Rebirth of a Movie Star - Chapter 39

Rebirth of a Movie Star - Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Chaos Street Starts Filming The news that Total Entertainment had terminated its contract with Su Quan exploded into the entertainment world like a bomb.

As for Su Quan’s manager Luo ZhenAn, he was someone that Su Quan had brought with him to Total Entertainment.

So when Su Quan’s contract was terminated, Luo ZhenAn was also fired at the same time by Total Entertainment.

Not only that but Total Entertainment had also announced at the same time that it was terminating all working relationship with Su Quan.

This meant that all the work that Total Entertainment had accepted for Su Quan as a sponsor would either need to be renegotiated to a new artist or would be cancelled.

Total Entertainment’s huge action also affected Su Quan’s image deeply.

Especially because the reason for the termination was not specified.

Thus that morning a huge amount of reporters surrounded Luo ZhenAn’s first floor apartment.

This was because Su Quan lived in a freestanding villa which was a huge mansion that came with a garden.

It was very difficult for the reporters to be able to box him in.

So right now Luo ZhenAn was panicking and pacing in his living room while on the phone.

“What the hell is going on!? Ah Quan, has Boss Qiu gone mad!? How come I didn’t get a single bit of news! Or is this something to do with Boss Hong, did he directly place pressure onto Total Entertainment!?” From the other end of the phone there was only silence.

“If something happened then I’m begging you to let me know! That way I can have some kind of emotional preparation! It’s insane that me, the manager, has to find out the news from the newspaper!! Just then Fang Hua called.

She didn’t give a single reason, just said that the company would adhere to the contract and pay the contractual damages and that the money would arrive within 3 days! Does this mean everything is set and can’t be turned around!?” Luo ZhenAn was in an extreme state of anger and panic.

“Isn’t your relationship with Boss Qiu good, what on earth happened ah!?” “Go and check “Chaos Street”, see if anything happened over there.

Especially check to see if anyone has had an accident.

” Finally Luo ZhenAn heard Su Quan’s voice from the phone.

The voice was still very calm.




“Chaos Street!? Right now you still have time to think about Chaos Street!?” Luo ZhenAn was so flustered he couldn’t suppress his voice.

“Your management contract has been terminated and no reason was given! It’s pretty much like being chucked out on the street! Everyone is waiting, we need to think about to deal with-” “Don’t waste my time.

I told you to go check so go check!” Su Quan’s voice suddenly became stern.

“I need to know the facts so go right now! I want your response by midday.

” “What!? Then what about all these reporters?” Luo ZhenAn couldn’t control his anger at being told off at a time like this.

“Why the hell do I feel like I’m blind here! How the hell am I supposed to find out?” “Are you the manager or am I?” Su Quan spoke impatiently.

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COM In his heart, Luo ZhenAn swore “fuck!” However he swallowed the word and said, “Okay, I’ll just explain that you’re not feeling well right now and will rest at home for a few days.

For the time being there will be no comment.

You also shouldn’t pick up the phone.

However this kind of situation can’t be maintained for long.

We need to have a legitimate explanation by tomorrow so no matter what tonight you have to give be an answer and explain to me until I understand–” At this time Luo ZhenAn was hung up on.

He also didn’t have time to pursue this any longer.

With an ugly expression he wiped his face and then turned to his phone and began a flurry of calls.

After all he didn’t climb up to being the film emperor’s manager by being vegetarian.

*** On the other end, Su Quan remained inside his villa and called Qiu Qian’s phone again.

Just as before there was the sound of [du] and it immediately redirected to voicemail.

This morning Su Quan had already left 10-20 voicemails and messages but Qiu Qian had not returned a single one.

It looked like his phone number had already been blacklisted.

It was unlikely that he would be able to get through this way.

Su Quan’s face didn’t look good as he hung up on the female voice asking him to record a voicemail and then he changed to the house’s landline.

The exact same thing happened.

After that Su Quan couldn’t control himself and smashed the house phone against the floor.

[Ka-la!!!] It was though he could use this method to smash to pieces all the insinuations that Hong Yu had made on the phone to him this morning.

“… I’ve reached a very satisfying agreement with Mr Qiu.

” “I’m confident that if we cooperate then the En Jiang Group will reach new, even greater heights than it has before.

” “Mr Qiu is really an ambitious and courageous young person.

He is just as people say; he understands the big picture and what’s really important.

He also knows how to sacrifice things that aren’t…” Su Quan closed his eyes.

He forced himself to be calm.

Then he called another number.

Wang Yun’s.

After a few rings, Wang Yun picked up the phone.

“Did you tell Ah Qian that Bai Lang is sick?” Su Quan didn’t make any greetings and just directly got to the point.

Wang Yun paused then said, “Didn’t you tell me not to tell him? I saw the newspaper this morning, I thought it was because–” “You didn’t tell him!?” Su Quan interrupted in impatiently.




” Wang Yun replied.

“So you also didn’t tell Ah Qian that I know about Bai Lang’s matter?” Su Quan immediately asked after.



” Wang Yun’s voice was slightly rigid.

“But Ah Quan, what happened between you and Ah Qian? What’s all this fuss about?” “It’s nothing.

Just a misunderstanding.

” Su Quan let out a sigh of relief.

His voice slightly stabilized.

“Remember, no matter what don’t tell anyone that you told me about Bai Lang.

If you do I’m afraid Ah Qian won’t forget to punish you.

” Wang Yun’s voice became deeper.

“He wouldn’t punish anyone unnecessarily.

” “That’s why I’m worried.

There’s definitely been some misunderstanding,” A slight begging tone entered Su Quan’s voice.

“Ah Yun, can you help me to invite Ah Qian out? I can’t get through to his phone at all.

” “If I ask him out now he’ll know exactly what for.

” “But can’t you try? You said you would help me.

” “….

if he picks up my call, then I’ll do my best.

” “Thank you! I’ll remember what you’ve done for me, Ah Yun.

” *** After hanging up the phone, Wang Yun deliberately turned off his phone and then placed the pencil holder on the desk into the cardboard box on the side.

This was the last thing he had to pack.

After that, Wang Yun lifted his head and gazed one more time at the office that he had not stayed in for more than even a few days.

After all this was his life’s ambition that he had worked hard for many years for; to come to the best hospital, to treat the most difficult illnesses.

Like this, he would be able to perhaps stand on par with his three best friends.

He would also be able to glow with his own light.

But it was a shame that he had forgotten his initial heart and placed his ambitions above his medical ethics.

Lin GongCheng’s angry scolding wasn’t wrong.

Saving someone and harming someone, the distance between them was only a thought.

He had chosen a small gain over the big picture.

His initial starting point was wrong and so he really didn’t have any right to sit in this place.

Luckily, he still had the chance to start again.

He hadn’t really made a mistake that he couldn’t come back from.

Wang Yun held his box and walked out of his office with a sense of relief.

*** The next day after Total Entertainment announced it was terminating its contract with Su Quan also happened to be the day that Chaos Street had its opening ceremony.

On the day 80% of the news entertainment outlets came to the venue, the only was to see if they could get a chance to accost Su Quan who had a small role in Chaos Street.

After all the list of people invited to the opening ceremony was released half a month ago, and Su Quan’s name was definitely among them.

However it was not unexpected that on this day Su Quan did not appear at the venue.

In his absence, Bai Lang, who was an artist from the same management company Total Entertainment as Su Quan, became the focus of the media’s attention and questions.

To this Bai Lang’s reply was the same every time: “I don’t know”.

The host of the event had no choice but to give a warning.

If anyone asks any more questions unrelated to “Chaos Street”, then they will be asked to leave the venue.

At the time of the host saying this, all the major actors for the show were sitting in a row beside him on a long table.

Sun XiBin who was sitting beside Bai Lang huddled closer and whispered secretively, “Hey, what’s going on with your company? Can you tell me?” However he had forgotten that the microphone was attached to his collar and thus this “secret whisper” became not a whisper at all.

The host’s face went green.

He turned around sharply as though he had been stabbed in the back.

Immediately all the reporters gazes became fixed on Sun XiBin.

The tall, well-built and sunny Sun XiBin immediately apologized for his mistake.

He laughed at himself openly.

After clearing his throat, he schooled his face in a proper expression again to look at the reporters.

When he met the host’s murderous gaze, he made the gesture of “you go on”.

At this time Bai Lang remembered that in his previous life Sun XiBin was rated as kind and relaxed actor.

However he didn’t know how much of this was actually real.

However when he glanced at Sun XiBin’s manager, he was standing to one side staring at his client with the same murderous gaze as the host, just like a parent who had already given his child multiple warnings.

Bai Lang laughed in his hard.

Probably this rating “relaxed” was a nice way of saying “childish”.

However getting along with this kind of person would be infinitely easier than a tiger who hid his claws behind a smile.

After the host finally managed to calm down the venue and was just about to introduce the main plot of the show, even though it was already written on the leaflets distributed, one of the reporters sitting below the stage suddenly stood up.

As if in a state of panic, he grabbed his phone and completing forgetting where he was, yelled, “What!? Did you say Su Quan is right now at the front door of Total Entertainment?! Right now!?” There was chaos among the reporters.

Right away several people directly rushed outside.

Because so many people wanted to leave, all the aisles were packed full and then within a few seconds two-thirds of the audience had left.

When met with this kind of scene, the host’s jaw dropped open.

Momentarily he didn’t know how to respond.

However he didn’t expect that that at the entrance where people were only leaving and no one was coming in, there actually appeared a tall and built figure.

He said as though to himself, “How come so many people are running away? Is the event finished?” Bai Lang went still.

Then the corner of his mouth twitched slightly as though he couldn’t quite suppress a smile.

The approximately ten or so journalists left turned around.

Their expressions immediately became strange.

Because the main character in all the news drama, Total Entertainment’s big boss Qiu Qian had just walked in in a natural and careless fashion.

He had just removed the sunglasses on his head.

Qiu Qian’s face appeared completely surprised.

He looked on the stage and then turned around to look at the audience, then he found a seat close to the front to sit down.

Then he even turned to the person next to him and said, “Hey, is everything finished already?” This was a very young reporter.

He was so overjoyed that he couldn’t help stammering.

“No, no, no, not yet.

” The reporters left at the venue couldn’t stop themselves.

A few of them secretly took out their phones to send messages to get the word out.

The host really couldn’t take it very long.

He yelled, “If anyone plays with their phone then can get out! Let’s keep going!” *** At this time, Su Quan was taken into the office that originally was his own personal one at Total Entertainment.

His original secretary brought out a cup of coffee, so that Su Quan may better wait for the person he had come to see.