Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 54

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Ning Yuhen’s Secret “Looks like… I’ll have to keep a low profile in the future.

” Ye Xiao muttered.

He could easily imagine that the benefits gained from exposing his identity were far less than the disadvantages.

What could the aAlliance give him? It was nothing more than cultivation resources, power, status, money, women… Power, status, and money women were all fleeting clouds.

As long as one’s cultivation was strong enough, they could have as many as they wanted.

However, if one’s cultivation was gone, they would leave you in a minute.

The only thing that was precious was cultivation resources.

However, Ye Xiao did not need a pile of resources to cultivate like the others.

He only needed to read a book, and his divine soul’s Golden Book would automatically cultivate.

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COM That way, the only thing that was useful would become useless.

Moreover, what did the Alliance need? It might be for him to go to the front line.

It could also be for him to teach a group of disciples.

It could even be for him to carry out some secret operations for them, such as dealing with martial artists from other states, assassinating, or gathering intelligence… Those were all things that could be fatal.

His current cultivation was at Xiantian fourth grade, a great grandmaster.

Although he could kill enemies of a higher grade, at most he could only fight against a peak great grandmaster or someone who had just stepped into the divine sect.

In that world, there were still people who had reached the great completion of the divine sect, as well as existences above it.

Ye Xiao could already see the outcome.

After revealing his identity, it will be impossible for him to refuse the offer.

That was because the nine provinces had their own top-notch martial artist who could directly brand one’s spirit or something like that… Heh, so what if he was a great grandmaster? He would still have to be an obedient dog.

Ye Xiao did not want to leave his fate in the hands of others.

It was not that he wanted to hide it for his entire life, but at the very least, he had to wait until he was invincible before revealing it, right? Which of those grandmasters and major sects were not in their thirties or forties? They would only become famous after they were in their fifties or sixties.

He was only in his twenties and had a long life ahead of him.

He would first stay in the library and watch it for eight to ten years.

With the Golden Book’s cultivation speed, he estimated that by that time, he would most likely be above the divine sect.

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COM Wonderful.

Ye Xiao was extremely gratified by his mature nature.

It was also thanks to his two lifetimes of experience that his soul was mature enough.

He was not like some young children who had not even grown their hair yet.

They would start showing off when they had a little ability and be arrogant.

In the end, they would be swatted like mosquitoes.

Ding! The chime of the bell rang, waking Ye Xiao from his deep thoughts.

Ning Yuhen walked over with a thick stack of documents in his arms.

After taking inventory for a long time, he was probably quite tired.

His small face was flushed red, and his hair was drenched in sweat.

“Supervisor Ye, I’ve finished taking inventory.

All the books have been registered.

I’ll head back to work in the afternoon and input them into the computer.

” “Thank you for your hard work.

” Ning Yuhen smiled gently.

“The supervisor has already promoted me.

Of course, I have to work harder so that I can live up to the supervisor’s expectations.

” Ye Xiao closed the book and said calmly, “Let’s go.

You’ve worked hard for half a day.

Let’s go out for lunch today.

I’ll treat you.

” “Let me treat the supervisor.

How can I let the supervisor treat me?” “Stop flattering me.

I don’t like it.

” Ning Yuhen stuck out his little tongue and put down the documents in his hand.

He followed Ye Xiao out of the library.

Ye Xiao was not stingy.

No matter what, he had been promoted.

He had to have some ‘leadership qualities.

Therefore… He brought Ning Yuhen to eat a large portion of spicy hot pot.

The portions were comparable to his one month’s rent.

“Hiss!” Ning Yuhen had just eaten a few mouthfuls when he was so spicy that he stuck out his tongue.

His originally rosy little face became even redder.

He waved his little hand and fanned his little mouth while he hurriedly poured water for himself to rinse his mouth.

If it was a normal boy doing this kind of action, countless men and women would have retched long ago.

However, Ning Yuhen’s action actually caused quite a number of boys who were eating in the shop to secretly peek.

Ye Xiao was a little speechless.

That guy’s looks were really too… Disastrous.

Under normal circumstances, if a boy was very feminine, he would definitely make a lot of men and even women uncomfortable.

However, Ning Yuhen was different.

He really had a temperament that belonged to a woman.

He was not devilish.

There was also a hint of purity in him.

He was not pretentious at all.

He really belonged to the kind of existence that would snatch a woman’s job.

“Phew! So spicy!” Only after drinking a mouthful of water did he feel much better.

At that moment, a boy who looked like a student walked over shyly.

He waved his phone and greeted him.

“Um… Sister, can I add you on WeChat?” Ning Yuhen was stunned for a moment before his face instantly turned red.

“I… I’m not a girl, I’m a boy.

” Hearing those words and that voice, the other party was stunned.

Clearly, he had not expected it, but very quickly, his eyes seemed to brighten even more.

“Then… Brother, can I add you on WeChat?” Ning Yuhen’s face turned even redder, but after taking a deep breath, he still refused.

Then he found a small bowl and took the mineral water.

Through rinsing the mineral water, he could be considered to have finished eating the meal.

They had to go to work at around two in the afternoon.

After eating, the two of them walked back to work.

Passing by a traffic light, a car snatched the yellow light for three seconds and sped past, brushing past a passing cat.

Meow, Meow, Meow… The cat’s body was carried away and rolled on the side of the road.

Its spine seemed to have been injured.

It screamed and struggled at the same time, but it was unable to get up.

Ning Yuhen immediately went forward and picked up the cat.

“Little Cat, don’t be afraid.


” Ye Xiao glanced at it and was about to go forward to use a healing cultivation technique when suddenly, Ning Yuhen’s small hand released a layer of faint fluorescent light.

Under the healing of that fluorescent light, the kitten’s injuries were quickly healed.

Ye Xiao’s pupils constricted slightly.

That was because, at that moment, he could actually sense a trace of the star beast’s aura from Ning Yuhen’s body.

It was very weak, almost equivalent to nothing.

If another grandmaster was here, they might not even be able to detect it easily.

However, he had cultivated the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery, and his mental strength was many times that of a grandmaster’s, so he could sense it clearly in an instant.

At the same time, the divine soul’s Golden Book in his body also jumped.

It was a healing cultivation technique! Ning Yuhen’s healing technique was a basic healing cultivation technique that Ye Xiao currently did not have.

He had already collected nine types of healing cultivation techniques, and now he was still lacking the last one to be able to synthesize a powerful one.

Who would have thought that he would be able to find it here in Ning Yuhen.

However, what was with the aura of a star beast that had just emanated from Ning Yuhen’s body? Was it the spirit of a tiger demon? That was not right.

If it was the spirit of a tiger demon, his soul would definitely be under the control of a star beast.

However, his soul was pure.

Could it be that he was…