Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 48

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 48

Chapter 48: I Am A God “Kill me? Do you have the qualifications? About 100 years ago, my punch should have broken your meridians, right? Although I don’t know what techniques you used to repair your injuries yet… You are still far too inferior to fight me.

” “You can try.

” The two opposed each other, the smell of smoke from the lightning strikes quickly spread and rose in the air.

The lightning descended faster and faster.

As the black clouds gathered, it caused the weather to change.

The light rain that had stopped earlier instantly became even heavier.

Boom! When a bolt of lightning struck between the two, it was like a referee whistling to start the match.

Yang Zhengyi willed and the longsword on his back was automatically unsheathed.

Cold light shot out in all directions, emitting a buzzing sound in the air.

Buzz! It was sharp and ear-piercing.

The three-foot-long sword turned into a bolt of lightning and was hurtled straight at King El’s face.

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COM King El narrowed his eyes slightly.

Although his words were frivolous, he did not look down on his opponent in the slightest when fighting.

He extended both his hands, and two bolts of lightning descended from the thunderclouds in the sky, forming two balls of lightning in his palms.

The balls of lightning and the three-foot-long lightning sword collided, immediately releasing a vast electric wave that swept across the entire sky.

The intense rainstorm was actually cut open at that moment and then poured down toward the city below.

The lightning sword spun and flew back, stopping at Yang Zhengyi’s hand.

He stomped his foot, and a circle of invisible ripples spread out, and his figure instantly disappeared from where he stood.

“You think I can’t see through your movement technique?” King El snorted coldly.

His hands quickly pressed together in the air, attracting the lightning in the sky to quickly gather.

It formed a lightning cage that locked him firmly within, defending against the attacks around him.

A moment later, a violent explosion sounded from King El’s back.

The lightning cage was broken, then King El turned around and punched.

The lightning of the cage was all absorbed into his fist.

The instant he punched, the lightning sword stabbed into King El’s fist.

The power of the lightning and sword intent clashed again.

It was even stronger than before.

The shockwave sent the two of them flying.

King El’s body was pierced through with a few bloody holes.

Yang Zhengyi’s shirt was also destroyed and his upper body was charred by the lightning.

However, what was surprising was that his body was also recovering at the same speed as King El’s.

When the injuries on his body were repaired, a piece of his rib cage was snowy white, with pure white hair, which was exactly the same as the skin on King El’s body.

King El was stunned and then burst out laughing.

“Hahahaha… This king was puzzled at first.

Back then, you were hit by this king’s thunderous fist and you shouldn’t have been able to last so long, yet you still live for more than 100 years.

It all makes sense now.

You actually transplanted this king’s cells! No wonder this king felt that the aura on your body wasn’t quite right.

You had the aura of a star beast.

” Yang Zhengyi’s expression was indifferent as he said, “As long as I can kill you, I don’t care what it takes.

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COM “Ridiculous.

You used this king’s cells to prolong your life.

How dare you be so arrogant in front of this king!” Yang Zhengyi once again drove his sword forward.

“If you were at your peak state, I wouldn’t be able to defeat you.

But now, you are only one portion of your original self, a mere clone that is only at Xiantian fourth grade and has the strength of a grandmaster.

Killing you isn’t a problem.

” King El snorted lightly and charged forward again.

The two exchanged more than 100 blows in a second in the air.

The violent vibration of energy shot out attacks that landed on both sides of the riverbank, creating deep pits one after another.

Qin Shenglong and the other two grandmasters in Jianghai city could feel the aura that erupted from that area.

Even though they were 100 miles away, they could not help but feel their hearts palpitate.

It was too terrifying! Was that a battle between major sects? The wind and clouds above the two of them were stirred up.

Some of the young people hiding in their homes started to shoot short videos of the strange scene in the sky and posted them on the Internet.

A huge wave of discussion immediately broke out on the Internet.

“Oh my God, where did this big shot come from? He even caused a weather phenomenon!” “A storm is brewing.

He must be a grandmaster, right? Other than grandmasters, no one else could produce such fluctuations!” “Is Jianghai city that awesome? So many grandmasters!” … On the battlefield, after 100 moves, Yang Zhengyi seized the opportunity.

His sword was like a poisonous dragon, and it instantly pierced through King El’s chest at an extremely tricky angle.

Spiritual energy poured in and instantly tore King El’s internal organs into pieces.

Splat! King El spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and it dotted on Yang Zhengyi’s face, making him look as terrifying as a malicious ghost.

“You! Your sword technique… Has actually been raised to such a powerful level?” Yang Zhengyi’s expression was cold.

“Do you think that I’ve been idle for the past 100 years? My master’s sword technique has already been trained to perfection by me.

It’s all for today! To kill you!” King El held his sword with both hands.

His face was filled with despair.

“D*mn it! I actually fell at the hands of a puny ant like you! I… Am not satisfied!” “Don’t worry.

Your other clones will follow you very soon.

” After saying that, Yang Zhengyi was prepared to draw his sword and completely destroy King El’s body, eliminating all of his life force.

However, at that moment, he suddenly realized that he was unable to draw his sword.

A bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

When he raised his head, King El’s mocking expression appeared in front of him.

“I’m just teasing you! Do you really think that with your puny strength, you can kill this king? “Even if this king becomes weaker, it doesn’t mean that you have become stronger!” “You sc*mbag!” Before he could finish his sentence, King El suddenly attacked.

The lightning in his palm struck Yang Zhengyi’s chest.

Bang! A loud explosion instantly scorched Yang Zhengyi’s chest.

The huge force caused Yang Zhengyi to be like a cannonball as he crashed into the ground, creating a huge pit that was irrigated by the river water.

Without waiting for the river water to swallow him up, King El lashed out a lightning whip, locking his throat and pulling him into the air again.

“Cough, cough…” Yang Zhengyi spat out a mouthful of blood and coughed violently.

“How… How is this possible? You are only a clone! How is this possible?” King El glanced at him with disdain.

“Do you think that you are the only one who has been cultivating for the past 100 years? Even if I am a clone, I have been working hard to cultivate, waiting for the day of rebirth and fusion with the other clones! “Therefore, even the current clone is stronger than the clone that was sealed more than 100 years ago! “A mere foolish and ignorant human always likes to use the gaze of an ant to speculate about your unreached domain! “However, what you don’t know is that you have provoked a god that you need to look up to forever! “If you hadn’t have released me, the humans would have had at least have 10 years more of peace! “But unfortunately… Your actions have caused me to reborn so I can finally release the other clones now.

The moment I merge into my main body, it will cause disaster for the humans!”