Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 9

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Day That Slash Became Legendary Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Not many star beasts had escaped that time, but most of them were above the extraordinary level.

Therefore, the impact they brought was akin to large-scale star beasts.

It was especially bad in the center of Jianghai city.

A three-meter-tall muscular humanoid beast that looked like a beetle sat quietly by the fountain in the center square of Jianghai city.

It was holding a slender arm and eating it as if it was a chicken wing.

Screams kept coming from the buildings around the square.

It was an extraordinary-level star beast that was capturing and devouring human martial artists.

According to legend, if humans wanted to defeat star beasts, they had to use star cores, flesh, and blood.

If they refined those materials into pills and swallowed them, they will evolve into tiger demons and eventually become star beasts themselves.

As for star beasts, they could directly devour humans to increase their strength.

That was also the reason why both parties targeted each other.

To put it bluntly, both entities treated each other as their own resources.

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COM However, at that moment, a sword ray suddenly shot over from afar.

It sliced the head of an extraordinary-level star beast, and it did not stop there.

Accompanied by an explosion, the sword ray finally landed ten meters in front of the beetle monster.

It exploded the ground, causing a cloud of smoke to rise.

The beetle-esque star beast threw the half-bitten arm on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Surprisingly, it spoke in human language.

“How disappointing.

I can’t even have a peaceful meal.

” After reaching the grandmaster level, the strength, size, and intelligence of the star beast would gradually increase.

In fact, it would even develop the speech of humans.

As the dust settled, an old man wearing a tang suit and carrying a long sword slowly walked over.

Although his hair and beard were all white, he was full of energy.

His face was ruddy, and his eyes were bright.

He looked like a sage.

In the surrounding buildings, someone recognized him and shouted loudly, “That’s principal Qin of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, Qin Shenglong!” “It’s a grandmaster! A grandmaster is here!” The crowd shouted excitedly, and that grandmaster-rank star beast also stood up from the fountain, excitement dancing in his eyes.

“Qin Shenglong! 30 years! A whole 30 years! We meet again!” “Do you know how I’ve lived in those 30 years?” Qin Shenglong clasped his hands behind his back as he walked forward.

His gaze was fixated on the star beast.

“You shouldn’t have come out.

If you had stayed in prison obediently, you might have been able to live for a few more years.

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COM After laughing maniacally at the sky, the star beast’s gaze turned cold.

He stomped his foot and suddenly amassed strength.

Like a cannonball, he instantly appeared in front of Qin Shenglong.

Qin Shenglong shook his head.

“You overestimate yourself.

” After saying that, he pulled out his sword at lightning speed.

As he pulled out his sword, the powerful strength of his Xiantian realm poured into his sword like a wave.

The instant the grandmaster star beast arrived before him, his sword struck the top of his head.

In an instant, a blinding light filled the entire square, causing countless humans and star beast to shut their eyes against the flash.

In the next second, a loud explosion and a powerful tremor shook the ground.

The tall buildings around the square also trembled slightly.

The powerful force made the humans in the surrounding buildings even more excited.

This was the power of a martial artist in the Xiantian realm! With that small human body, he was able to unleash an earth-shattering divine power! Many people clenched their fists tightly and shouted in their hearts.

However, a moment later, when the light disappeared, everyone opened their eyes once more.

The smiles on their faces could not help but vanish.

“This… How is this possible?” On the square, the grandmaster star beast used one of his arms to block Qin Shenglong’s sword.

Qin Shenglong’s face was also filled with shock.

“Were you not expecting this? Old dog Qin, this is all thanks to humans.

After integrating the star beast genes, I have evolved with an armor that is invulnerable to blades and spears.

Among you humans, there are none in the great sect or the divine sect.

There is simply no strength powerful enough to break my armor.

” A cruel smile appeared on the star beast’s face as he punched out.

Qin Shenglong’s expression changed.

He wanted to retreat immediately, but it was already too late.

Another huge explosion sounded, and Qin Shenglong was sent flying by the other’s punch.

In midair, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Before he could land on the ground, another figure suddenly shot out, wanting to catch him.

“Don’t touch me.

Your ribs are broken.

” Qin Shenglong avoided that person and used his own technique to control his strength.

After landing on the ground, he retreated several steps.

Each step left a footprint of more than 20 centimeters on the hard cement ground.

It was a shocking sight! That figure immediately came to his side to protect him.

It was none other than the director of the library, Ouyang Yunzhong.

“Old Qin, Are you alright?” Qin Shenglong said with a grim expression, “I won’t die yet, but if I can’t destroy this fellow, the entire Jianghai city will be wiped out!” “Nangong Ling is currently occupied in the prison.

I’ve already informed the higher-ups, and they should send martial artists over soon.

Hold on.

” “You won’t stand a chance!” As they spoke, the star beast charged over once more.

A high-tier star beast’s intelligence was not inferior to a human’s, and it would not give them the chance to fight together.

The two human grandmasters were forced into battle once more, but unable to break through the other party’s defenses, they were defeated to the point that they could not even raise their heads.

They were forced to retreat repeatedly, and they could only rely on their teamwork and the surrounding buildings to slow down the other party’s offense.

The star beast launched frenzied attacks.

Each of their iron fists exerted more than a thousand pounds of strength! Its attacks were capable of leaving a huge crater in the ground! Explosions sounded one after another on the streets, and the buildings in the surroundings trembled from the force of them.

The humans hiding in the buildings huddled together, trembling in fear.

Even with the combined strength of two grandmasters, they were still unable to suppress the grandmaster star beast.

That kind of despair was no different from the beginning of the apocalypse! At that moment, accompanied by a gust of wind, a figure finally arrived near the library.

“I’m finally back.

” Seeing the library, Ye Xiao’s heart calmed down a little.

Before he could calm down, he heard a series of violent explosions coming from the street in the distance.

Following that, more explosions came closer and closer! Ye Xiao swept his gaze over and could not help but frown slightly.

“What a powerful star beast.

If this continues, those two grandmasters might not be able to hold on.

The smaller star beasts could be handled by the garrison teams, but this one… I’m afraid many people will die.

” After pondering for a moment, Ye Xiao picked a green leaf from the flower bed beside him.

The Overpowering Saber intent mixed with the incomparably dense spiritual energy of a grandmaster condensed within the leaf一causing it to emit a dazzling golden light! With a flick of his finger, the green leaf turned into a golden bolt of lightning and shot out.