Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 133

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 133

Chapter 133: King El Panicked “This… This is the legendary imperial technique?” Everyone was a great grandmaster after all, and some of them had heard of the word ‘imperial technique’ before.

However, there were a few who had never heard of it before.

“What is an imperial technique?” The others immediately explained, “According to rumors, there is an even stronger technique above the grandmaster level technique called the imperial technique.

“The power of the imperial technique far surpasses the grandmaster-level cultivation technique.

No matter how much we cultivate the grandmaster-level cultivation technique, its peak value is only able to raise our cultivation to the ninth level of the Xiantian realm, the peak of the divine sect.

“And the imperial technique can allow one to advance to the divine sect.

“Of course, this also depends on one’s aptitude.

If one’s aptitude isn’t good, one will definitely not be able to advance.

“However, even if one was unable to advance to the divine sect, the degree of one’s cultivation of imperial techniques and ordinary cultivation techniques would be far from the same.

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COM “Furthermore, if two people’s cultivation grades were exactly the same, and one of them cultivated imperial techniques, even if the other party cultivated ten grandmaster-level cultivation techniques, he would definitely not be able to defeat imperial techniques “My God, this… There’s actually such a heaven-defying technique in this world? “Then why haven’t I heard of it or seen it before?” The great grandmaster once again asked his question.

The other grandmasters smiled bitterly.

“Don’t say that you haven’t seen it before.

We’ve only heard of it, but we’ve never seen it before.

“According to legends, this kind of imperial technique can only be passed down and possessed by extremely ancient families.

“Other people might not even have heard of it in their entire lives.

“Today is also the first time we’ve seen it in our lives.

” Hiss! That great grandmaster was completely shocked.

When he looked at Ye Xiao, he was even more shocked.

The Jianghai city’s martial arts expert in front of him actually had an imperial technique.

How strong was he? Does that mean that he was very likely to advance to the peak of the divine sect? Ye Xiao ignored everyone’s shock.

He only looked at King El and said indifferently, “We can’t use our hands and feet here.

Let’s fight in another place.

” It was the center of Jianghai city.

With their level of cultivation, after a battle, the entire Jianghai city would probably be flattened.

Seven to eight million people would all suffer.

At that time, not even ashes would be left, even an imperial-level healing technique would not be able to save them.

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COM Unfortunately, King El did not agree to it.

He only chuckled.

“I’m sorry, the one who can’t use his hands and feet is only you.

” As he finished speaking, he stomped his foot.

With a force of 10,000 tons, he instantly shattered the ground and opened up a crack that headed straight for Ye Xiao.

Boom! In an instant, the crack passed under Ye Xiao’s feet and opened up a thousand-foot-deep hole in the ground under his feet.

However, Ye Xiao did not move at all.

He did not even use any moves to resist.

He allowed the force to pass under his feet.

“Senior!” Du Changfeng and the others could not help but cry out in surprise.

However, in the next second, Ye Xiao moved.

Without any unnecessary words, he used his Overpowering Saber and slashed out horizontally.

A thousand-foot-long saber light shot out and ruthlessly swept onto King El’s body.

Boom! The power of that slash was too strong.

It was so strong that no one could look straight at it.

It landed ruthlessly on King El’s body and immediately caused a huge explosion.

Dust and smoke rose up as the shock wave spread out rapidly.

Everyone could not help but narrow their eyes.

“This… Senior isn’t a swordsman? Does he actually know saber techniques? Isn’t he a sword cultivator?” “Could it be… Could it be that senior cultivates both saber and sword?” “Oh my God!” A female sect master who had lived for more than half her life immediately covered her mouth in fear to prevent herself from screaming.

He had cultivated two martial arts at the same time, and both of them were so powerful! In addition to the imperial-level healing technique he had displayed earlier, how many martial arts had that senior cultivated? However, if the senior practiced so many martial arts, how did he resolve the conflict problem? Why did he practice every one of them to such a powerful level? “Hahahaha… Awesome! Awesome! This is what a battle is like! This king is on fire!” King El let out an excited shout in the dust, but in the next second, Ye Xiao leaped into the dust and kicked his chest.

Crack! Even though everyone was outside the dust, they could not see the scene but they could still hear the crisp sound of bones cracking.

The senior’s kick had injured King El.

So strong! Everyone felt goosebumps all over their bodies.

After that ‘crack’ sound, a golden light shot out from the dust in the blink of an eye.

Like a cannonball, it bombarded the entire Jianghai city.

That was King El’s body! He was sent flying by Ye Xiao’s kick.

“D*mn it, don’t be too arrogant!” King El roared angrily.

Just as he was about to stabilize his body and return to Jianghai city once again, a ray of boundless brilliance suddenly hacked over from the dust cloud! The Heaven-cleaving Sword landed on King El’s head and ruthlessly hacked him into the river water outside Jianghai city, preventing him from returning to the city.

“Good!” Everyone could not help but cheer.

Too powerful! In just two or three moves, Ye Xiao’s display of strength had directly conquered their hearts, turning the great grandmasters into Ye Xiao’s little fans.

No matter how strong a great grandmaster was, they were still not a divine grandmaster! Facing Ye Xiao’s overwhelming output of power, they admired him from the bottom of their hearts.

“Don’t come over.

” He said these four words indifferently.

Then, with a thought from Ye Xiao, he activated the Divine Intent technique.

His body also left Jianghai city in an instant and arrived outside of it.

“So fast!” Everyone cried out in surprise and immediately rushed out of Jianghai city at the same time.

Ye Xiao’s words were directly ignored by them.

There was nothing they could do.

The battle was too exciting.

It was so exciting that it exceeded their expectations.

It might even be the most exciting battle of their lives.

Therefore, even if they knew that they would be injured watching the battle in the past, no one was willing to let go of such an exciting battle! The moment Ye Xiao came to the surface of the river, it was instantly blasted open, reaching the bottom of the river.

Even the mud was blasted open, revealing the bright yellow soil underneath.

King El’s body slowly rose from the bottom of the river.

One of the huge horns on his head was broken, and fresh blood stained his face, making him look exceptionally ferocious.

However, that horn was rapidly recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

That was King El’s ultimate skill, a healing technique that was not inferior to Ye Xiao’s two great imperial techniques! “Not bad, not bad at all.

This king has not been this excited for a long time.

“No wonder you were able to obtain the Silver Fox clan’s profound mystery, the Morning Star Method.

“With such strength, you can be considered to be the strongest person of the same level among the human race’s Xiantian seventh grade divine sects that I have met since I came here!” Just as his voice fell, Ye Xiao’s blade fell once more.

He did not want to listen to King El’s nonsense at all.

That fellow was very arrogant.

He had just rejected him, which made him lose face.

Thus, he wanted to kill him.

King El’s recovery speed was very fast.

There was only one way to kill him.

Attack! He attacked continuously.

First, slash his body, then destroy his divine soul! Every time he heavily injured his body, it would weaken his strength and his recovery speed.

When his physical body reached a certain threshold, the weakness of his divine soul would be exposed.

At that time, one move would destroy his soul and he would be completely killed.

When his saber blade fell, King El was completely enraged.

Ye Xiao did not listen to him at all.

He was completely ignoring him.

He had to kill Ye Xiao and turn him into his Life! “B*stard, taste defeat!” King El punched out, just as Ye Xiao’s saber light fell.

The moment the two attacks collided, a violent explosion was set off in the air.

The light from the explosion lit up the entire river surface and more than half of Jianghai city.

The shockwave turned into a wild wind that blew in all directions like a tidal wave.

The major sects that wanted to rush up to watch the battle were instantly forced to stop.

They had no choice but to release their spiritual energy and form an air wall to protect their bodies from being taken away by the shockwave.

“So strong! Is this a battle between the divine sects?” “No wonder Senior didn’t allow us to get close.

The shock wave is making it difficult for us to move even an inch at such a distance.

If we get close, I’m afraid we’ll really be injured!” On the river surface, after King El’s and Ye Xiao exchanged blows, the explosion did not stop.

Ye Xiao pushed through the area at the center of the explosion and arrived in front of King El in an instant.

King El’s pupils constricted.

He simply could not believe his eyes.

Ye Xiao actually broke through from their attack? What kind of joke was that? Between the two of them, a single person’s attack could already cause damage to the other party.

When the two of them stacked together, the damage was more than twice as strong.

Just like cars, when two cars collided, even if the average speed of the car was only 25 mph, when stacked together, it was still a full 50 mph! Even King El himself did not dare to directly charge over the attacks of the two people.

Ye Xiao actually dared to, and furthermore, he was completely unharmed! It was not a healing technique.

A healing technique was not that fast.

Even if the Morning Star Method and Mending the Heavens technique were imperial techniques, they could repair great grandmasters in an instant.

It was absolutely impossible for them to achieve such a fast effect when repairing the divine sect.

It was the clothes! King El had already discovered something fishy.

He had just noticed that there was a very familiar aura on Ye Xiao’s clothes.

Looking at it now, was that the black-scaled snake’s skin? D*mn it, it was actually him who had killed the black-scaled snake! Wait… But the black-scaled snake’s skin was definitely not that hard.

After being forged into armor and infused with spiritual energy, it was able to withstand the damage of the two’s attacks.

That should not be possible.

It was too illogical.

The strength of the armor was definitely a secure imperial artifact.

What was going on? How was the snakeskin of the black-scaled snake forged into an imperial artifact? It simply did not have that qualification! Even if Ye Xiao’s forging skills had already reached the top level of the human race, it was still impossible for him to do so.

Before he could figure it out, Ye Xiao had already arrived in front of him.

The Overpowering Saber was executed.

A hundred blade rays formed in an instant and instantly cut King El into a hundred pieces.

Then, without waiting for him to recover, the Heaven-cleaving Sword continued to be unleashed.

The power of the sword shook the heavens and earth, stirring up the clouds in the sky.

The clouds retreated to the two sides as if to split the sky in half.

Boom! The sword lights descended, and the river, which was more than tens of thousands of feet long, was directly deepened by Ye Xiao’s sword by more than 33 feet.

King El’s body was also completely turned into ashes under his sword.

However, Ye Xiao was not careless.

That was because as long as King El’s soul did not perish, he could still be resurrected in an instant.

The Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery was activated and instantly enveloped an area of 10,000 feet around him.