Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 70

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 70

Chapter 70: The Final Movement Technique Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation … “Supervisor Ye, you’re here.

” Seeing that Ye Xiao had arrived, Ning Yuhen immediately sat up from the bed.

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“You’re welcome.

Just lie down and don’t touch your wound.

” “It’s fine.

I’m already fine.

” Ye Xiao put his things away and asked a few simple questions about his injuries.

Ning Yuhen had some answers, but he did not answer them one by one.

Clearly, he was a little absent-minded.

Perhaps, he was worried that Ye Xiao would ask about his origins.

After asking a few questions, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said, Please Keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM “Do you want to rest? Why don’t I go back to the library first?” Ning Yuhen gritted his teeth and could not help but say, “Sir, could it be that… You’re not at all curious about what happened last night?” “What’s there to be curious about? Everyone has their own secrets.

If you wanted to say it, you would have said it long ago.

If you didn’t want to say it, I would have asked, and you would have used a lie to deceive me.

” Ning Yuhen clenched the bedsheet.

After a while, he let out a long sigh of relief.

“Sir, to be honest, your attitude is the best among all the people I’ve met.

Sometimes, I even suspect that you’re secretly a martial arts prodigy.

You’re used to big storms and big waves, so your attitude towards life is always so calm and gentle, making people envious.

” “For someone like me, who can’t even open his soul and can’t do anything even if he tries hard, it’s better to lay low.

” Ning Yuhen shook his head.

“Sir, don’t belittle yourself.

To be honest, if you can cultivate, your future achievements will definitely not be low.

Your temperament is too good.

” After a pause, he spoke again, “Perhaps this is all fate.

The heavens will never let everyone be perfect.

Your temperament is so good, but you can’t cultivate.

I have talent, but I can’t cultivate openly.

The heavens love to play tricks on people.

” Seeing that he was in a daze, Ye Xiao stood up.

“Alright, stop lamenting.

Recuperate well and try to get back to work early.

I’ve applied for three days of sick leave for you.

” “Thank you, Sir.

” “You’re welcome.

” After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left.

Ning Yuhen hurriedly called for Ye Xiao.

“Supervisor Ye.

” please keep reading on MYB0X N 0 VEL.

COM Ye Xiao turned around.

Ning Yuhen said with a serious expression, “If one day, you discover that I’ve hidden something very important from you, will you hate me very much?” “No.

” “Why?” “You’re not as handsome as me, not as rich as me, and not as manly as me.

Why would I hate someone who’s worse than me?” Ning Yuhen did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Sir, you really don’t pull your punches!” “That’s right, I’ll be leaving first.

” … Ye Xiao returned to the library and continued to read.

After he was promoted to supervisor, all the errands were basically done by the managers under him, so he did not need to interfere at all.

Therefore, after reading all the books on movement in his area, Ye Xiao quickly found six basic movement techniques.

Then, using his identity as supervisor, he went to other areas to read books and found two basic movement techniques in succession.

In that way, he had gathered eight basic movement techniques.

1 The Golden Book had already begun to emit a flickering golden light.

That meant that he still needed one more basic movement technique and he would be able to synthesize.

He did not know what kind of technique the synthesized technique was.

At present, he already had the battle-type Overpowering Saber, the Heaven-cleaving Sword, the mental cultivation Violet Sea of Stars, the spiritual Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery, and the healing Mending the Heavens technique.

Five cultivation techniques, each one of which was the best of the best, far surpassing the level of cultivation techniques in that world.

It could allow him to display strength that surpassed his cultivation level.

If he synthesized another movement technique, it would not be too bad.

How much speed would he increase to? His current speed could already reach supersonic levels.

If he was a step faster, would he be able to catch up to lightning? At that time, he would act like the Flash! As his strength increased, the strength displayed by the cultivation technique would also become stronger and stronger.

Moreover, he did not know if he could continue to synthesize the cultivation technique.

If he were to synthesize with an even stronger cultivation technique, would he still be able to reach the speed of light in the end? Even exceed the speed of light? Then, if he were to fart and use the cultivation technique, would he still be able to smell it after circling around the Earth for a while? 1 However, thinking about it, it would not be too realistic.

After all, movement techniques were not teleportation.

Movement techniques still had a speed limit.

Supersonic speed was still far from the speed of light.

In fact, it was still far from reaching the speed of light.

That was a distance that was like a natural chasm, not to mention exceeding the speed of light.

It was said that spatial-type arrays could achieve instantaneous teleportation over long distances.

However, spatial cultivation techniques seemed to be at the highest level of confidentiality.

Even the Jianghai city library did not have it, so there was no chance for him to learn it even if he wanted to.

Take it one step at a time.

In the future, when he was stronger, he would be able to learn them sooner or later.

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao opened up another movement cultivation technique.

The Golden Book suddenly trembled, making Ye Xiao’s face lit up with joy.

It was the last movement cultivation technique.

“Hey, aren’t you that cutie Ye Xiao? Why are you here in my area?” That voice made him raise his eyebrows slightly.

He was reading too seriously.

He did not expect to actually come to that manslayer’s territory.

It was a mistake! He raised his head to take a look.


Wang was still dressed as usual.

The top half of her body was in a small, close-fitting shirt.

She was wearing a small black suit for work.

The bottom half of her body was covered in a knee-length skirt.

Her long legs were wrapped in pale white stockings.

The suede high heels on her feet made the tiles creak under her feet.

That kind of work uniform was not expensive and was very formal.

However, for some reason, when it was worn on Ms.

Wang, it always made people feel the opposite.

Perhaps, it could be that some unorthodox nation in the east has been exporting a lot of unorthodox ideas in its culture.

Not to mention the fact that all the major websites have a separate section for overalls, on the same level as the various state features or the state selfies.

Even so, in many sub-sections, overalls often make cameo appearances, such as Terra Nova, The Governess, Time Out, and many other classics.


Wang sat opposite Ye Xiao.

A strong scent of Chanel perfume assailed his nose and she smiled slightly.

Those crescent-shaped eyes were indeed full of lethality to men.

Ye Xiao only took a glance before lowering his head and continuing to read.


Wang was not angry either.

She leaned on the table with her right hand supporting her cheek, still smiling at Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao, why do you read books every day? What’s so good about books?” “There’s a golden house in the books.

” “Hehe, building a golden house to hide a mistress? Why bother with that? Just say the word and come over to my house.

Open whichever door you want.

” Ye Xiao suddenly felt an itch on his leg.

He scanned it with his spiritual energy and realized that Ms.

Wang had taken off her high heels.

Her little feet, which were wearing silk stockings, were stroking his calves.

He propped himself up and took a step back slightly to avoid Ms.



Wang’s fish pond is too deep.

With my small body, I won’t be able to get up even if I go in.


You’d better find someone else.

” 3