques in her star core? However, Ye Xiao shook his head and gave up that idea very quickly.

Although the silly cat was dumb, it was still very obedient.

Why would he hurt such an obedient pet? Huan Liuli, who was sweeping the floor, suddenly sensed something unusual.

She shivered and looked toward the window on the second floor with a puzzled face.


Why did I feel like I was being targeted just now?’ Upstairs, Ye Xiao continued to study King El.

That time, it was King El’s horns.

The material of King El’s horns was quite hard.

Compared to those on Earth, the so-called alloy steel knives and even meteorites, the horns were much harder.

Those two horns could be used to create a weapon.

It was definitely of the highest quality.

Moreover, the amplification of a weapon in battle was not an ordinary one.

Ye Xiao immediately began to use Godly Craftsmanship to refine the pair of horns.

He used the essence extracted from the two horns to create a weapon.

What kind of weapon would he create? He knew both saber techniques and sword art.

He might as well create a long-handled saber.

The long-handled saber was very practical.

It could be used like a saber or a single-edged sword.

In Ying state, the long saber and longsword that was copied from the long-handled saber had been used since ancient times and were well-known throughout the world.

One could imagine that the design standard of the saber-staff was unrivaled.

Ye Xiao spent a full day and night forging a slender long-handled saber that was about seven feet long.

1 Looking at the cold glint on the blade, one could estimate that its lethality was definitely not ordinary.

However, Ye Xiao was not stupid.

He would not take it and casually go out to test it.

When that time came, he would make big news again.

In the future, when he encountered a divine grandmaster, he would try its power again.

After refining the long-handled saber, it could already absorb spiritual energy on its own.

It began to slowly revolve around Ye Xiao and emitted waves of light sounds.

That was the symbol of an imperial weapon一it had developed self-awareness.

Moreover, looking at its IQ, it was a very good imperial weapon.

Ye Xiao was very satisfied and earned another wave.

He took off his black coat made of black-scaled snakeskin, wanting to test the sharpness of the long-handled saber a little.

If he did not infuse spiritual energy into it, it would not cause much of a commotion.

The black-scaled snake armor was also an imperial artifact.

It would definitely be able to test the long-handled saber’s level.

Ye Xiao did not say any more nonsense.

He took the blade and directly cut the coat.

Whoosh! Looking at the large hole that had appeared on the coat, Ye Xiao sank into deep thought.

In the end, the older the ginger, the spicier.

The black-scaled snake was indeed unable to defeat King El.

However, he did not have anything to be sad about.

After all, the black-scaled snake armor could repair itself.

In comparison, the long-handled saber’s performance made Ye Xiao particularly satisfied and amazed.

It was so sharp that it would definitely have a great boost in battle.

Such a good weapon, if he did not give it a better name, he would be letting it down too much.

What name should he give it? King El’s Horn? Too old-fashioned! God-slaying Saber? Too overused.

The Ultimate Emperor’s Bloodthirsty World-destroying Berserker Saber? Too shameful.

‘Forget it.

Looks like I’m the same as the divine soul’s Golden Book.

I’ll just have to search for a name on the Internet later.

’ Omnipotent netizens will definitely have a good name, right.

2 Putting the long-handled saber back into his storage ring, Ye Xiao began to take out King El’s skin.

The large sheepskin felt so warm.

If it was the skin of an ordinary star beast, making underwear or something, mother would no longer have to worry about my body during winter.

However, it was King El’s skin, the skin of a divine grandmaster.

It was extremely hard, so of course, it was used to refine leather armor.

One had to admit that King El’s remains were truly full of treasures! The star core could refine imperial techniques, and it could also refine pills.

The flesh was rich in blood essence and spiritual energy, and it tasted good when roasted.

It could also increase one’s cultivation by a little.

Bones could be used to make soup, and bone marrow could also be used to refine pills.

Horns could be refined into imperial weapons and long-handled sabers, and the skin could now be refined into armor! He could eat a hundred sheep, and King El could use a thousand sheep! One word, Awesome!