Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 42

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Uneasiness Ye Xiao returned to his room and started to calculate the data.

‘Huan Liuli is at Xiantian first grade, and the recovery time was around five seconds.

I’m at Xiantian third grade, and the recovery time was around twenty seconds.

’ According to the division of strength based on the grade, it was roughly twice as long as the previous one.

Therefore, that was how Ye Xiao could estimate the recovery speed of his injuries.

However, that recovery speed would gradually increase with the advancement in cultivation.

It was still fine when the level was low, but when the level becomes higher, it will be very disadvantageous in battle.

As expected, those who did not spend money always had the bumpiest road.

‘I hope that the effect will be better after the synthesis.

’ .


The night passed quickly.

The next day, Ye Xiao got up and went to work.

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COM Just as he finished buying breakfast near the library, a garrison car stopped by the roadside.

The window rolled down, revealing Gu Hai’s head.

“Old Ye! Over here.

” Ye Xiao walked over with a bun in his hand.

Gu Hai poked his body out of the window, grabbed a bok choy bun, and chewed it up in a big mouthful.

“I’m starving.

Let me eat this first.

” Ye Xiao glanced around and saw that Gu Hai was fully armed.

For some reason, he had a bad feeling.

“What’s going on? You’re dressed so formally.

You’ve only been at work for two days, and you’re already going on a mission?” “That’s right.

Do you still remember that case from a few days ago?” “The soul infection one?” “Yes, that’s it.

A martial artist in the garrison team used the spirit search technique to find the origin and confirm its location.

We’re preparing to rush over.

” The garrison team member beside him patted his shoulder.

“Brat, this is a secret operation.

Don’t talk nonsense.

” Gu Hai waved his hand.

“It’s alright.

Old Ye is one of us.

” After saying that, he took out two steamed buns from Ye Xiao’s convenience bag and handed one to the other.

“Here, plug up that hole of yours.

” “You degenerate.

” The other scolded with a smile as they took the steamed bun and started chewing.

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COM Ye Xiao, on the other hand, frowned and said, “This is your first mission so be careful.

Since the enemy knows how to use spiritual techniques, their cultivation is probably not low.

” “Don’t worry, our garrison team isn’t weak either.

Let’s go, we’ll hang out once I return.

” “Got it, have a safe trip.

” Gu Hai chuckled, closed the window, started the car, and left.

Ye Xiao kept feeling a little uneasy, so he used a wisp of spiritual energy on Gu Hai’s body to determine his position.

If Gu Hai was in trouble, he would be able to easily locate him.

After that, Ye Xiao entered the library, clocked in for work, and continued to practice his healing skills.

Soon, two days passed.

Ye Xiao found two more healing cultivation techniques, reaching seven basic healing cultivation techniques.

His recovery speed was faster, but it was not yet the time for synthesis.

Ye Xiao estimated that the synthesis of healing cultivation techniques would probably require nine to ten basic healing cultivation techniques.

However, it did not matter how long it would take.

He, who was a laid-back optimist, was not overly anxious.

On the other hand, there had been no news from Gu Hai ever since he went out on that mission.

Thinking about it carefully, the mastermind behind that should not be too far away from Jianghai city if he wanted to deal with it, right? However, he could not find anyone to ask about that matter either.

He wanted to give Lu Wanwan a call, but he did not know her phone number.

As for paying her a visit… Forget it.

Gu Hai went out on a mission so if he went to his house alone… What would that look like? A visit to a friend’s wife? It was not appropriate.

Ye Xiao did not think too much about it and prepared to wait.

In any case, he was now a member of the garrison team.

If something happened to the garrison team, he would definitely inform his family members in time.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed by again, and he got off work on Friday night.

Tomorrow was Saturday, and it was the full moon celebration for Old Wang’s grandson.

There was still no news from Gu Hai.

Just as he got off work, Ye Xiao’s cell phone rang.

It was not Gu Hai, but Qin Yuyan.

She had borrowed books many times before, so the two of them had a way to contact each other.


” Ye Xiao picked up the phone, and Qin Yuyan immediately said, “Hello, Ye Xiao, are you off work?” “I just got off work.

What’s the matter?” “Nothing much.

Wanwan asked me to ask if Gu Hai has called you in the past two days.

” “No.

Has he not contacted Wanwan?” “No.

” “What did the garrison team say?” “The garrison team said that they entered deep into the mountains to fight, and the signal was bad, so they couldn’t be contacted for the time being.

However, the garrison team has already sent a second wave of troops for a search.

” “It shouldn’t be a big deal.

Tell Wanwan not to worry too much.

She’s still pregnant, and her health is more important.

” “Mm.

I’ll be here with her tonight.

If it’s convenient for you, can you give me a few books? Anything about the saber technique.

” “I have some matters to attend to temporarily, but I’ll get Huan Liuli to bring them over for you.

She knows the way to the Gu Hai residence.

” “Then thank you.

” “You’re welcome.

” After hanging up the call, Ye Xiao sighed slightly.

He found a few books related to saber techniques and got Huan Liuli to send them over.

He returned home and began his closed-door cultivation.

He had a vague feeling that he was about to advance.

It had not been long since his last advancement.

However, it did not take long for a grandmaster to enter the great sect and for a great sect to enter the divine sect.

All he needed to advance was an opportunity! The first two grades had already caused him to accumulate enough spiritual energy in his body.

The difference between the third and fourth grades was no longer a difference in quantity but in quality.

If he found an opportunity, he could easily enter the great sect.

That opportunity was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

How many grandmasters were there in the world? How many became great grandmasters? If a grandmaster was one in ten thousand… Then a great grandmaster was one in a million! To be able to produce a great grandmaster out of a hundred grandmasters was already quite remarkable.

In Jianghai city, there were only three grandmasters and no great grandmasters.

Unfortunately… After cultivating for half a day, Ye Xiao still did not get any results even at midnight.

‘Is it not happening anytime soon?’ Ye Xiao could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

After all, it was a great sect, and it was not so easy to cultivate it.

If it could be reached so easily, it would not be called the great sect.

It was also Ye Xiao, whose character was more nonchalant.

If it were another person, they would probably be anxious for quick success and instant benefits and would have long been on fire.

Ye Xiao was open-minded.

It was useless to be anxious.

Huan Liuli had already returned and was lying on the sofa sleeping.

Ye Xiao shook his head and was also prepared to lie down to rest when the phone screen suddenly lit up.

It was a message from Gu Hai.

Ye Xiao opened the message and his expression could not help but become a little solemn.

“Old Ye, I might not be able to return.

We’ve been ambushed.

There are too many of them.

“Don’t tell Wanwan.

“I know that it’s selfish of me to send you this message now, but I really can’t think of anyone else other than you, my good friend.

“If I really can’t return, I’ll have to trouble you to help me look after my parents.

I’m an only child and there’s no one to take care of them.

“As for Wanwan… You tell her not to keep the child.

If she does, her life will be over.

What man would want her with the baggage of a child? “As for my pension, the garrison should give it to my family directly.

You don’t have to spend money.

Just go and see them on a normal day.

“I don’t know what else to say.

There’s no time.

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