Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 34

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Father, Is This Foot-Washing Water Cold? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Ye Xiao had just opened the door when a slightly plump woman came into view.

Ye Xiao greeted her simply.

When he clearly saw her face, his eye twitched.

“You’re the person who rented my house?” The other sized him up from head to toe, and her gaze became much gentler.

“Young man, you’re quite handsome.

” “You’re too kind.

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COM “Nothing much.

I just wanted to come and tell you that the agent made a mistake in the rent.

It needs to be increased.

” Ye Xiao said with an indifferent expression, “The rent has already been paid and the contract has been signed.

If you want to increase the rent, inform the agent then come and talk to me.

” The landlady placed one hand on her waist and said arrogantly, “I’ll just talk to you.

You’re renting my house, so why should I talk to the intermediary? The rent will increase from now onward.

Otherwise, you’ll have to pack up and leave.

“Of course, you can do neither.

If you don’t leave, I’ll follow you every day.

Wherever you go, I’ll follow you.

I’ll make it so that you can’t even go to work.

” A cold glint flashed across Ye Xiao’s eyes.

That woman was clearly making trouble for no reason.

Previously, that house was haunted and she could not rent it out.

Now, seeing that he was living well, it meant that there were no ghosts or that the ghosts had already run away, so she came over to raise the price.

Perhaps, the previous price of 100 yuan a month was purely to compensate those who had to deal with her.

She simply did not value the lives of others.

Seeing that he did not speak, the landlady moved closer to him and stretched out her tender hand一wanting to pat Ye Xiao’s chest.

A strong Chanel smell made Ye Xiao raise his eyebrows slightly and he immediately took a step back.

The plump lady missed and revealed a displeased expression, but she quickly put on an evil smile again.

“It’s not impossible for there to be an alternative solution if you don’t want me to raise the price.

I have money and I don’t need loose change.

Invite me in for a cup of tea and let’s have a good talk.

” Ye Xiao’s expression was indifferent as he said without batting an eyelid, After saying that, he turned around and walked into the house.

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COM “Alright, I’ll be entering then.

” The landlady hurriedly walked into the courtyard with a smile on her face.

Then, she closed the door and locked it from the inside.

“Baby… I’m coming in.

” She twisted her waist, rubbed her little hands, and sneakily rushed into the room.

In an instant, it was as if her mind had suffered a heavy blow.

Many memories from her past were like lightning sparks, crazily jumping about in her mind… Looking at Ye Xiao’s back, she knelt down on both knees with a thud.

“Oh my god, I missed you so much!” Ye Xiao’s expression was cold, but he could not help but sigh in his heart.

The Big Dipper’s Grand Mystery that he had just synthesized was really too convenient.

For a martial artist like the landlady who had awakened a trashy divine soul and whose cultivation was only Houtian third grade, he could tamper with and implant a portion of her memories一making her babble words from her past in her hometown.

That was because his current cultivation was only at Xiantian second grade.

If his cultivation advanced to the divine sect, or even above the divine sect, how strong would he be? Would he be able to instantly change the thinking of one, or even a group of grandmasters? It was simply killing without a trace.

“Why did you come looking for trouble with me today?” The landlady rubbed her hands together and laughed mischievously.

“I rented this place for 100 yuan a month just to attract people to come over and test it out.

Since you stayed here for many days without any problems, I thought of finding an excuse to raise the rent.

” Ye Xiao smiled coldly.

As expected, it was exactly as he had guessed.

“What happens if they refuse?” “At first, I thought that if they were uncooperative, I would chase them out.

Later, when I saw his appearance… Appearance… He was so good-looking, just as appetizing as the fresh meat I saw on TV.

I thought that I should keep him.

Since there was no one here at night, I thought to take advantage of the situation.

Anyway, with his cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to resist me.

“Ah, it’s so embarrassing!” The landlady’s two tender hands covered her face and shook her head frantically.

Ye Xiao’s face could not help but twitch violently.

Huan Liuli in the courtyard was already rolling around in laughter.

Ye Xiao’s face was frigid as he said coldly, “Go get me a basin of foot-washing water.

” The landlady obediently brought a basin of foot-washing water for Ye Xiao.

“Father, is this foot-washing water cold?” “I’ll wash your feet for you.

I did it back in our hometown as well.

” The landlady immediately squatted down to wash Ye Xiao’s feet.

Ye Xiao said with a serious expression, “Listen, daughter, to be a good person, you have to be honest, conduct yourself properly, and sit right.

” “My father is still imparting his wisdom on me after all these years.

” “You set the rent yourself, so you have to follow it.

” “You are right, father.

” “Also, don’t drool whenever you see a man.

Look at you, where’s your self-respect as a woman?” “What father said is true” “Alright, I’ll teach you a lesson today.

Be a good person in the future!” “Take the foot-washing water out.

” The landlady immediately carried the foot-washing water out.

Huan Liuli was still rolling around in the courtyard laughing.

The landlady poured the basin of water directly on her, instantly turning her into a drenched cat.

The night passed very quickly.

Ye Xiao had tampered with the landlady’s memories一telling her not to think about that house for the next year.

After a year, his cultivation would probably have risen to a very strong level, and he would no longer need to rent a house.

The director, Ouyang Yunzhong, went to work as usual in the morning.

She held another regular meeting, but Gu Hai did not come.

According to him, he would resign after getting a wave of gifts, and he would probably come to complete the resignation procedures in the morning.

“Today’s regular meeting is mainly to talk about the recent personnel transfer issue in our library.

“Some time ago, because of the small-scale beast calamity, many of our colleagues were transferred.

“After this period of development, the new employees of the library have gradually taken up their posts.

“Therefore, I will promote a portion of the experienced and outstanding old employees to management.

“The specific personnel list is on the big screen.

Everyone can take a look for themselves.

Then, go to the personnel department to change the information and get a new work card.

” Ye Xiao glanced at the big screen.

There were a total of three people who had been promoted to manager on the third floor.

The iron rooster, Old Liu.

Lastly… The so-called third-floor prince, the elegant and handsome… Himself.

He did not expect to be promoted.

However, thinking about it carefully, he could be considered a veteran on the third floor of the library.

It had been more than nine months since he transmigrated to that world.


Time passed so quickly.