Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 3

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The First Synthesis, Seven Basic Saber Techniques Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The person who shouted was called Gu Hai.

He was slightly chubby and a few centimeters shorter than Ye Xiao.

He was only 5’6.

He was a local youth from Jianghai city and came from a wealthy family.

The area he managed in the library was Area B on the second floor, so he was often referred to as Erbi.

Fortunately, Gu Hai was a cheerful person and did not bother to argue with everyone.

He could be considered a happy-go-lucky person among his colleagues.

Ye Xiao responded and stood up to walk toward the stairs.

The moment he saw Gu Hai, he noticed something.

He was only a Houtian second-grade martial artist.

Now, he was already a Houtian third-grade martial artist, and his level had risen by one.

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COM Gu Hai was never considered a weakling.

He had long awakened his divine soul and his aptitude was still acceptable.

However, his parents did not want him to join the army or join a company to hunt star beasts.

After all, he was the only hope of the Gu family, so they used their connections to send him to the library, to be a manager.

However, Ye Xiao did not say anything because only high-level martial artists could see through the aura of low-level martial artists.

If he had said anything, his strength would have been discovered.

In the past half a year, Ye Xiao had never come into close contact with any martial artists.

Even when the director held a regular meeting, he would always be in the corner, doing his best to conceal his aura.

It was said that upon reaching the grandmaster rank, one could completely conceal one’s aura.

No one could see through their cultivation.

At that point, he would no longer have to worry about being discovered.

The two of them walked together toward the cafeteria.

Gu Hai used his elbow to nudge Ye Xiao.

“Old Ye, have you heard? Soon, there’s going to be a big shot giving a lecture at Jianghai Martial Arts Academy.

I heard that he’s a professor at the Jingdou Martial Arts Academy! I’ll get two student IDs.

When the time comes, we’ll attend the lecture together, right?” “Jingdou Martial Arts Academy? That is the best martial arts academy in the nine provinces, right?” “Of course! Jingdou Martial Arts Academy is the staple of our nine provinces! It’s ranked number one in the whole country! If we can listen to that professor’s lecture, our cultivation will definitely increase tremendously! When the time comes, you’ll at least advance to a second-grade martial artist!” Ye Xiao was actually not interested.

As long as he read a cultivation technique once, the divine soul’s Golden Book in his body would automatically cultivate it.

He did not need to put in the effort to cultivate at all.

However, he had already transmigrated for half a year.

Every day, at 3:10 a.


, he would go to the library.

Until now, he had not walked out of the library’s door.

It was also good to go out and explore.

“Then it’s settled.

I’ll think of a way to get a student ID card.

You don’t have to pay for it.

Tonight, you can treat me to a foot bath in Red Romance instead.

” Ye Xiao pondered for a moment and replied, “How about this? I’ll treat you to a session in Red Romance but you have to give me the key to Area B on the second floor.

I want to read some books tonight.

” Ye Xiao would definitely not go to such a place.

However, he had basically finished reading the books in his own area.

Currently, he still had not gathered enough basic cultivation techniques to synthesize an upgraded one.

On the other hand, he worked during the day and had at most eight days off every month.

He could go to other areas to read books.

If he could go to Area B on the second floor tonight to take a look, he might be able to get another harvest.

Gu Hai’s eyebrows rose.

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COM “Old Ye… Don’t tell me there’s something wrong with that place? You don’t want to come with me to Red Romance.

Instead, you want to read books in the middle of the night? Are you out of your mind? Why don’t… I introduce you to an old traditional doctor? I have a friend who often goes to him, and the results are very good.

” “The results are good, but they still have to go to see him often?” Gu Hai felt his eye twitch, and then he said thoughtfully, “That seems to be the case.

But then again, don’t tell me you really have a problem with that?” “I’m not old enough to drink goji berries.

You, on the other hand, have no idea how precious your youth is.

Be careful so that you don’t end up crying when you’re older.

After all, no matter how hard steel is, it can’t resist the corrosion of seawater.

” Gu Hai patted his chest, his face filled with confidence.

“Don’t worry, I’m made of synthetic steel.

No matter what kind of seawater it is, it can’t corrode my steel-like willpower!” Ye Xiao did not say anything else.

It was common for men to be stubborn.

Sooner or later, there would come a time when they would soften up.

He shook his head and threw out the messy thoughts in his mind.

He opened his mouth again and said, “Just tell me whether you’re willing or not.

” “Yes, of course, I’m willing! Only a fool would be unwilling to do such a good thing.

I’ll give you my key now.

I won’t lock the door at night.

Remember to help me do so after you finish reading.

” Ye Xiao took the key from Gu Hai and gave him 400 yuan.

However, after thinking about it, he was worried that it might not be enough and he would get an awful treatment, so he transferred another few hundred yuan.

It was night, and the library was closed.

The huge library was plunged into silence and darkness.

Ye Xiao entered Area B and walked straight in.

He began to pick books from the bookshelves to read.

He did not have much time since he only had one night so he specifically chose saber cultivation techniques to read.

He had already acquired six basic saber cultivation techniques, which was the most among all types of cultivation techniques in the Golden Book.

It was also the type that had the most hope of quickly synthesizing a stronger cultivation technique.

Ye Xiao did not turn on the light.

After his cultivation had advanced to Houtian ninth grade, his physical senses were no longer comparable to that of an ordinary person.

His night vision could even allow him to read books clearly in the dark.

He gradually spread out a pile of saber techniques and read them one by one.

The first one was from the same basic cultivation technique as the Ming Luo saber technique which was the Saber-drawing technique.

The second book had the same basic cultivation technique as the Li Family’s Saber which was the Saber-splitting technique.

He had read a total of 200 basic saber techniques, and almost all of them had the same origin as the six basic saber techniques that Ye Xiao currently had.

At that point, it was already the second half of the night, and the moon was already hanging on the western horizon.

Ye Xiao let out a long sigh.

That group of plagiarists was going too far.

Just how many basic cultivation techniques did they plagiarize? Wang Jia Dao, Zhang Jia Dao… Changing their surnames, changing a few moves, and it became a new cultivation technique.

What’s more, some of the more shameless sword techniques were actually called first-rate sword techniques, second-rate sword techniques… In reality, they were all from the same basic cultivation technique.

There was no other way.

Ye Xiao had already spent all his money.

If he were to leave just like that, it would be too much of a loss.

He could only sigh and put the cultivation techniques back one by one before looking for a new one.

When he was returning the books, he suddenly noticed that there was a book of saber techniques in a corner under a bookshelf.

His eyebrows rose slightly, he pulled out the saber technique and patted the surface to remove the dust on it.

The dust was shaken off, and a few large words appeared before his eyes.

Ma’s Saber Technique: Five Consecutive Lightning Strikes! ‘What a pretentious saber technique.

’ Ye Xiao felt speechless.

That name had been given in such a long and obnoxious manner.

However, he had never seen that cultivation technique before.

He did not know if it was a new basic saber technique.

He opened the first page and shockingly, it was all written right there.

It was the masterpiece of a grandmaster of a generation一combining, transforming, and condensing the pinnacle of saber techniques into one! After a few sentences of notes, it was the main text.

Ye Xiao saw the main text and had not expected that the divine soul’s Golden Book in his body actually included it.

Ye Xiao’s face lit up.

It was indeed an independent basic saber technique! He immediately began to read seriously.

An hour later, the seven pages of the Golden Book that recorded the seven basic saber techniques began to flicker, emitting a burst of golden light.

Ye Xiao, who had always been calm, was actually a little excited at that moment.