Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 77

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 77

Chapter 77: There Was a Divine Grandmaster in Jianghai City! “Holy sh*t!” The atmosphere was a little awkward.

With Du Changfeng’s status, cursing in such a way was already very disgraceful.

In the end, he kept on talking.

“Cough, cough…” Du Tianyu coughed lightly.

“Uncle, please be wary of your words.

” Du Changfeng could not suppress his excitement as he waved the thing in his hand excitedly.

“Do you know what this is?” “What is it?” Ouyang Yunzhong could not help but feel a little puzzled.

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COM Du Changfeng said with an excited and solemn expression, “This is the design of the latest fighter jet Star Streak developed by America! It gathers all of America’s most advanced technology! It can also be said to be the world’s most advanced fighter jet.

“According to the internal evaluation of American scientists, it can display the speed and strength of a grandmaster.

“They spent tens of billions of dollars just to research and manufacture this fighter jet.

“Based on its technological level, it far surpasses that of ours in the nine provinces and can greatly improve our fighter jet research and development capabilities.

It can completely catch up to or even surpass America’s technology in this area.

Its value… Is no longer something that can be measured with money!” The three of them were silent for a moment before… “F*ck!” “F*ck!” “F*ck!” A complete design blueprint of a fighter jet is comparable to a grandmaster! Top-notch technology in the field of war technology! The value of that was really too great! In fact, it was even much more valuable than the few of them present here.

Du Changfeng shook his head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“You just said that I’m still the same.

” “I can’t help it.

This thing is too shocking.

I’ve lived for dozens of years, and now I feel that I’m not even as good as these pieces of paper and USB!” Du Changfeng carefully put the design back into the folder.

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COM “Not to mention that you’re not as good as them, even I, or even dozens or even hundreds of martial grandmasters, can’t compare to these pieces of paper and USB!” “Old Du, have you examined it? Is this design real or fake?” “Don’t worry.

Although I’m not the best in the field of war technology, I can more or less tell that this thing is 90 percent real!” Ouyang Yunzhong could not help but frown: “But… Who gave this to us? And why did they give it to us?” Du Changfeng was also deep in thought.

“It is very likely that the other party is a patriotic mysterious martial arts expert who obtained this design by chance.

“As for why he gave it to us, it must be because he is currently living in Jianghai city.

” Du Tianyu immediately said, “Right, the governor’s mansion has recently been equipped with the latest technology of high-end surveillance cameras, which can already resolve the magnetic field interference brought by those above the grandmaster rank.

“It can even solve part of the magnetic field interference brought by those at the grandmaster rank.

” Qin Shenglong’s eyes lit up.

“If we install such a good thing in Jianghai city, won’t it be very easy to find those in the major sects?” Du Tianyu did not know whether to laugh or cry “How can it be so easy? The value of this thing is too high.

Even the governor’s mansion doesn’t even have the right to install it.

I only managed to arrange it with my uncle’s help.

It’s impossible to install it on the streets outside.

” Du Changfeng interrupted the two.

“We’re looking for the person who delivered the envelope, not those martial grandmasters.

Tianyu, quickly bring up the surveillance footage.

” “Yes!” Du Tianyu immediately ordered his secretary to bring up the footage from that time.

It was just as Du Changfeng’s secretary had said.

The document bag had suddenly appeared in her hand as if it had appeared out of thin air.

“Slow it down by ten times.

” … “Slow it down by twenty times.

” … “Slow it down again!” … “Slow it down again!” … “Mr.

Du, it’s already slowed down to the maximum.

” The secretary interrupted them helplessly, and everyone fell into silence again.

That was a surveillance camera that could even capture the afterimage of a great grandmaster! However, they still could not capture the other party’s figure.

Was that a joke? “Old Du, what do you think?” Du Changfeng closed his eyes and let out a long breath.

Then, with a solemn expression, he said, “If my guess is correct, the other party should be a divine grandmaster!” “What!” Everyone’s hearts trembled.

Even their pupils could not help but dilate at that moment.

Divine grandmaster! It was actually a divine grandmaster! From the initial grandmaster to the peak of the great grandmaster, lesser divine grandmaster, in Jianghai city until now, even a divine grandmaster had appeared! One had to know that if it was just a great grandmaster, no matter how rare it was, there were still quite a few in the nine provinces.

Divine grandmasters were truly rare, and could already be considered national treasures.

In the nearly 200 years of calamity in the nine provinces, the official record of the divine grandmasters was a total of 27! That figure was not very accurate because the reclusive martial arts experts in the nine provinces also accounted for a small portion, but it would not exceed 35 at most! The total number of members of the divine sects recorded in the world at present was only less than 400! The population of that world was much more than Ye Xiao’s in his previous life.

It was far from 6 to 7 billion, but there were 60 to 70 billion! A population that was ten times more than Ye Xiao’s in his previous life was only able to nurture less than 400 divine sect martial artists.

Divine sect! That was an existence that was already comparable to a god! A casual attack from a divine grandmaster could sweep across 100,000 feet! Although they had previously guessed that there would be a divine grandmaster, it was ultimately just a guess.

Now, Jianghai city really had a divine grandmaster! “Just who are they?” A hint of longing appeared in Qin Shenglong’s eyes.

Even though he had lived for dozens of years and had seen all the prosperity in the world, he was like an insignificant ant in front of a divine grandmaster.

He could not help but reveal admiration.

“No matter who he is, from his actions, we can see that he is a hermit who is thinking about the future of the nine provinces! He is a senior that is worthy of our admiration.

” Du Changfeng nodded.

“Tianyu is right.

Furthermore, this matter must be kept a secret.

I will report this matter immediately, including the blueprints of this fighter jet.

Everyone present today must not expose this matter to anyone.

If it is exposed, I will arrest them for revealing the secrets of the nine provinces.

In serious cases, I might even kill them.

At that time, don’t blame me for being merciless!” Everyone’s hearts trembled and they immediately nodded in agreement.

That matter was too big.

It was so big that even grandmasters like them could not bear it, let alone control it.

… The instigator of that matter, Ye Xiao, had his hands in his pockets as he slowly walked toward the direction of the library on the street.

He naturally did not know that others had guessed that he was a divine grandmaster.

In reality, that was only because the speed of the Divine Intent technique was too fast, allowing him to reach, or even surpass, the speed of some divine grandmasters.

That caused everyone to misunderstand.

In reality, he was still a Xiantian fourth-grade great grandmaster.

However… At that moment, there were some unusual movements.