Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 41

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Becoming a Healer Today… An hour later, Huan Liuli looked at the clothes hanging in the yard, she fell into deep thought.

‘He’s so strong! At this rate, can I really defeat him in 200 years?’ After a long silence, her eyes became serious again.

‘No! I’m a Phantom Cat! How can a majestic dragon-class star beast be defeated just like that?’ She went to the kitchen and fiddled with an unopened box of biscuits.

‘If I remember correctly, these biscuits were from the supermarket’s big sale not long ago.

Ye Xiao was eager to buy it, but he hasn’t eaten it yet.

’ Very soon, the corners of her mouth curled up and she gave a wicked smile.

‘Let’s see how you like it if I add some special seasoning for you.

’ Huan Liuli cracked the biscuit and sniffed it.

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COM ‘How fragrant.

That smelly Ye Xiao really has a mouth that only knows how to eat.

He only knows how to eat delicious food all day long.

’ … The next day, Huan Liuli woke up from her sleep.

Ye Xiao was eating breakfast.

Huan Liuli’s eyes lit up.

Ye Xiao’s breakfast today was biscuits and milk.

The biscuits were from the box she fiddled with last night.

‘Ye Xiao, your day has begun quite well! Hahahaha… How are the biscuits I specially prepared just for you? Don’t they taste excellent?’ She hummed a little tune and sat on the seat beside Ye Xiao.

“Master, are the biscuits delicious?” Ye Xiao nodded and pointed at a box of biscuits in front of her.

“Hurry up and eat your breakfast.

It’s almost time for work.

” “Alright.

” Huan Liuli stretched out her hand and opened her box of biscuits.

She picked up a biscuit and gobbled it down.

After eating it, she licked her lips as if she still wanted more.

“This biscuit tastes pretty good.

We should buy more next time.

” “There won’t be the next time, unfortunately.

” “Why?” “The ones you’re eating are the vanilla-flavored ones.

Sadly, they’ve been discontinued.

The factory won’t produce anymore.

” Huan Liuli was confused.

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COM She stretched out her tender hand and picked up the box.

With a confused look, she said, “Aren’t these two boxes the same? Is there a difference?” Ye Xiao said with an indifferent expression, “In the morning, I saw that there was only one box of vanilla-flavored biscuits left.

It was not enough for the two of us to eat, so I went to buy more.

However, I could not buy any vanilla-flavored biscuits, so I bought milk-flavored ones.

The packaging of these two flavors is the same.

” Huan Liuli’s small body suddenly trembled violently.

“You mean to say that the biscuits I ate were from the box of biscuits that was left at home yesterday and the ones you ate were the new milk-flavored biscuits that you bought this morning?” Ye Xiao nodded with a serious expression.

“I ate the milk-flavored biscuits and saved the only vanilla-flavored biscuits left for you.

Aren’t you touched?” Blargh! Huan Liuli turned into a flash of lightning and rushed into the bathroom to vomit.

Ye Xiao could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

‘Do cats still have an aversion to vanilla?’ … After breakfast, Ye Xiao went to work alone and did not bring Huan Liuli with him.

She had already collapsed on the side of the toilet bowl after vomiting.

Ye Xiao decided to give her a day off so that she could have a good rest.

He went to the library, clocked in, and went to work.

He started to look for a healing cultivation technique to learn.

Now that he had been promoted to manager, he could wander around the entire third floor and read books.

He no longer had the same restrictions as before.

Not long after, one of the four managers on the third floor, Old Wang, walked over with a bag of candy and red eggs.

He smiled and handed them to his colleagues.

“There’s a happy occasion at Old Wang’s house?” “He just got a grandson.

” “That’s good, you’ve even got a grandson! Then, I’ll have to eat two more of your eggs today to get some good luck.

” “Go ahead.

Ye Xiao, these are yours.

” Ye Xiao put down his book to take the eggs and candies.

“Thank you.

” “You’re welcome.

Saturday noon, Red Moon Restaurant, remember to go for my grandson’s full moon celebration.

” Ye Xiao nodded.

Looking at the eggs in his hand, he suddenly felt that they were extremely heavy.

A red egg would not be able to be bought without 200 yuan.

How many tea eggs would that be enough to buy? The other manager, Old Liu, grabbed a lot of candy and eggs.

He was famous for being stingy, but Ms.

Wang, who was outspoken, could not help but mock him.

“Old Liu, look at you being stingy.

You are so greedy for a few eggs.

It’s not even worth it.

” Old Liu was thick-skinned and did not care at all.

He said with a smile, “What do you know? This egg can hatch a chick.

If I eat an egg, it’s equivalent to eating a chicken.

It’s not cheap!” “Huh?” Ms.

Wang immediately rebutted, “If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean that I eat hundreds of millions of people every day?” The two’s bickering caused many colleagues to laugh out loud.

The entire third floor was filled with joy.

Ye Xiao ate the egg and candy before he continued reading.

That morning’s harvest was not bad.

It was also possible that he did not pay special attention to the healing cultivation techniques in the past, so after reading, he had collected three basic healing cultivation techniques.

That way, including the two basic healing cultivation techniques that he knew previously, he already had five basic healing cultivation techniques.

With those basic cultivation techniques, Ye Xiao managed to reach a higher level of healing skills after going through the divine soul’s Golden Book and cultivating for a day and a night.

After obtaining the five basic healing cultivation techniques, Ye Xiao had a pretty good recovery speed.

To test it, he tried to cut off his hair.

After using the healing cultivation technique, he could instantly recover the original length of his hair.

He then wanted to try something even more powerful, such as cutting off his own finger to see if he could quickly recover.

However, it would be too painful, so he ultimately rejected that idea.

Coincidentally, he saw Huan Liuli catch a fish outside.

“Stop!” Huan Liuli was stunned on the spot and asked with a puzzled look, “What’s the matter, Master?” “That fish was so cute.

Why did you eat it?” “… What?” “That was a bit much.

You have to accept the punishment now.

” Boom! At the next moment, following an explosion, Huan Liuli was sent flying by Ye Xiao’s punch.

Meow! Huan Liuli fell heavily to the ground, her little head stuck into the soil.

Due to the gravity, her little skirt had slid down in the opposite direction.

It was like a lotus leaf falling onto the ground, leaving only a pair of her white leggings on her legs.

He thought that she was extremely similar to a rabbit waving its little ears.

Ye Xiao walked over and grabbed her calves with one hand.

Like pulling a radish, he pulled her up from the ground.

“I’m sorry, I forgot.

Cats eat fish.

I’ll treat you right away.

” As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao immediately used the healing cultivation technique.

Five white rays of light formed on his palm and quickly healed Huan Liuli’s injuries.

The entire process took about five seconds.

Ye Xiao secretly recorded the data in his heart and patted her little head.

“In the future, you have to explain to me the things that I forget.

If you don’t explain, won’t I misunderstand?” Then, he turned around and walked back into the house.

Huan Liuli tilted her head and sat on the ground like a little duck with a conflicted look on her face.

‘Why do I have the feeling that he did it on purpose?’