Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 63

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Luring a Snake Out of Its Hole? No, You’re Luring a Dragon! After leaving, Huan Liuli could not help but ask, “Master, when did your healing technique become so powerful?” She knew a little about Ye Xiao learning healing cultivation techniques before.

However, healing cultivation techniques were not something that could be learned just because one’s cultivation was high.

Even for a doctor, killing someone was much easier than saving someone.

She acknowledged that Ye Xiao’s combat strength was extraordinary, but when did Ye Xiao’s healing skills become so good? “There are many things that you don’t know.

Do I have to tell you everything?” “Uh…” Huan Liuli did not continue speaking, but her heart was slightly solemn.

That master of hers was becoming more and more mysterious.

Not only was his attack power extraordinary, but he also possessed such a powerful healing power.

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COM Back then, she had set a small goal of hiding by his side for 200 years.

Her cultivation would surpass his and she would obtain freedom.

Now, it seemed that that time would increase a little.

She had decided to first become his slave for 250 years! … The scene of the car accident was quickly cleaned up.

Although the injured had already been healed, for the sake of safety, they would still be examined to prevent any hidden injuries from being left behind.

After the veteran’s examination, it caused quite a stir.

Soon, Mr.

Zhao took a few report forms and arrived in front of Du Tianyu.

“Why are you here, Mr.

Zhao?” Du Tianyu place aside his official duties and stood up to welcome him.


Zhao placed the report forms in front of Du Tianyu.


Governor, take a look at this.

” Du Tianyu adjusted his glasses and took a look.

He could not help but be shocked.

“How is this possible? A soldier in his eighties is showing signs of rejuvenation?” “Not only that, but he is also an old soldier who was injured on the battlefield.

His meridians had completely withered.

It is much more serious than ordinary soldiers.

” “My God, who did this?” Du Tianyu asked in disbelief.

“I’ve checked, but there’s no result.

The surrounding surveillance can’t detect the culprit.

The other party should be a martial artist above the grandmaster rank, and they had disrupted the magnetic field.

“What was even more terrifying was that they had even deleted some of the old soldier’s memories regarding his identity.

The other people’s memories were more or less tampered with by him.

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COM “That was why even when I arranged for people to use their spiritual energy to search, but they were unable to find any results.

“Isn’t this too terrifying? Not only are they a healer, but they’re also a master of the spiritual arts?” “I can’t be sure.

It could be the same person, or it could be that they have a powerful companion aiding them that is a master of the spiritual arts.

” Du Tianyu was completely stunned.

He did not expect that the tiny Jianghai city would actually have two more prodigies.

That… That was as if he had won the lottery.

In this day and age, martial artists were as worthless as cabbages? “Sir, we must find these people.

Especially this healer, they are too valuable! “Healers are divided into low, intermediate, high, and advanced grades.

The other party’s standard is at least at the level of a high-level healer, or perhaps even higher! “Furthermore, healers were rare, to begin with.

The value of an advanced healer was already comparable to a peak grandmaster, or even a great grandmaster! “Not to mention, the other party might even exceed the range of an advanced healer.

” Du Tianyu nodded.

“You’re right, but… How do we find this person?” “If we rashly search, we won’t be able to find him.

For a martial artist like them, no matter what interests they may have, it will be difficult to arouse their appetite.

However, if we use the opposite method to force them to come out, it might not be a bad choice.

” “What you mean is… ?” “Find someone to impersonate them and destroy their reputation.

First, find that saber art expert and swordmaster.

I don’t believe that we can’t force them to come out.

They are all martial artists, so there must be a connection.

Once we force them out, the healing and spiritual martial artists will also appear.

” “Are you crazy?” Du Tianyu directly waved his hand and refused.

“This absolutely won’t do.

They are people who have helped Jianghai city many times.

How can I do such a despicable thing? Besides, they’re all powerful grandmasters.

If we anger them, it might be a disaster for Jianghai city.

” “No, you’re thinking too much.

” Mr.

Zhao smiled.

“It’s clear that they’re not a bad person so there won’t be much danger.

“As long as you don’t take responsibility and undermine the situation by stating that it was all a misunderstanding from your underlings.

“If we can find them, all the credit will go to us.

Don’t you want to go further? Don’t you want to raise your position?” “It seems that you, sir, have done such things many times! Today, I have really broadened my horizons.

Unfortunately… I am not that shameless.

” Du Tianyu sneered.

Meanwhile, Mr.

Zhao said, “Du Tianyu, don’t be a coward.

Let me tell you, the higher-ups already wanted you to find these prodigies.

Have you made any progress? This is your mission in itself.

If you can’t complete it, forget about getting a promotion or a raise, you won’t be able to keep your current position.

” “Mr.

Zhao, you- !” “What do you mean by ‘you’? Why don’t I report this to the Alliance right now? You haven’t done your job well, and there haven’t been any results so far.

Although I’m not one of the higher-ups and can’t handle you directly, I still have the right to report the problem to the higher-ups.

” Du Tianyu was stunned for a moment.

Seeing that he no longer objected, Mr.

Zhao smiled faintly.

“That’s right.

If we find them, it’ll be good for both of us.

“Moreover, it’s not like I’m going to kill them.

I’m going to help them get promoted and get rich.

They will enjoy glory and riches! “They’re people from the nine provinces.

They must have used the resources of the nine provinces to become so strong.

Therefore, shouldn’t they make some contributions to the nine provinces? “Who asked them to hide and not come out? I was forced to do so.

” … On Ye Xiao’s side, he wanted to change his mind but did not look at his movement technique.

He had been reading about refining techniques all morning when Ning Yuhen suddenly ran over.

“Supervisor Ye, look, the forum in Jianghai city has exploded.

” “What happened?” “The identity of the mysterious expert in Jianghai city has been discovered.

” Ye Xiao’s heart suddenly jumped.

He was exposed? How was he exposed? In the past few days, he did not magnify any of his actions, so it would not attract the attention of others, right? That morning, when he made a move to save the people, he also used the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery to wipe out all the memories of the people he treated.

It was impossible for anyone to remember his appearance!