Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 27

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Proud Son Submits to the Nine Provinces, Who Could Compete With Him? Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Yuyan, which top academy are you planning to go to?” Qin Shenglong could not help but ask.

He had to know his granddaughter’s thoughts in advance so that he could discuss with her before the calls start coming later.

“Grandpa, I… I don’t want to leave Jianghai city.

” “What? You don’t want to leave Jianghai city? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You…” Qin Shenglong wanted to say something else, but Du Changfeng tried to persuade him.

“Old Qin, I also think it’s better for Yuyan to stay in Jianghai city.

“Firstly, she hasn’t fully comprehended that saber intent yet.

Even if she went to a top-tier academy, the knowledge she learned wouldn’t be as good as this saber intent.

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COM “Secondly, if that prodigy were still in Jianghai city and she was to meet him again, it would be a great fortune for Yuyan.

” “Yes, you’re right.

It’s my fault for not thinking things through.

In the future, Yuyan, you can cultivate however you want! I won’t interfere in the slightest.

” As soon as Piao Jiansheng walked out of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, Section Chief Jin’s depressed mood was swept away.

“Fortunately, you won this time.

If you had lost, I will inevitably bear a lot of responsibility when I go back.

“But then again, you were too rash this time.

If that Qin girl lied to you and had actually practiced saber techniques for a few more years, you might have failed.

“In the future, you are absolutely not allowed to do this kind of thing again.

” “Are your injuries okay?” “It’s fine.

It’s just a little injury from the shock.

When we get to the next city, it will be completely healed.

” “Then I’ll immediately book a ticket.

The high-speed railways in the nine provinces are world-famous.

There’s no need to take a plane to move between small cities.

” Piao Jiansheng nodded.

The two of them did not take a taxi but walked forward on foot.

The two martial artists were far from slow so it did not matter if they took a walk occasionally.

They crossed the bridge and arrived at the center of Jianghai city.

Just as they reached a roundabout, Piao Jiansheng suddenly stopped.

Section Chief Jin could not help but frown.

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COM Piao Jiansheng’s expression was incomparably grave.

As if he had not heard the other’s words, he slowly walked toward the golden ox statue in the middle of the roundabout.

“Piao Jiansheng, what are you doing?” Section Chief Jin shouted, but Piao Jiansheng seemed to have completely ignored him.

Moreover, the closer he got to the golden ox statue, the more his body trembled.

Once he stood before the statue, his eyes stared at the sword mark on the golden ox statue.

Suddenly, he spat out a mouthful of blood and kneeled on the ground.

Section Chief Jin’s face changed greatly.

He immediately ran over and put his hand on Piao Jiansheng’s shoulder.

“Are you okay? What happened? Did you get internal injuries in the battle just now?” Piao Jiansheng still refused to answer him directly.

He just raised his hands high as if he had gone crazy.

He laughed and shouted.

“I found it! I found it! The profound meaning of sword art! The real sword art! “Master, you’re right.

The sword art in this world comes from the nine provinces.

All the martial arts of this world come from the nine provinces!” In the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, Qin Shenglong and Du Changfeng, who were happy for Qin Yuyan, suddenly received news from the Jianghai garrison.

Qin Shenglong’s expression instantly became serious.

“Old Qin, what’s going on?” “It’s Piao Jiansheng.

He seems to have gone mad.

” “Gone mad? What’s going on?” “I don’t know.

I heard that he’s sitting at a roundabout in our city.

A citizen reported it to the garrison, and Section Chief Jin asked them to inform me.

That’s why they called.

” Du Changfeng’s expression was a little solemn.

“Let’s hurry over and take a look.

No matter what, he’s from the Han state, and this is a matter of diplomacy.

We can’t be careless.

” Qin Shenglong nodded, and the three of them quickly followed.

With Du Changfeng being a professor from Jing province and Qin Shenglong being grandmaster, the three of them were able to reach the roundabout in less than two minutes.

From afar, they could already hear Section Chief Jin’s yelling.

There were also many bystanders who were surrounding them, pointing at them.

No one knew what was going on.

“Are you crazy? You want to cultivate here? What about challenging the sword art martial artists of the nine provinces? What about you master?” The three of them crossed the crowd and came to the side of the roundabout’s flower bed.

They saw Piao Jiansheng sitting cross-legged in front of the golden ox statue on the flower bed like a devout believer, staring straight at the sword mark on the ox’s body.

Section Chief Jin was furiously scolding him.

There were also a few members of the garrison team who had helpless expressions.

“Oh my God! This swordsmanship… Is incredible!” Qin Shenglong and Du Changfeng had only taken a glance at it when they arrived.

Their pupils instantly constricted, and their breaths froze.

All the hair on their bodies started to stand on end.

Although Qin Yuyan no longer cultivated sword art, she had experience.

Therefore, even though she could not see through the profoundness with a single glance like her grandfather, she could still feel traces of shock, causing her to get light-headed.

Although the sword mark was weak and the effect was far less than the martial artist’s blade mark on the river, the sword intent contained in it was no weaker than the saber intent contained in that mark.

The saber intent was still in Qin Yuyan’s mind so she could directly compare the difference between the two一it was almost negligible.

There was actually a swordmaster in Jianghai city! That swordmaster’s strength was not inferior to that mysterious martial artist’s at all! At that moment, the members of the garrison team walked over.

“Director Qin, about this matter…” “Leave it to me.

Tell them to disperse.

” The members of the garrison team quickly dismissed the onlookers to avoid creating a crowd.

Qin Shenglong and the others jumped onto the flower bed around the roundabout and came to Piao Jiansheng’s side.

“Piao Jiansheng, how did you discover this sword mark?” Piao Jiansheng finally woke up from his trance and turned around to look at the three of them.

“I just happened to see it.

I’m preparing to cultivate in Jianghai city.

I’ll leave when I understand this sword intent.

Director Qin, this shouldn’t be against the rules, right?” Qin Shenglong’s eyebrows rose and then he nodded.

There was nothing he could say.

Although that sword mark was very strong and was an object of the nine provinces, there was no law that prevented others from seeing it.

After all, that was not a secret of the nine provinces.

To be honest, let alone Piao Jiansheng, even he wanted to bring that golden ox back to study the mark every day.

That swordmaster was too strong! So strong that even a genius like Piao Jiansheng would submit to him.

Section Chief Jin rolled his eyes.

Piao Jiansheng had ignored him just now, so he did not know why Piao Jiansheng acted like that.

Now he seemed to understand that the sword mark on the golden ox had sword intent.

It must be an extremely valuable item.

He coughed lightly and immediately said, “Director Qin, How about this? Can you let us buy this golden ox? We are willing to spend any amount of money.