Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 122

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Completed Another Small Goal Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation … In the few days after his meal with Gu Hai, Ye Xiao’s life returned to normal once again.

Every morning, he would have soup dumplings from Shanghai city and donkey meat buns from Tiancheng… At noon, he would have chicken from the Xin city, meat buns from Shanxi city, beef soup from Huai city… In the evening, Jinling duck soup and Shan city pancakes and fruits… The various powerful states would serve him alone, and his life would be extremely carefree.

That also made Ye Xiao more and more determined.

He absolutely could not let the star beasts destroy the peace of Jianghai city.

If his celestial-like life were to disappear, it would definitely be very worrying.

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COM Other than the daily meals, Ye Xiao spent the rest of his time in the library reading books to increase his strength.

He had already read eight basic star arrays.

He estimated that it would not be long before they could completely synthesize.

However, that foolish cat, Huan Liuli, did not move.

Ye Xiao had already left a trace of spiritual energy on her body, so he was not afraid that she would avoid work, find a place to slack off, and then come back to fool him.

The spiritual energy showed that she had indeed been busy running around these few days.

However, the extent of the other’s concealment was clearly beyond his expectations, so he did not manage to find her.

That caused Ye Xiao to feel some regret.

Had he known that back at the hospital, he should not have used the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery to attack the beastmen.

The Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery was a spirited energy attack.

After cultivating it, his spiritual energy became very strong, so much so that it had reached a level where he could directly blast physical entities with his spiritual energy.

However, its essence still belonged to a spiritual cultivation technique.

It was a spiritual cultivation technique, the slightest carelessness would cause the enemy’s soul to dry and shatter.

As a result, not a single strand of the enemy’s soul was left behind.

Naturally, it could not be repaired with the Mending the Heavens technique or the Morning Star Method.

With that lesson in mind, it was better not to use that technique to deal with enemies in the future.

Otherwise, how convenient would it be if he used the healing technique to repair the souls of the two beastmen and then used the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery to search their souls? Next time, he had to consider researching some new ways to attack.

He could use the spiritual energy to make a drill and drill a hole through the star beast’s head for example.

Alternatively, he could also cut off the other party’s arms and legs so that the other party would not die and store them in his storage ring.

That way, he could use the soul search to get some useful information.

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COM At that moment, as the day of the seven stars alignment was approaching, there were more and more warriors with weapons on the streets.

There were also quite a number of hired martial artists from hiring companies who had been summoned back.

They were stationed in groups of three to five in the city, waiting.

Even if the star beasts in the city had been swept clean, people would not be too careless.

The battles with the star beasts over the years had let them know the cunning and cleverness of the star beasts.

No one knew what kind of tricks the star beasts would have.

If they were careless, it was really possible for people to die.

However, the solemn atmosphere did not affect Ye Xiao.

He could not be said to be arrogant, but… Even with the arrival of the seven stars alignment, the only thing that could cause him to be concerned was probably the existence at the peak of the great sect.

One of them being… King El.

Someone like him might put up a better fight against him.

As for those low-level star beasts, they were like small flies to him.

Killing one with a slap was really not a challenge.

Just like that, after another half a month or so, Ye Xiao finally gathered ten basic arrays and could begin to synthesize them.

On the divine soul’s Golden Book, all the papers related to arrays had turned golden in the end because he had already comprehended them to perfection, emitting a rich golden light.

Ye Xiao commanded his divine soul to proceed with the synthesis.

The ten basic arrays quickly formed ten words.

Hook! Stroke! Twist! Pull! Tear! Point! Stab! … Another bunch of strange words that people could not understand.

Forget it, forget it.

The synthesis was more important.

The ten golden words fused together.

In the blink of an eye, they formed a brand new imperial-level array, Heavenly Creation Array.

Hehe, another very poignant name.

As expected, the Golden Book had useless naming skills.

After the Golden Book synthesized the array, it immediately began to enter a state of cultivation.

After a night, the Golden Book had already finished cultivating it.

The next morning, Ye Xiao woke up fresh from his sleep.

He did not care about the little mosquito net-like quilt that was bulging up.

He immediately began to calm his mind and began to understand the Heavenly Creation Array.

Simply put, all the star arrays in the world were extracted from the star beast’s star core.

However, the source of the star array’s power was to imitate the positions of the stars in the sky to create a gravitational field that attracted and controlled the surrounding spiritual energy.

It was like an electromagnetic field that attracted all the spiritual energy and then created a special attack, defense, or illusion mode.

Setting up an array required three types of foundations.

One was the spiritual stone or star beast core that was infused with spiritual energy.

The second was the special alignment of the array.

The third was an appropriate amount of the blood essence of the person who set up the array.

The spiritual stone and star core were the basic foundation of setting up an array.

They provided the basic energy, then activated the alignment of the array and absorbed the spiritual energy, causing the array to operate continuously.

That concept was roughly equivalent to starting a car.

In the beginning, it had to be driven by a battery, and then the engine would start to operate.

As for the blood essence of the person who set up the formation, it was used to control the array.

A large array without an owner would definitely not do things according to its own will.

The Heavenly Creation Array was a single array, but it contained multiple arrays combined into one.

It gathered the five elements of Yin and Yang, illusion array, as well as an attack array into one.

It belonged to the killing array type.

Its defensive ability was very ordinary, but it was still at the level of an imperial array.

It could barely have some of it.

After all, it was a killing array.

It was mainly in charge of killing.

As long as it was supplied with sufficient spiritual energy, even the divine sect might be trapped inside, or even fall.

However, the prerequisite was to have sufficient spiritual energy supply.

In other words, one had to use a good star core or a large number of spiritual stones.

Ye Xiao estimated that if one wanted to kill a divine grandmaster, at the very least, one would need at least a number of star beast star cores at the grandmaster level or above, or millions of spiritual stones to complete it.

One could only say that using the augmentation of the array would reduce some losses and ensure a certain success rate of killing.

It could not be said that it was omnipotent.

Just like a person who had an extra knife in his hand, it was definitely easier to kill people with a tool than kill them with bare hands.

However, it might not necessarily be able to kill them with 100 percent certainty.

Of course, there was a difference between the types of knives.

An ordinary array formation was a rusty broken knife.

Ye Xiao’s star array was an alloy steel knife! An alloy steel knife was definitely more than a hundred times stronger than a rusty broken knife.

After learning the star array, the first thing he did was to replace the array on his storage ring and inscribe the Heavenly Creation Array.

This storage ring was crafted by a miracle.

It was just that the materials were insufficient, so it temporarily could not reach the standard of an imperial item.

It needed to increase the materials in the future.

However, it had also surpassed the standard of an ordinary grandmaster-grade artifact.

It already possessed a trace of the ability to absorb spiritual energy on its own.

Even if it was lost, it would automatically activate the star array to prevent others from stealing it.

In that way, although it was not perfect, it was enough for him to use in the short term.

After doing all of that, Ye Xiao let out a long breath and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He had accomplished another small goal, perfect.