Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 80

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 80

Chapter 80: You Don’t Have Any Morals Early the next morning, Ye Xiao packed up Huan Liuli.

From now on, he had to keep her by his side at all times.

The day of the seven stars was approaching.

Only by having her by his side could his spiritual energy suppress her.

Otherwise, it was hard to guarantee that she would go out and do something dangerous.

After eating breakfast, he went to the library and clocked in for work.

The other supervisors had already begun to issue missions and carry out morning lectures.

On Ye Xiao’s side, everything was stable.

He did not like lectures.

He also did not like to act high and mighty.

Things like power, if you only used it when you liked, that would be called abuse of power.

If you could not bear to put it down at every moment, then you would be the one being played with by power.

The best life would be a peaceful and quiet life.

The managers under Ye Xiao were also very observant.

When they arrived, they would take the initiative to mop the floor and wipe the table… After taking care of the basic hygiene, they would check the books to see if there was any damage that needed to be repaired.

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COM On the other hand, Ye Xiao read the books in peace and continued to search for the last basic body-refining technique.

Not long after, a young manager walked over and could not help but ask in puzzlement, “Supervisor Ye, did Manager Ning apply for leave? Why didn’t he come today?” Ye Xiao was somewhat stunned.

“He didn’t come?” “That’s right, he hasn’t come for a long time.

” Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

Ning Yuhen usually worked very seriously and was very obedient.

What was going on today? He actually skipped work? “I got it.

Don’t tell anyone about this, lest his salary be deducted.

” “Alright!” Ye Xiao was very good to his subordinates.

He had never recorded the times when everyone came late and left early.

Hence, his words were still very authoritative.

After the other party left, Ye Xiao immediately activated the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery.

In an instant, he found out that Ning Yuhen was in a daze on the bed in the dormitory.

His body temperature was a little high.

That kid… Could it be that he was also affected by the seven stars alignment so he was going into a rampage? He would not go crazy and run out to kill people wantonly, right? With a slight thought, he activated the Divine Intent technique.

In an instant, Ye Xiao appeared outside Ning Yuhen’s door.

He knocked on the door, and Ning Yuhen’s groggy voice came from the room.

“Who is it?” “It’s me.

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COM When Ning Yuhen heard Ye Xiao’s voice, he forced himself to say, “Come in, the door isn’t locked.

” Ye Xiao pushed the door open, and there was a momentary absent-mindedness on his face.

At that moment, he felt a very familiar feeling.

However, he quickly walked in without batting an eyelid.

“What’s going on? Why are you still sleeping in broad daylight?” Ning Yuhen hugged the blanket tightly and curled up in the bed, shivering.

“I don’t know either.

When I came back last night, I was a little cold, as if I had a fever.

However, using healing cultivation techniques to treat it was useless.

” Ye Xiao knew that Ning Yuhen did not dare to go to the hospital, afraid that his star beast bloodline would be discovered.

However, his Silver Fox bloodline had its own healing cultivation techniques, which were also very strong.

It was not much inferior to the doctors in those hospitals.

How could he not be able to cure even a small cold and fever? In addition to that familiar feeling just now… “Perhaps your healing cultivation technique is not suitable.

I have also learned some healing cultivation techniques recently.

Let me take a look.

” Anyone could practice cultivation healing techniques.

The requirements were not high, so Ye Xiao did not have to worry about exposing anything in front of him.

“Alright! Thank you, Sir.

” Ye Xiao stretched out his hand and placed it on Ning Yuhen’s wrist, slightly releasing his healing cultivation technique.

Only then did he realize that the fresh blood in Ning Yuhen’s body was flowing rapidly as if it was catalyzed by something, the star beast bloodline within it was expanding by a large extent.

Something was not quite right.

That was not because the seven stars aligned.

Huan Liuli was also affected by the seven stars aligned, but the symptoms for Huan Liuli were increasing exponentially.

Within a minute, Huan Liuli would instantly increase a portion of her strength, but in the following time, her strength would be maintained.

She would only wait until the next time when her strength would increase explosively.

However, Ning Yuhen’s star beast bloodline was being activated at every moment.

Ye Xiao had especially read some books about the seven stars aligned.

It was recorded that the effects of the seven stars aligned on beastmen were the same as the effects on star beasts.

It would not produce different effects just because of the difference in constitution一the effect would not be different.

Ye Xiao quietly used the healing cultivation technique while applying the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery to scan Ning Yuhen’s soul.

Found it! In just an instant, Ye Xiao found the reason.

Then, that majestic spiritual energy instantly flooded over in all directions.

In Ning Yuhen’s soul, there was a black fog.

It had not realized the situation yet and was controlling Ning Yuhen’s spiritual energy to activate his bloodline.

“Hehehe, kid, the taste of becoming a beast isn’t good.

But once you succeed in becoming a beast, you will completely evolve from a human into a noble star beast! “Thank this king for bestowing you with this supreme favor!” However, who knew that just as his voice fell, his consciousness suddenly sank into a sealed darkness.

Before the black fog could react, it felt its surroundings turn black and instantly become encircled by someone.

When Ye Xiao pulled the black fog out of Ning Yuhen’s soul, the boiling beast blood in Ning Yuhen’s body quickly began to simmer down.

There was still a trace of boiling, but Ning Yuhen’s own healing cultivation technique had already begun to operate.

Ning Yuhen seemed to have been tormented for the entire night.

He was so tired that he actually fell asleep soundlessly.

Ye Xiao did not disturb him.

With a turn of his body, he arrived at his own dormitory next door.

Although he did not live here, it was still his.

He extended his palm slightly, and a black fog quickly spread out and prepared to escape.

Bang, Bang, Bang… Unfortunately, Ye Xiao had already used his spiritual energy defense.

At that moment, the entire room was covered by spiritual energy.

After the black fog collided with the barrier a few times, it slowly stopped.

The black fog violently jumped.

“This king was careless.

I didn’t expect that there would also be a spiritual art master in addition to an extraordinary martial arts expert in this tiny Jianghai city.

” “This king? You’re King El?” Ye Xiao immediately found out the other party’s identity! The black fog paused.

“Good kid, you even guessed this king’s true body!” Seeing the other party admit it, Ye Xiao showed no mercy.

He circulated the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery and scattered the black fog on the spot! Bang! As it was its spiritual energy explosion, only the spiritual consciousness of the two of them could sense it.

No one else could hear it.

However, soon, King El’s soul body condensed into form again.

“Stinky brat, you don’t care about martial virtue.

You actually dared to launch a sneak attack when this king wasn’t paying attention! You’re bullying this king because this king doesn’t have… !” Just as he finished his words, Ye Xiao sent an even stronger spiritual energy attack over.

“All intruders must die!”