Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 79

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Seven Stars in a Row Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation … After work in the evening, Ye Xiao, Ning Yuhen, and the rest of his subordinates ate in the canteen.

After the meal, Ye Xiao bid farewell to everyone and went home.

The few of them could not help but reveal envious expressions.

“I really envy Supervisor Ye.

His salary is high, so he can rent an apartment outside.

” “That’s right.

It’s so nice to live alone, and he can even find a girlfriend.

The dormitory in the library is not good, and outsiders are not allowed to enter.

” “Then you can also find a colleague in the library, isn’t that enough?” “That’s crooked, would you do that?” Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM “Turn off the lights then.

” … Ning Yuhen listened to everyone’s discussion, thinking that he should also rent a house.

He had thought about that problem before.

His bloodline was special so if he lived with everyone, it would be very dangerous if he was exposed.

‘The supervisor said before that the house he rented in the suburbs was only 100 yuan a month.

I should be able to afford it.

’ Thinking of that, Ning Yuhen left the library and went to a real estate agent nearby.

“Hello, Miss, welcome, welcome.

” The sales manager immediately walked up to welcome him.

Ning Yuhen’s face was slightly gloomy as he said, “I’m a boy.

” The smile on the sales manager’s face froze, and then he smiled awkwardly again to ease the awkwardness.

“Uh, sir, you look really delicate.

Please come in, please come in.

I’ll get you some water.

” Ning Yuhen snorted coldly and walked into the shop.

The other party quickly poured him a glass of water and then asked, “Would you like to buy a house or sell it?” “I can’t afford it, and I don’t have a house to sell.

I’ll rent a house.

” Ning Yuhen picked up the disposable cup and drank a mouthful of mineral water.

The other party smiled again and asked, “Then what price are you prepared to rent? Do you have any requirements for the location?” “Yes, the suburbs will do.

The cheaper ones.

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COM “Okay.

The rent in the suburbs is generally between 800 and 1,200 yuan.

I wonder how much you expect it to be?” Ning Yuhen could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

The difference between that and what the supervisor said was quite big! The house that the manager rented was only 100 yuan a month.

How did the lowest price become 800 yuan? “Don’t lie to me.

My friend just rented a house.

It’s not as expensive as you said.

” The sales manager still smiled and said, “It’s okay.

I’m only talking about the approximate price.

You can give me a psychological expectation.

I’ll give you a reference.

” “Hmm… I want a 100 yuan house.

” The smile on the customer manager’s face suddenly disappeared.

“How much did you say?” “A 100 yuan per month!” “Security, throw this idiot out!” “A 100 yuan house? Are you crazy? Get out of here.

If I see you again, I’ll break your legs.

” Ning Yuhen, who had been thrown out by a few security guards, was deeply puzzled.

Why was it that the supervisor could rent a house for 100 yuan, but he could not? After feeling a bit depressed, he began to walk toward other agencies.

He might be able to find one if he asked a few more agencies.

What he did not notice was that a black fog was staring at him at a corner of the street.

“Hehehe, I didn’t expect that I would be so lucky to find a Silver Fox royal bloodline.

As long as I enter his soul and activate his bloodline, I will be able to attract the martial arts experts of the Silver Fox clan over.

“If I use this kid as a hostage, the Silver Fox clan will have no choice but to help.

“At that time, with the seven stars aligned, I will make two preparations.

I will definitely be able to break the seal and revive myself.

“When that time comes, this king will definitely swallow you alive and eat all of you, turning you into this king’s nourishment!” … On the other side, Ye Xiao returned home.

When he saw that his home was in a mess and that a few large holes had been dug into the sofa, he could not help but frown slightly.

From the traces, those were all caused by sharp claws.

Furthermore, the aura in the room was very familiar.

It was the aura of Huan Liuli, and there were no traces of other living beings.

That also meant that these were all made by Huan Liuli.

“Was that d*mn cat that itchy?” The Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery had just circulated and searched for Huan Liuli.

In the next second, an extremely sharp aura leaped out from behind Ye Xiao and pounced straight at his spine.

Ye Xiao’s gaze turned slightly cold.

He activated the Divine Intent technique and his body instantly disappeared from where he was.

He reappeared once again and was already behind Huan Liuli.

Then, he unleashed the powerful strength of Xiantian fifth grade and stomped heavily on Huan Liuli’s back, trampling her onto the ground on the spot.

No matter how she struggled, she was unable to get up.

“Let go of me, meow! Meow!” Under his feet, Huan Liuli continued to struggle and roar.

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

Something was not right.

Huan Liuli usually did not look like that.

Moreover, Huan Liuli’s pupils had already turned into the vertical pupils of a star beast! That was not normal.

Without much hesitation, the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery accelerated its circulation.

A huge amount of spiritual energy rapidly surged into Huan Liuli’s mind, suppressing her spiritual energy.

In an instant, Huan Liuli quieted down and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

“Ye Xiao… Run quickly.

Don’t… Come back these few days.

” She muttered in her sleep.

Ye Xiao carried her back to her room with a solemn expression and let her lie on the bed to rest.

Only then did he return to his room.

Earlier, his Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery scanned Huan Liuli’s mind and he then understood what was going on.

Seven stars in a row! It was coming.

The so-called seven stars in a row meant that the seven special stars in the sky formed a straight line! The star beasts’ power was drawn from the stars in the universe, the changes of the stars would have a huge impact on the star beasts.

The seven stars in a row had the biggest impact of all.

When the seven stars aligned, the star beasts’ power would increase by two to three times.

It was said that the closer they got to the starry sky, the higher the number of times it would increase.

No one knew where it would end up.

The problem was that along with the increase in power, there would also be a huge disaster.

That was, the star beasts would lose their reason and gradually become crazy.

Just think about it.

The star beasts that had increased in strength were already very terrifying.

However, they would lose their rationality and attack other life forms without caring about life and death.

That was simply a nightmare-like disaster! What was even more terrifying was that even the beastmen were unable to contend against the seven stars in a row.

It was also possible that they would lose their rationality and attack humans like the star beasts.

That was also why humans were so fearful of beastmen.

There was also another point.

On the day the seven stars aligned, even a beastman like Huan Liuli and Ning Yuhen would not be able to resist.

Their consciousness would fall into madness.

Not only would they attack humans, but that sealed King El… Who could guarantee that his strength would not increase? His consciousness would not fall into madness? Ye Xiao rubbed his temples.

“Looks like I have to read more books.