Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 84

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Buddha or Ghost? In the next few days, Ye Xiao accompanied old monk Fa Zheng and wandered around Jianghai city.

Although Jianghai city already had a garrison team, the garrison team was after all a group of Houtian realm warriors.

They had not even reached the Xiantian realm, so it was difficult for them to find star beasts that were slightly stronger.

However, those fish that escaped the net were all killed after meeting the old monk.

None of them escaped.

That was especially true every night.

It was plausible that those hidden star beasts, orcs, ghosts, and vengeful spirits were more likely to come out at night.

Fa Zheng had killed 20 to 30 star beasts in a row, including vengeful spirits.

Moreover, all of them had the strength of Houtian fifth grade and above.

In that way, all the major threats of Jianghai city were almost completely eradicated by Fa Zheng.

The more Fa Zheng killed star beasts, Ye Xiao realized that the inner demons within his body were getting stronger and stronger.

His peaceful eyes even revealed traces of faint killing intent from time to time.

It was common sense that as Fa Zheng was a great grandmaster, his state of mind could be said to be deep.

It was absolutely impossible for his state of mind to be disturbed just because he killed a few dozen star beasts.

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COM There was definitely something behind the scenes.

On the fourth night, Ye Xiao brought master Fa Zheng to the suburbs and killed another Houtian seventh grade star beast.

At that time, it was already past midnight.

Fa Zheng’s face was much paler.

Ye Xiao felt that if that continued, Fa Zheng would probably go mad.

Hence, he found a hotel nearby and let him rest for the night.

When he walked into the hall, the person guarding the door was a little girl with smoky makeup and tattoos on her body.

Although it was already autumn, it was a little stuffy tonight.

She licked an ice-cream to cool down, and her skills were on par with some famous movie masters.

“How much for one night?” The other party glanced at the two of them and said nonchalantly, “For one is 800, for two is 1,600, and the room is free.

” Ye Xiao was speechless.

Fa Zheng was somewhat puzzled.


Ye, what does she mean?” “Well… This is a service they provide.

It’s meant to challenge the spiritual weakness of their customers.

” Ye Xiao tried his best to explain it in a way that the old monk could understand.

Fa Zheng was greatly surprised.

“Amazing! “This penniless monk had never imagined that there would be such a wonderful thing as a spiritual barrier for martial artists here.

If one can break through it, one will definitely be able to improve one’s state of mind.

“As expected, martial arts experts are among the people! “This penniless monk has cultivated for 60 years and has also cultivated quite a number of Shaolin spiritual Buddhist techniques.

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COM Ye Xiao was dumbfounded.

He was not sure if the monk had understood the meaning underlying his words, or if he had not.

He did not know whether he was pretending to be muddle-headed, or if he really was muddle-headed! If he were to openly ask, it would not be too good either.

Therefore, after taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao said with a solemn expression, “I’ll book it for you.

” He turned his head to look at the reception lady at the front desk and said again, “Can I issue an invoice?” The other nodded.

“You can.

1,600 or 3,000? If you go for 3,000, you’ll have to add 100 yuan.

Any more and it won’t do.

After all, it’s not suitable for the two of you to stay in our hotel room.

If your company finds out and looks for the market supervision or security team, we’ll have to bear the responsibility.

” After a moment of silence, Ye Xiao handed over his bank card.

“Write an invoice for 3,000 yuan for two rooms.

Mine is an ordinary guest room.

” “Okay.

” The other party quickly wrote out the invoice and gave Ye Xiao two room cards.

“If it’s an ordinary guest room, there’s only one bed.

The other one has twin beds.

You use the room with twin beds and leave the single bed for your friend.

The experience will be better.

” “Okay!” Ye Xiao took the room card and brought Fa Zheng upstairs.

The two of them entered their respective rooms.

After Ye Xiao washed up, he laid on the bed and continued to read the body-refining technique.

However, not long after, his doorbell rang.

Ye Xiao’s mind swept over it.

It was actually Fa Zheng.

He opened the door.

Fa Zheng’s old face was slightly red as he stood at his door.

He was like a child who had made a mistake and was somewhat at a loss.


Ye, this penniless… Can this penniless monk stay in your room for one night? That woman took off her clothes as soon as she entered.

She said something like, she has professional ethics.

After receiving money, she must do something and is unwilling to leave no matter what.

” Ye Xiao was stunned.

The old monk was not faking it.

He was truly pure.

He really did not understand what Ye Xiao meant just now.

“Come in.

” He did not mind.

After all, his room had twin beds.

It was not like they were sleeping on the same bed.

“Thank you.

” Fa Zheng seemed to have grabbed onto a life-saving straw as he hurriedly entered Ye Xiao’s room.

After entering, he let out a long breath and said Amitabha.

Only then did his expression gradually return to normal.

“I’ve made a fool out of you, Mr.


” Ye Xiao shook his head.

“I wasn’t clear.

” “No, you were vaguely pointing it out.

It’s just that this penniless monk was stupid and didn’t comprehend it for a moment.

In the end, he ended up making a fool of himself.

” Pausing for a moment, he looked at the book beside Ye Xiao’s bed and could not help but say in surprise, “Eh, this is… A body-refining technique?” Ye Xiao nodded.

“I didn’t expect Mr.

Ye to be so diligent and eager to learn.

You still want to read body-refining techniques in the middle of the night.

If you can activate your divine soul, your future is limitless.

“I’ve observed that Mr.

Ye’s temperament is extremely good these few days.

He is extremely suitable to cultivate Buddhist cultivation techniques.

Perhaps it is Mr.

Ye who is fated with Buddhism.

“Why don’t you join the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy? This penniless monk can fight for a soul-condensing pill for Mr.

Ye to condense the soul.

” The soul-condensing pill was the only pill capable of condensing the soul.

However, the materials needed to refine it required the soul of a star beast from a major sect.

Its production capacity was extremely rare, and there was no market for it.

Usually, it was only available in extremely large academies and at the frontlines.

It was incomparably precious.

However, Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Master.

However, I’m used to staying in Jianghai city, and I don’t wish to leave for the time being.

” Fa Zheng sighed softly, feeling a little disappointed.

“Alright, that’s a pity.

However, if you change your mind in the future, you can come to Shaolin anytime to look for me.

” Ye Xiao nodded and continued reading.

Meanwhile, the old monk Fa Zheng sat cross-legged and meditated, silently reciting the Buddhist dharma.

As he recited the Buddhist dharma, a golden light shone on his body, dispelling the evil aura on his body.

In the small guest room, Ye Xiao was lying on his side reading a book.

Fa Zheng was sitting cross-legged and chanting the sutras.

The bedside lamp was warm and yellow.

It was a peaceful scene.

That scene lasted for a full two hours.

Four hours later, in the second half of the night, a dark cloud covered the moonlight.

Outside the hotel, a chilly wind suddenly appeared.

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly, but he did not look outside.

Instead, he looked at Fa Zheng, who was sitting cross-legged and chanting the sutras.

The wind outside was affected by the surrounding Yin magnetic field, and that change in the magnetic field actually came from Fa Zheng’s body.

At that moment, the Buddhist light on his body actually began to faintly appear.

Moreover, there was another gloomy aura that leaked out from time to time.