Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 53

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Old Ye, You Poisonous Milk Ye Xiao turned around and glanced at Gu Hai, who was wearing a uniform.

“Why did you come to my place instead of working properly?” “I am working! A few of my colleagues and I are here to investigate the robbery case in the library two days ago.

Isn’t Old Yang missing as well? The higher-ups suspect that it was him who did it.

Currently, they are interrogating witnesses on the first floor.

I heard that you have been promoted, so I secretly came up to play with you for a while.

” Ye Xiao was not surprised that Yang Zhengyi’s matter would most likely be found out.

After all, he had disappeared after that.

As long as one’s brain was not stupid, they would basically suspect him.

However, Ye Xiao was not worried.

There was not much interaction between him and Yang Zhengyi, so no one would suspect him.

“I’m so envious.

I’ve just left, and you’ve only been here for a short while.

In the blink of an eye, you’ve been promoted two levels.

Your salary has increased from more than 3,000 to 10,000.

If I hadn’t left back then, I would be around the same level as you now.

I would definitely be a supervisor.

” “Aren’t you going to take the special training camp as well? I heard that after you enter the special training camp, your salary will be several times higher than that of an ordinary garrison member.

” “How can it be that easy? I’m still doing the ideological struggle at night.

What do you think is wrong with women? Before marriage, they were obedient and docile.

After marriage, they were all like their mothers.

This won’t do.

That won’t do either.

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COM Ye Xiao said faintly, “This is very normal.

Being obedient and docile before marriage is a girl’s nature.

She was young and naive.

She only needs to taste the beauty of love and doesn’t need to think about the consequences.

“At most, she will cry for a few days after breaking up.

“The many restrictions after marriage are a girl’s nature to become a woman because she needs to protect her home and ensure that no accidents will happen.

“You dislike her for being naggy, but you never thought that if anything happened to you, her world would collapse.

“Because right now, you’re everything to her.

” “You’re quite right.

” Gu Hai laughed foolishly.

In that world, there was someone other than his parents who cared about him wholeheartedly.

That was the true meaning of happiness.

He had decided to treat his wife better in the future.

He would waste 100 yuan less every month.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll find an opportunity to communicate with her.

“At the end of the month, her and Yuyan’s studies will be over.

When the time comes, will you go to the graduation ceremony?” “No.

” “Come on.

Don’t you feel bored reading in the library every day?” “Why don’t you try it if you have the time I don’t think you’ve ever read a book in your life.

” After saying that, Ye Xiao lowered his head and started reading again.

Gu Hai pulled the book out, closed it, and looked at the cover.

“Reading and reading.

You hide here all day reading.

When will you be able to get out of your singlehood? Eh, Wu-style Permanent Healing Technique? Old Ye, why are you reading healing techniques again? Weren’t you reading spiritual cultivation techniques because you wanted to become a beastmaster?” “The cat ran away.

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COM “I knew it.

Your cat can’t do it.

Its quality is too inferior.

That kind of thing has a low IQ and a low growth limit.

Now, it even ran away and ate all your food for free.

“If you had listened to me earlier and spent some money to buy a lesser tiger-class star beast from my friend, you might have been stronger than me.

” Ye Xiao took back the book.

“It doesn’t matter.

I’m just playing around anyway.

I feel pretty good practicing the healing cultivation technique now.

” “How’s your healing technique training going? “Is it okay? “If so, then help me heal.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been too tired recently, but I haven’t had any reaction in the morning.

In the past, when I woke up every morning, I was always upright.

” Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Lu Wanwan is already pregnant now.

It’s impossible for the two of you to be together at night.

Could it be that you went to Red Romance again? “Gu Hai, it’s fine if you played in the past.

After all, you were single.

But now that you have a family, it would be too much for you to do such a thing again.

” “What are you talking about? I sit with my father-in-law at work every day and go home after work.

How would I have time to go to Red Romance?” “That’s probably because you didn’t control yourself in the past and hurt your body.

Your kidneys are weak.

I’ve told you long ago that you don’t know how precious it is when you’re young, and you’ll definitely cry in your old age.

Now that you’re only in your twenties, you… Sigh!” Even though he said that, he still had to help his good buddy.

Ye Xiao reached out and placed his hand on Gu Hai’s wrist, infusing a thread of spiritual energy to perform a healing cultivation technique.

In fact, he could completely release spiritual energy to heal Gu Hai, but he did not display his cultivation in front of outsiders.

He was just an ordinary person, so he naturally could not use spiritual energy to heal Gu Hai the quick way.

The weak spiritual energy circulated through Gu Hai’s meridians through the healing cultivation technique.

Very soon, Gu Hai’s eyes lit up.

“Old Ye, it’s working, it’s working.

Hey, hey, look, I can do it again.

” Gu Hai looked at the tent that was raised high, and he was dancing with excitement.

“Old Ye, this method of yours is really good.

In the future, if the library thing doesn’t work out, you can even get a healing master’s certificate and open a clinic or something.

” Ye Xiao nodded.

“Alright, then help me recover quickly.

Later, they will come to the third floor to interrogate me.

I still have to take notes with them.

” Ye Xiao spread out his hands.

“How do you recover from this? I used the healing cultivation technique, not any other tricks.

It’s currently in its healthiest state! I didn’t learn any other cultivation techniques that can help you with that problem of yours, so I can’t do anything about it! You can only go back and look for your wife.

” Gu Hai was speechless.

“Then what about me? I’m at work now!” “Then… Why don’t you break it first? After you get off work, I’ll use the healing cultivation technique to heal you.

Then it’ll go back to normal.

” “Old Ye, F*ck your grandpa! You’re just poisonous milk!” After saying that, he took two pieces of tissue paper from the table and hurriedly ran toward the men’s washroom.

Half an hour later, when Gu Hai rubbed his hands and walked out of the washroom, the interrogation on the third floor had already been completed.

Looking at his slightly pale face, as if his body had been hollowed out again, one could tell that Ye Xiao’s healing cultivation technique was no longer effective.

Fortunately, the other colleagues did not say anything, and Gu Hai finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Old Ye, we’ve finished our interrogation here, so we’ll go back to the team first.

If you have any clues, feel free to tell me.

There’s a reward.

” Ye Xiao nodded.

“In addition, our team has been asked to look for the two mysterious martial artists of Jianghai city.

If you have any clues about them, tell me too.

This reward is especially high.

As long as you provide the right clues, the reward is 200,000 yuan.

” “I understand.

” Ye Xiao replied, but his mind could not help but become active again.

He had not expected that would happen so soon! Although his cultivation was not bad previously, he was at most a grandmaster.

The area of influence was not that big, and other places would not pay too much attention to him.

Jianghai city would not go so far as to specifically look for him.

However, even King El’s clone had been destroyed.

Those in power would definitely notice his existence.

They could not just let a grandmaster rank martial artist be ignored.