Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 43

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 43

Chapter 43: When the Sword Appears, All the Immortals Bow at the Sight … Caw, Caw! A few shrieks of crows could be heard from afar, causing Ye Xiao’s eyelids to twitch involuntarily.

Looking at the end of the text message, Ye Xiao’s expression was as grave as the dark night due to the symbols that were pressed randomly in anxiety.

He placed his phone back into his pocket and closed his eyes.

Activating the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery, his spiritual energy rapidly flowed out, spreading in all directions at lightning speed.

As the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery spread, Ye Xiao’s spiritual energy covered the entirety of Jianghai city.

After cultivating the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery, Ye Xiao’s spiritual energy was improving greatly at every moment.

It could be said that even a great grandmaster was nothing in front of Ye Xiao.

After 15 seconds, the spiritual energy returned.

Ye Xiao opened his eyes, and two sharp rays shot out, as bright as sword lights.

He lightly tapped his feet and his body turned into a ray of light, charging straight in the direction that his spiritual energy had locked onto.

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COM Huan Liuli climbed up from the sofa, scratched the pink and tender soles of her feet, and said in a daze, “Did a big white rat just jump over?” … Deep in the mountains and forests more than 120 miles away from Jianghai city, the flames of war were raging.

All kinds of roars and shouts could be heard.

More than a dozen garrison members formed a circle with their backs against each other.

They held steel sabers in their hands and continuously used the sabersmanship that they had practiced to madly slash at the mutated tiger demons that were charging at them.

Among those tiger demons, there were not only people but also star beasts.

There were even a few wearing the garrison team uniforms.

Once they were bitten or scratched, their souls would be infected.

Within a few short hours, they would become mutated tiger demons and ferociously attacked other uninfected beings.

Gu Hai was the same as the other members of the garrison.

His body had been dyed red with blood.

The captain of the garrison split two mutated star beasts with one slash and retreated into the crowd.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Have you contacted the headquarters?” “We still can’t reach them.

The signal has been cut off.

The reception in the mountains is bad, to begin with.

After they found us, they used a jammer.

” “Can your personal phone reach them?” “It’s not working either.

The signal is blocked too.

” “D*mn it!” He spat out a mouthful of blood.

After he killed two more tiger demons, he said coldly, “There are so many mutated tiger demons hiding here.

They must be plotting against Jianghai city.

We must report the situation here.

Let’s fight our way back.

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COM With that command, he took the lead and led the charge.

He was a Houtian seven-grade warrior with extraordinary combat strength.

The tiger demons were not very strong.

In an instant, he had cut open a bloody path.

The others quickly followed.

However, at that moment, Gu Hai’s calf suddenly hurt, making his hair stand on end.

Looking down, it was a mutated wolf star beast that had its head cut off but still managed to take one last bite.

“F*ck!” Gu Hai cut open the wolf’s head with one slash but that caused him to be a step slower.

In the next moment, a mutated tiger demon and star beast rushed toward him.

‘It’s over!’ Gu Hai was so scared that his legs went soft, and his mind went blank.

At the most critical moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him, instantly killing the charging tiger demon and star beast.

Another figure quickly grabbed his shoulder and dragged him back.

In the next moment, the figure that was shielding him was attacked by the mutated tiger demon and star beast.

“Old Li!” Gu Hai let out a heart-wrenching scream.

The other could no longer hear him.

“Gu Hai, let’s go! Snap out of it or you’ll end up dead!” … On top of a mountain, several human figures looked down as if they were watching a show.

Not only did they not show any mercy, they even made bets.

“Guess how long they can last?” “Three minutes!” “That’s too much.

I think one minute at most!” “All of them have basically been bitten.

The more wounds they have, the faster the infection will be.

I think their souls have been affected.

They can only last for thirty seconds.

That’s their limit!” The garrison members at the foot of the mountain fell one by one.

They were swallowed by the star beasts and the tiger demons.

One by one, they were all bitten and died in screams.

Gu Hai felt his consciousness gradually becoming faded.

An unknown force was invading his mind.

His eyes could no longer see clearly in front of him.

The whites of his eyes had already turned blood-red.

Only the high-tech combat glasses could still see the difference between them through thermal imaging.

Under the thermal imaging, the mutated lifeforms were all green, while the living lifeforms were red.

Every time one of the red lights fell, it meant the death of a teammate.

‘Am I going to die too? So this is what death feels like? Like a flower withering, gradually, there’s no more breathing and no more spiritual energy.

“Dad, Mom, Wanwan, Old Ye… And the baby… Goodbye.

’ Gu Hai was no longer able to wave the steel saber in his hand.

In his last consciousness, the thermal imaging of his glasses showed countless green figures hurtling toward him.

His spiritual energy was invaded and he was left paralyzed.

He felt his soul gradually become light and he could no longer feel the pain in his body.

However! Just as Gu Hai was about to give up completely, a golden light suddenly landed beside him like a god descending.

Boom! Accompanied by an earth-shaking explosion, the airwaves caused everyone to be sent flying.

It directly blasted all the mutated tiger demons and star beasts within a 300 feet radius.

‘Fortunately, I’m not too late.

’ Ye Xiao heaved a sigh of relief, his eyes revealing a gratified expression.

“Ahhhhh!” Just as he finished his thought, Gu Hai’s frantic screams came from behind him.

Ye Xiao turned around and saw Gu Hai’s bloodshot eyes.

He opened his mouth wide and pounced toward him like a hungry wolf.

Ye Xiao’s expression froze.

He extended his hand and pointed at the space between Gu Hai’s brows.

The spiritual energy immediately froze him on the spot, preventing him from moving.

The Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery was also activated at the same time when the healing cultivation technique healed his body.

It invaded Gu Hai’s consciousness and destroyed the evil spiritual energy that was infecting his soul with a crushing force.


After his injuries were completely healed by Ye Xiao, Gu Hai fell to the ground like a dead pig.

“Sleep for a while.

You’ll be fine once you wake up.

” Ye Xiao patted his back and released the healing cultivation technique and the Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery once again, healing the few members of the garrison team who were about to mutate one by one.

He dispelled the evil spiritual energy in their souls and caused them to fall into a deep sleep.

Seeing that, the eyes of the few figures on the mountain turned cold and filled with killing intent.

“Who’s intervening? Why are you trying to ruin our plans?” Ye Xiao raised his head, and a cold glint shot out from his eyes.

Without wasting any more words, the Heaven-cleaving Sword circulated within his body, and a golden light suddenly spread out from the top of his head, instantly piercing through the night sky and charging straight at them.