Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 97

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Righteousness! The Martial Way of the World! Look Up to the Nine Provinces! Everyone’s hearts sank once again.

Piao Jiansheng had defeated Qin Yuyan, and he had just fought with Sasaki Taro, so he had more right to speak than anyone else.

Du Changfeng and the others had not said anything.

That was because they saw it more clearly than anyone else.

They knew long ago that it was impossible for Qin Yuyan to defeat Sasaki Taro.

There was nothing they could do.

The time Qin Yuyan had spent practicing her saber technique was too short! No matter how good that saber art expert’s saber technique was, it was impossible for Qin Yuyan to raise such a heaven-defying level in such a short time.

In the end, it did not really matter.

It did not matter that Qin Yuyan would lose.

There were even stronger geniuses in the nine provinces who could definitely defeat Sasaki Taro and vindicate the nine provinces! On the field, Sasaki Taro stood proudly on the spot with his eyes tightly shut.

When he sensed Qin Yuyan’s arrival, he slowly opened his eyes.

However, they were only half-opened and not completely open.

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COM He slightly raised his chin and glanced at Qin Yuyan with the faint shift from the corner of his eyes.

He did not even consider Qin Yuyan an opponent in his eyes.

Putting aside the fact that Qin Yuyan was a nobody before, just based on the fact that she had been defeated by Piao Jiansheng.

If she was defeated by a defeated opponent, what worth did she have to him? If it was not for the sake of the recording, he would not even look at Qin Yuyan.

Not to mention, he was competing with Qin Yuyan! “Seeing that you are a woman, you should make your move first.

” Sasaki Taro said calmly, his tone was full of contempt as if he did not take Qin Yuyan seriously at all.

Qin Yuyan seemed to have already seen through his arrogance, but she did not take the initiative to make a move because of it.

Her firm gaze was neither happy nor sad.

She said calmly, “This is my home ground.

You are my guest.

Naturally, you will make the first move.

” Sasaki Taro narrowed his eyes slightly.

“You are playing with fire!” Qin Yuyan had not said anything else.

She only gripped the hilt of the saber in her hand tightly.

Seeing that, Sasaki Taro’s eyes were filled with anger.

He had been looked down upon by a woman.

Moreover, she was defeated by an opponent who lost to him.

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COM What was the difference between her and being looked down upon by a piece of trash? Argh! He pulled out the long saber in his hand and coldly said, “Swords and sabers have no eyes.

If I accidentally cripple you, don’t blame me!” As soon as he finished speaking, he lightly tapped his feet, and his body instantly left the spot.

He had to follow the same rules as Piao Jiansheng.

His martial cultivation was suppressed to the Houtian fifth grade.

However, his speed was one level faster than Piao Jiansheng! That was the crux of Jia He Liu’s ninjutsu.

The saber technique had already surpassed the scope of the common saber techniques.

Its super-fast speed and strange movements were like a malicious ghost, making people shudder.

When the move was unleashed, everyone’s hearts were shaken, and their eyes were filled with worry.

“What a fast saber!” Qin Yuyan stood rooted to the ground, not moving in the slightest.

Sasaki Taro’s speed was exemplary, and he had already arrived in front of her in the blink of an eye.

Ten feet, five feet, three feet, one foot! The moment Sasaki Taro arrived before her, Qin Yuyan suddenly made her move.

A saber was drawn out like lightning.

When they saw that saber, all the martial arts experts present could not help but feel their hearts tremble.

Their eyes suddenly widened, revealing an incredulous expression.

The most shocked was Sasaki Taro! At that moment, he was the closest to Qin Yuyan.

Therefore, he could feel how strong Qin Yuyan’s saber intent was! That move almost made his heart suffocate! It was not the suppression of cultivation, but the suppression of true intent! Only at that moment did he realize that he had been careless! He had completely underestimated that girl.

Boom! Without giving him much time to think, in the next second, the two sabers collided! Due to the intense collision between the blades, dazzling sparks were instantly ignited.

As for Sasaki Taro, he felt that his saber intent was instantly crushed by Qin Yuyan’s.

In an unrivaled manner, he was crushed! The other party’s saber even made his skin feel as if it was being torn apart! In the next second, he was sent flying.

Bang! Sasaki Taro was sent flying dozens of feet before he finally fell heavily to the ground.

The entire martial arts hall fell into a deathly silence in an instant.

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked at the scene before them in disbelief.

Qin Yuyan, who almost no one thought highly of, had actually sent Sasaki Taro flying with a single slash? What kind of joke was that? In the stands, Du Changfeng and the others were also dumbfounded.

She won? She won so easily? Even Piao Jiansheng was defeated, yet Qin Yuyan defeated her opponent with a single slash? Were they dreaming? Could it be that that saber art expert’s saber intent had already defied the heavens to such an extent? After all, they all knew of Qin Yuyan’s talent.

With her talent, it was absolutely impossible for her to comprehend the saber so deeply.

It could only be said that it was all because of that saber intent that made up for her lack of talent.

Insane! A complete maniac! That martial artist was really not a human! He was a god! A true God of the Saber! Clap, Clap, Clap… Piao Jiansheng was the first to clap.

His eyes were shining with excitement.

Of course, he was not excited because of Qin Yuyan’s victory, but because of the victory of the nine provinces’ martial arts! Was that the might of the nine provinces that his master spoke of? A country with countless resplendent martial arts civilizations! Having been in the nine provinces for so long, although he had already been shocked once before, that time, he was only shocked by the mysterious saber art expert.

If it was another martial arts expert from another country, he might also be shocked! At that moment, he truly felt the charm of the nine provinces’ martial arts culture.

In just a few months, Qin Yuyan had transformed from a newbie to such a powerful entity.

What kind of existence was the saber intent that she had obtained? What kind of artistic conception did the martial arts expert behind her have? At that time, Piao Jiansheng felt that it did not matter whether he returned to the Han state or not.

The martial arts of the world were within the nine provinces, right? He decided not to leave.

He himself had seven-eighths of the bloodline of the nine provinces, so he could be considered a person of the nine provinces.

He had no regrets about entering the nine provinces in his life! After he clapped, the others reacted and began to clap as well.

The entire martial arts hall began to clap like thunder.

Qin Yuyan revealed a smile on her face.

Her hand tightly gripped the hilt of her saber.

At that moment, not only had she defeated Sasaki Taro, but she had also defeated Piao Jiansheng! She had washed away the humiliation of being defeated! Her heart was so excited that her blood was boiling.

‘Sir, did you see that? ‘Even though you didn’t accept me as your disciple, I would never embarrass you.